An Honest Review Of The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4


Are you thinking about purchasing a Mercedes-Benze Sprinter 4×4 but aren’t sure if it is the right fit for you? Here is a review of the vehicle so you can get a good idea if you should purchase it or not. This evaluation looks at how the car handles itself on rough terrain and smooth streets. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 four-wheel-drive allows it to handle off-road trips with ease. Curious to learn more about this full size van and how it performs? Check out our review below.

We took the van along a highway that spans over one hundred miles. The first chance we got was to steer the van off the highway. We journeyed on a road in a remote area used primarily by loggers and other rural people. Once we took the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 on an off-road course, we couldn’t help but be impressed by its power and ability to grip the earth. When the van eventually made it back on the highway, it continued to drive just as smoothly as any other vehicle.

The van has a 4.3 inch suspension in the front and 3.1 inches in the rear. The German car manufacturer also raised the height of the van and installed a switch to the side of the steering wheel so drivers can choose to turn on the four-wheel drive when it’s needed. The four-wheel drive weighs 265 pounds but is unnoticeable when it is not in use.

When you sit down behind the wheel and try to steer, the steering wheel and tires grip the road very well. Also the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Crosswind Assist feature helps keep the van’s wheel alignment in check. Crosswind Assist can also makes sure the vehicle can stabilize and control itself when a gust of strong winds cause the van to swerve. In addition to helping you manage unruly winds, the system can also identify when one of your wheels are spinning out of control and brake individual wheels so the other wheels can get better traction. This means the van will never lose control even when the tires are not touching the ground.

Will you have to drive the van to an area filled with snow and ice or uneven roads? The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 can easily handle all of those environments. When we drove the van over bumpy roads that were partially covered in the snow, the van still drove well – even when the snow came up past the hub caps! You can also buy winter tires if you know you will drive it in the snow.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 has a 188 horse power diesel V-6 engine. However, it should be mentioned that you can’t add a four-wheel drive to a van with a base 161 horse power four-cylinder diesel engine. The van has a five-speed automatic. You can also drive the van in a two-wheel-drive mode so you won’t have to experience drive line binding.

There are many options to upgrade or change when you are looking at a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4. You can choose to buy a model with a single-wheel rear axle. Or you can decide to get one with a higher roof if you or your partner are very tall. There is also the choice to get a short wheelbase or a long one. Think you will go uphill often? You can get a van that is equipped with low range gears that will make each uphill climb much easier.

If you have a large family, need to transport many items, or live in a rural area, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 may be the answer for you!

Contact us today for more information. We ship our Mercedes-Benz vehicles nationwide.


Improve Customer Service With a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van

In the daily business of selling high-quality brands, our clients come to us with a variety of needs. Generally, these needs focus around the goals a business needs to accomplish: a construction business needs more effective ways to transport their tools, materials, and crew, or a delivery service needs a more effective refrigerated truck.

One thing that surprises us, though, is the fact that many of them don’t seem to consider a crucial aspect of any business-related vehiclepurchase: the element of customer service. Our clients are generally adding to their fleet, intent on riding out current vehicles in the meantime.

If you already own a passenger van, you may not even consider a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van. But perhaps you should. The upgrade in quality, safety, and general customer satisfaction may well make your purchase worth the investment.

What a Quality Upgrade Means

Simply speaking from a tangible point of your, many of your passengers may not feel the difference between a Mercedes engine and a competitive alternative. But under the hood, you know the difference is significant. As you prepare to transport your passengers to the airport or a corporate retreat, your drivers will feel more comfortable knowing the engine that propels them forward is reliable and will last for a long time.

Quality, of course, goes far beyond the engine. While Mercedes has been among the reasons the term German Engineering even exists, all materials involved in building a Sprinter Passenger Van will be high-quality enough to make you feel confident about transporting your passengers. Just ask, and we’ll be glad to tell you all about the details.

Considering Safety

Transporting any type of passenger, ultimately, is a liability. You’re responsible for keeping them safe, and your business and vehicle insurance will ensure as much. That’s another reason why upgrading to a Sprinter Passenger Van is a good choice for your business, both personally and financially.

We have written extensively in this space about the safety features that your Sprinter Passenger Van will include. Of course, it comes with a great overall safety rating and plenty of airbags to ensure your passengers will be secure in case of an accident. But even if that is not the case, features like lane assist and crosswind assist help ensure a smooth ride that will not only increase their safety but also their perception of safety.

Taking Customer Satisfaction Into Account

Finally, never underestimate the impact of customer satisfaction. If your passengers are happy with your service, they will not only be more likely to return for more, but also tell their peers about it. Word of mouth marketing may just be the most powerful way of spreading the word, and a positive riding experience will ensure that happens.

Imagine the process from your passengers’ perspective. If the first thing they see is the famous Mercedes logo, which will already hint atthe quality of ride they will receive once the engine starts. Of course, the above-mentioned safety features also lead to a smoother ride, which will significantly impact their recollection later on. Finally, quality materials and an easy process of entering and exiting the vehicle add to their customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, upgrading your current passenger van comes down to whether your business can afford it. But once you begin to consider the long-term benefits of an upgrade like the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, the purchase becomes less of a cost and more of an investment.

Naturally you still don’t want to purchase a vehicle for your business without making sure that it fits your need. For that reason, we encourage you to contact us and come in for a visits. Your customers will thank you for it.

Starting an Independent Contractor Delivery Business Using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van

This is an exciting opportunity available for people who want to work for themselves, yet also want the security of getting regular work from a larger company. As an independent contractor, delivery drivers with their own Sprinter vans are a business unto themselves. Contracting out delivery services with a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is a great opportunity for the right person. So, what should people consider when starting an independent contractor delivery business using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van?

Is the Work Suitable for You?

Being an independent contractor is essentially being an owner/operator of a small business; self-employment taxes, vehicle maintenance, health care, and other business expenses, are taken out of the gross revenue made. This means a person needs to be business-minded, enough to calculate profit and manage business tasks.

Another main aspect of this kind of work, that a person needs to be suited for, is driving long hours and hundreds of miles a day. Do you like to drive in the country and the city? Both are necessary for this type of work, and remember you’ll be in a larger vehicle than a sedan.

Also, how far does a person want to travel from home? This is a choice business owners can make, although, when limiting the range of a delivery service, income opportunities become limited as well. Yet, some people have families and/or don’t want to travel OTR, so local or regional opportunities are their focus. Being a business owner gives owner/operators the flexibility to choose their delivery range depending on their needs.

Is this a suitable business opportunity for you? This is the first question that needs to be answered, because starting this business will take solid commitment and perseverance. The start-up is the hardest part, just like any other job or career. People need to have the right perspective around starting and owning an independent contractor delivery business; this is a career opportunity and there’s a learning curve when starting out.

Starting Out

How much does it cost to start an independent contractor delivery business, using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van? Every entrepreneur must ask this question when considering the viability of any business idea. The main expense is the MB Sprinter van itself, likely financed for 3-5 years (we’ll say 5/years for our estimates).

The MB Sprinter van should be chosen according to:

  • the type and range of delivery service it’s intended for
  • price and monthly financed payment amount
  • mileage and condition

The price range is from $10k – $60k (2016 new: starting at $32,500), depending largely upon the year, mileage, condition, and features. A very nice and dependable used 2013 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van with low mileage can be found for around $20k. The amount financed, to get a new or used Sprinter cargo van, will be paid from the gross profits made from being an independent contractor.

Commercial business insurance is another monthly business expense to consider, which could be around $150/month. So, let’s say $20k is financed for 5 years and has $350/month payments plus insurance, equaling: $500/monthly business expenses; taxes, vehicles maintenance, and other business expenses would be taken out from monthly gross revenue as well.

Startup costs would only be the down payment on the Sprinter van, yet right away the $500/monthly business expenses will need to bepaid. This means work should already be lined up by the owner/operator, so money can be made right away with the newly financed Sprinter van. This may mean one continuous contract job with one company for years, or it could mean working for multiple companies at once.

The Right Perspective

This is a career opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to spend around $1,500 – $10k to start (mostly from the down payment on Sprinter van). Think about how much money the university student spends in order to get 4 or 6 year degree, in the end making the same amount as the independent contractor delivery business! Or, how hard does a person have to work to make $15/hr working for someone else, even with skilled labor?

The point is, starting a delivery business as an independent contractor, using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van, is as easy as: financing a Sprinter van, paying the monthly payment, and finding companies to contract work through. This is a low-cost startup career opportunity, which allows a person to work for themselves and make a middle-class wage working full-time (est: $36k – $60k/year net profit after taxes and business expenses).

Sprinter Guy Boston can help entrepreneurs find the right Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van at the lowest prices around. We ship nationwide, so are able to help people from across the country find the best MB Sprinter and Metris deals. We understand what you’re trying to do andhave the experience, resources, and connections, to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more, or with any questions about the MB Sprinter and Metris vans.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van


For a variety of reason, you may be in need of a refrigerated van. We’ve covered these reasons in this space in the past: if your cargo needs temperature control of any kind, a vehicle of this kind is your best option to get it to your destination safe, unspoiled, and in perfect condition.

Still, buying a refrigerated van can seem complicated, especially if you are just starting out and going through the process for the first time. To help ease the process, here are 5 things you should know and keep in mind before buying a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van.

1) What Exactly Will You Need Your Van For?

This is the first, and perhaps most important question. Your needs for the van will determine the type of customization and refrigeration you get. Do you need to transport frozen good or simply chilled goods? What about the need to defrost your cargo while in the van, or keeping it inside overnight?

All of these questions will determine exactly what type of van fits your needs. Because we can customize according to your specifications, coming in with answers to these questions in mind will help make your buying experience more smooth.

2) How Important is Quality of Refrigeration For You?

This question is closely related to the first, but deserves to be discussed on its own merit. Do you just need some type of temperature control, or are you looking to hit an exact temperature? The answer to that question will naturally depend on the goods you transport. But depending on the direction in which you’re looking to go, it will determine the exact refrigeration unit that we can build into your van.

3) What Cargo Space Do You Need?

Another question related to the type of cargo you plan on transporting is how much space it will take up. That, in turn, determines the necessary space, which can be impacted by a number of variables.

For example, Sprinter vans cone with different ceiling heights depending on our clients’ needs. The size of the refrigeration unit is another variable that needs to be taken into account here. If you know what size cargo you need, we can help you find and customize the right vehicle to transport it.

4) How Important is Safety in Transporting Your Goods?

We have used this space in the past to discuss the safety features of the Sprinter, which is among the top vehicles in its class in this regard. That obviously matters for the person who will be driving the van, but may also play in your decision depending on the safety your cargo needs.

Are you planning on transporting fragile goods? If so, you will need a van that can avoid drastic maneuvers that could cause the cargo to shift. Valuable, insured items will also benefit from a vehicle that offers enough safety features to keep them secure.

5) How Long Will You Need the Van?

Finally, consider the long-term prospects of a business that relies on refrigerated goods. If you simply need to transport your cargo for a couple of years, vehicle longevity may not matter that much. But if you plan to sustain and grow your business in both the short-term and long-term future, you need a vehicle that is a sound investment both now and going forward.

As you might imagine, a refrigerated Sprinter van accommodates that need. Both the vehicle and the refrigeration system are known to last, allowing you to plan not just for the coming year but for the coming decade. To learn more about our vehicles, and how we can help your business get the refrigerated vehicle it needs, contact us.


Is the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van Right For You? A Personality Test

Adding a new vehicle to your business fleet never fails to be an interesting experience. You may go into it with the most logical list of necessary features possible. But while these features do matter, let’s face it: it comes down to how much you actually like the car.

Researchers have found that all decision-making, even when we believe it to be rational, is ultimately emotional. For your vehicle-buying experience, that means you have to find a cargo van that both has the features you need and matches your emotional expectations. Is theMercedes Metris Cargo Van right for you? That depends on personality traits like the ones below:

1) Do You Value Quality over Price?

When car shopping, both for personal and business reasons, the matter of price vs. quality is an eternal issue. Ideally, most people try to find a balance between the two. But where exactly that balance lies is very much up to debate, and differs for every buyer.

Ultimately, it’s a question of personality. Do you think long-term, knowing that better quality will pay off in the long run despite an initially higher price tag? Or do you need to keep costs low at this point, thinking that you’ll worry about replacement costs as they come up? If you lean toward the former, the Metris may be the perfect choice for you.

2) Size Matters – But How Much?

Of course, when you are looking for a cargo van, you want and need the space necessary to store your equipment. But just how much space do you actually need? Do you prefer to go with ample space even if you don’t necessarily need it on an everyday basis, or are you willing to sacrifice potentially unnecessary space in exchange for a smaller footprint?

The former means you may want to look into larger options, such as the Sprinter Cargo Van. The latter, however, makes you a perfect fit for the Metris. Yes, it has less cargo space than full-size vans, but that also means a reduction in footprint, easier navigability especially on city roads, and a lower price tag.

3) How Much do you Care About Country of Origin?

Some countries are just known for the quality of their vehicles. We’ve all heard the term German Engineering so much, it’s become acliche. But that doesn’t make it less true. Any owner of a German-made car knows the quality of its engine, and the high resale value over subsequent years.

Do you care where your car comes from? If you do, and prefer a vehicle from a nation known for its quality, the Metris is perfect for you. Mercedes as a brand has helped to shape the German engineering legend, which means that the quality you get through a Metris van is undeniable.

4) Do You Value Safety? (It’s Not a Trick Question)

Everyone values their safety when driving a vehicle, so the above may seem like a trick question. But it really isn’t: just how much do you value it? Are you simply looking for a business vehicle that will correctly deploy its airbags during a crash, or do you need more?

Allow us to present: crosswind assist, attention assist, lane keeping assist, blind spot assist, collision prevention assist, and more. Together, these features ensure that regardless of driving conditions, you and your cargo will remain safe on the road. They all come standard in theMetris, which is why especially safety-conscious business owners will love this vehicle.

So is the Metris Cargo Van the right vehicle for you? Ultimately, only an in-person visit and test drive will give you the answer. To help you reach your decision on which vehicle you should add to your fleet, contact us.

Pickup Truck or Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van? Considering Your Options


Regardless of your industry, needing a cargo vehicle inevitably presents you with a difficult choice: do you go with the traditional pickup truck, or would a cargo van better suit your needs? The choice will make a major impact on how you run your business, so you need to consider all variables that come with it.

Just a few years ago, that choice would have been easy. Pickup trucks were the business vehicle of choice, due to their power and ease of driving. But increasingly, cargo vans have caught up, to the point where they are not just a legitimate alternative but a serious threat to the predominance of trucks.

Should you choose a pickup truck or Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van for your business? Let’s look at the variables at play.

1) Confined & Dry Cargo Space

Pickup trucks are great because they can carry great amounts of cargo and equipment. But they also come with a major downfall: as soon as you load the truck higher than the cover, you expose it to the elements. That can lead to inconvenient rains, or–worse–snow threatening the integrity of your cargo.

With a cargo van, however, you don’t have that issue. While the square feet of the storage area are almost identical, you gain significant cubic feet simply because you can stack your cargo and equipment more. The Sprinter, for example, has a standing height of up to 78 inches, more than enough to store everything you need while keeping it dry and protected.

2) Additional Safety Features

Of course, the above-mentioned height can also come with concerns by some of our customers that the Sprinter will be more vulnerable to heavy crosswinds on the road. Fortunately, it comes equipped with crosswind assist technology that prevents it from ever becoming an issue, taking away another advantage trucks have traditionally had over their van counterparts.

That feature, of course, is just one of the many safety advantages that the Sprinter can offer. As Automotive Fleet notes, Mercedes has put safety first in this vehicle, offering a variety of features that help to prevent collisions by maintaining safe distances from other vehicles around you.

3) The Benefits of German Engineering

You may have noticed: trucks are a predominantly U.S. American vehicle, thanks in large part to the significant terrain challenges especially rural environments face. But that also leads to a significant disadvantage of choosing a truck: you can’t get the benefits of German engineering.

Through the bank, German car makers do not mass produce pickup truck. Instead, they focus their resources on more practical vehicles, which include cargo vans. The Sprinter is known throughout Europe as the leader of that class, and is starting to get that moniker in the U.S. as well.

4) Comparable Power and Engine

Don’t think that a truck can easily outperform this cargo van. Especially in the 6 cylinder, 4×4 option, Mercedes has built a powerful vehicle that can make it even through the muddiest of construction sites and the roughest terrain.

With the Sprinter, you’ll get a massive vehicle in terms of cargo space that can nonetheless offer the power of a pickup truck. It’s a unique combination, but one that many of our customers have had the chance to experience for their own businesses.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you are looking for the next vehicle for your business, choosing between a pickup truck and cargo van can seem difficult. Our suggestion: at least take a test drive in a cargo van to see how it could work for you. After you do, you may just be impressed enough to walk away with it. Contact us today to learn more.


3 Companies Using the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a Rental


After less than one year’s time of being in the U.S. market, the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is already being used by car rental companies across the country. No doubt, they saw the potential the largest mid-sized van on the market offered, to help attract customers and grow their businesses. Using the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a rental, benefits both rental businesses and their customers.

Potential for Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies, generally, have many types of vehicles to choose from, including their fleet of vans. Vans are a popular choice for larger groups, or people who want more space during their travels. The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van has more cargo space, carrying capacity, and power – than any of its mid-sized van competitors. Yet, even with all of this, the Metris gets 20 city/ 23 hwy mpg with its 4-cylinder 208 hp engine.

The Metris seats up to 8 people, has sliding doors on both sides, has ample room in back for luggage, comfortable and luxurious seats and environment, technology integration, and numerous safety features, including ample air bags. The interior is a selling point, the exterior is a selling point, and the engine and gas mpg is a selling point too.

Customers will appreciate the gas mileage, the comfortable environment, and the smooth powerful ride – owners will appreciate the reliable engine and superior design that keeps the vehicle going long-term.

3 Real Companies Renting the Metris in the U.S.

There’s no better way to picture a Mertis passenger van in your rental lot than looking at real U.S. companies renting out the same. They sure do look appealing as rental vehicles, and most likely are already promising big profits for their owners. Let’s take a look:

      1. Sixt Rent A Car
      2. Sprinter Rentals
      3. Empire Rent A Car

Sixt Rent A Car: This is an international company with 50+ locations in the U.S. and 105+ countries worldwide. They have more than 180,000 vehicles, and are one of the largest car rental companies in the world. They have rental car locations in 15 states across the U.S.

They also feature their Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van rental online, with their professional website and neat composite picture. The sleek, modern-looking van, with tinted windows, would be a great choice for business people or travelers. Sixt Rent A Car, obviously, has found the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van a good addition to their massive quarter of a million+ vehicle fleet.

Sprinter Rentals: This is an exclusively MB Sprinter rental company, yet they also carry the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van. The Metris is a mid-sized van, small enough to fit into a standard garage, yet has the most room for a mid-size van on the market. Sprinter Rentals has nearly a dozen rental locations across the U.S., and offers nationwide service with delivery.

This is the largest Sprinter rental company in the U.S., yet they also carry the Metris Passenger Van. The Metris is featured, with real pictures and videos, in a listing on their website, which contains some alluring features like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB connection, iPod Interface, GPS, and seats 8 people. This reputable leader in Sprinter rentals sees the potential in the Metris, proving its viability as a rental vehicle.

Empire Rent A Car: This is a NY company, serving the NY area, with several locations and multiple types of vehicle rental options, including trailers. They’re also offering the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a rental, which on their well-designed website says: “As a relatively new model to North America, this European sensation is a top pick among mid-sized vans.” Then later on in the listing, a subheading says “Not Your Mom’s Minivan”, which just about sums up how this company feels about their new addition.


Not only are businesses benefiting from being able to offer the Metris Passenger Van, but customers are also benefiting from being able to rent them. The starting price of $32,500 is about as affordable as it gets for so many great features. The sensation is sure to continue in Europe, and soon come to the U.S. even more – when competitors begin to follow the Mercedes Metris standard in the mid-size van market.

Rental car companies need appealing vehicles with low maintenance and longevity in their components, especially the engine. One of the nicest aspect of the Metris is how its been cleverly designed to navigate smoothly within a city; the good gas mileage combined with ample cargo space and payload/towing capacity, make this the right balance people need in a mid-sized van.

Sprinter Buy Boston understands the MB market and specializes in Sprinters and Metris vans. The Metris Cargo and Passenger Van are great vehicles for many purposes, both business and personal. The Metris offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency, and so far is really in a class of its own. This means adding one to the rental fleet is sure to always attract an untapped market. Let our connections help you find a Metris Passenger Van for the best price around, with shipping across the U.S. Please contact us to learn more or with any questions.


Enhance Your Commercial Transportation With a MB Sprinter Limo


Especially for larger firms, transportation is a constant worry. Your executives need to get to the airport, visiting managers need picked up, and groups of employees need to travel to different spots to conduct their work successfully. Using personal vehicles can be both complicated and an insurance liability, which is why your business either maintains its own fleet or regularly leases vehicles according to need.

But these options come with their own shortcomings. So we have a better solution: a MB Sprinter Limo might be the perfect solution for your commercial transportation needs. Whether you’re looking to transport executives or aim to impress visitors, a drive in the limo will be convenient, comfortable, and luxurious.

Travel in Luxury

Let’s begin with the obvious: passengers in a Sprinter Limo travel in style and luxury. Six leather seats are comfortable enough for even the most troublesome backs, while a wet bar and large flatscreen TV ensure plenty of entertainment no matter how long the ride. Of course, if you add WiFi capabilities, the entertainment (and work) opportunities only multiply.

A smooth ride is another significant part of that luxury you should not underestimate. Even the best interior accessories will mean little if your passengers cannot enjoy the benefits of a calm experience. Through the Sprinter’s crosswind assist and steering assist features, your drives can do a better job of ensuring a calm and smooth ride.

Luxury for its own sake will do little for company success, so using the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo strategically is key. Especially driving potential clients and visiting executives can help showcase your internal company brand to stakeholders you need to convince of your business.

Save Costs Over Time

On its face, buying your own Sprinter Limo may seem more expensive when compared to leasing vehicles on an as-needed basis. However, that view is shortsighted. Over time, especially for larger businesses, you will rack up the leasing and rental fees to the point where you may as well buy one for yourself.

Compare that with this vehicle, which – like all Sprinters – comes with exceptional resale value. You will need to make an initial investment, but with each payment, that investment will begin to pay off more. Sprinters are world-renowned for keeping their quality over long periods of time, which means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your Sprinter Limo for years to come.

One option you may want to think about is making the Sprinter investment toward the end of the calendar year. This is the time you will need to start thinking about your taxes, and a vehicle that your business can most certainly benefit from may be a great opportunity to adjust your taxable profits.

Impress Them With the Name

We wrote above about the need to impress both your own and visiting employees and managers, and it bears repeating: the name on your Sprinter Limo alone might be enough to accomplish the job. Put simply, transporting guests in a limousine with the Mercedes Star makes a significantly different impression than any other brand.

Mercedes-Benz communicates luxury, style, and quality. One of the first cars to ever be produced, it rightfully is a major reason the term ‘German engineering’ was even invented. Conduct your commercial transportation in a Sprinter Limo, and you’ll be sure to get admiring looks and comments.

In short, especially larger businesses can benefit significantly from the internal transportation that a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo can provide. Luxury, quality, and the name itself all make this vehicle a great investment to transport executives, workers, and potential clients. To learn more about the van, your customization options, and to schedule a test drive, contact us.


The Unique Benefits of MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans


In this space, some of our posts have introduced refrigerated vans to our readers. But in many cases, if your business carries perishable items or other products that require temperature control, you already know that a refrigerated van can significantly benefit your business. What you need to know is what make and model you should choose to best help you accomplish your transportation goals.

That question can be difficult to answer. But we have one suggestion: take a closer look at a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van. Its unique advantages make it a perfect match for any business looking to transport refrigerated or temperature-controlled goods.

Top of the Line Refrigeration Units

When you purchase a refrigerated Sprinter van from us, you can be sure that it will be outfitted with systems from the most reliable and high-quality truck up fitters in the nation. ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox have all helped us build in refrigeration units, which is a crucial part of making sure that your cargo always remains safe.

Regardless of what you transport, the fact that you need a refrigerated truck to begin with means that you absolutely have to have a reliable temperature control system. If you set a temperature and it’s not quite right, or – worse – it simply doesn’t work, you risk spoiling your goods. That’s why buying top of the line is so crucial.

Of course, your use of the Sprinter’s refrigeration capabilities does not end at the point of purchase. That’s why we make it a point to educate our customers on the units built into their vehicles prior to the purchase. As a result, you will leave the lot confident that you can operate your vehicle reliably and successfully.

Ample Cargo Space

What good is a refrigeration unit if you don’t have the necessary space to transport your goods? Especially over long distances, making multiple trips is simply not an option. You need a van that can pack everything you need into its cargo area, and the Sprinter delivers just that.

With a refrigerated Sprinter, you’ll be able to take advantage of the same cargo space that the regular van exhibits. That means a maximum payload of up to 5,508 pounds, a cargo volume of up to 530 cubic feet, and a generous standing height allows you to pack everything you need, and even have the space necessary to load and unload it without issue.

The Ideal Vehicle for Refrigeration

Speaking of which: don’t forget that the refrigerated Sprinter van will also come with the various benefits you get from any Sprinter. If you’re wondering about which refrigerated van might be best for you, consider:

  • An engine that is second to none, thanks to quality German engineering that has made the Mercedes brand one of the top-selling car makers around the globe for decades.
  • Extensive safety features, from crosswind assist to lane assist, that allow you to stay safe on the road regardless of the conditions.
  • A 4×4 option that allows you to navigate even the roughest terrain, helping you safely deliver your refrigerated goods on time.
  • Excellent resale value that will make buying a refrigerated van a positive long-term investment for your business.

In short, any business owner or executive looking for a new refrigerated transport vehicle should give the MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van a look. And when you do, be sure to check out our dealership. Knowing that up fitting your van with a refrigeration system will cost extra money, we work closely with each customer to ensure the right financing is in place before the purchase. To learn more about our refrigeration options, and to schedule a test drive at our dealership, contact us.


3 Businesses the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is Made For


There are some businesses that need both the transporting ability of the passenger van and the cargo hauling ability of the cargo van. For these businesses, getting a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van should be considered, as it combines the best features of the passenger and cargo vans. In order to illustrate this, let’s look at 3 businesses the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is made for:

      • Trade Show Display
      • Construction and Trade
      • Event Planner

Trade Show Display

Businesses involved in selling, renting, setting up, and transporting trade show displays, would find the crew van useful. Also, companies involved in going to trade shows to set-up their own display, would also find the crew van helpful. The crew van can seat 5 people, and still has the cargo room needed to haul large trade show displays to the next location.

Trade show displays, along with the products and equipment used with it, require a good amount of space, which can be facilitated with the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van. The benefits of using a crew van instead of a cargo van include: more people can be transported to the trade show and there are two large windows on each side behind the front seats.

Businesses that rent or sell trade show displays and companies participating in trade shows with displays, will find the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van useful, because it can haul their displays and transport any needed personal. Extra personal are needed for set-up, tear down, and to work the displays.

Construction and Trades

The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van was made for construction and trade businesses, which have the need to haul equipment and crews of workers. Painting, roofing, construction, plumbing, and other crews of tradesman can be hauled to and from job sites with the necessary equipment. Many times the workers make their way to the job site without a ride, but with a large enough crew, there’s always someone who needs a ride.

Trade businesses will find the cargo room of the crew van efficient for all their equipment, yet they’ll also be able to haul up to 5 workers to a job site. This works well with the unpredictable nature of trade business, where day-to-day needs change quickly. Having the versatility to haul people and equipment with efficiency will come in handy for construction and trade businesses day-to-day.

Event Planner

Any business that is involved in event planning, including set-up and tear down, will find the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van the perfect option. There are many occasions event planning businesses must facilitate, which requires equipment and workers. Weddings, concerts, festivals, anniversaries, etc., are examples of the type of events that event planner businesses set-up and create.

Event planning businesses have a serious need for versatility in their work vehicle. The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van provides this needed versatility with its best-in-class cargo space, excellent 4 cylinder gas mileage, durability and luxury, and being able to seat up to 5 people. Hauling around musical bands with their equipment, taking the set-up equipment to the event with the workers needed, and driving long distance to an event in comfort – are all facilitated best with the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van.


The crew van isn’t limited to being used with these 3 types of businesses, and it can be used for personal uses as well. Nevertheless, these 3 examples of business uses, show us the versatility and usefulness the crew van offers; being able to haul large amounts of cargo and 5 people at the same time is a unique feature.

The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van combines the luxury and transport ability of the passenger van with the best-in-class cargo space of the cargo van. For some people and businesses, this is the perfect option to facilitate their needs. The crew van is popular and not as manyhave been made, which means they’re harder to come by.

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