A MB Sprinter Limo Can Make Any Night Memorable

If you are looking for a great vehicle that will not only be comfortable to ride in but also be an entertaining dream, then look no further than the MB Sprinter Limo. Offering optimal comfort, this vehicle would be a perfect addition to any fleet. If, alternatively, you’re looking to start your own small business, this is a great investment as well.

Ubering to the Next Level

Whenever you decide that you want to get into the transportation business above and beyond just being an Uber driver, then you should consider this vehicle. Having a state of the art Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo is a great idea to attract people of all social classes for all different types of events. Especially if you are planning on freelancing your driving work, you want to be able to have a vehicle that will appeal to the most clients possible. Because this vehicle offers plenty of seating, along with the ability to actually stand up and move around in the interior, it’s a perfect choice for your needs.

For example, if you are offering services to bridal parties, you should consider a Sprinter limo. Old limos were cramped and small, which meant that anyone wearing a dress and in particular a bride would have to be very careful when maneuvering around the vehicle. But with the Sprinter Limo, getting in and out of the vehicle is easy. All of your guests will have the necessary space to move around and not fear that someone will step on, or spill something on their dress.

Another option is transporting passengers to and from events, such as concerts, dinners, performances, and even meetings. They will be able to sit back and relax, while enjoying a delightful beverage in the stocked minibar. Depending on your clientele and their needs, that minibar may or may not include adult beverages. Also, the addition of at least one flat screen TV means that your guests will have plenty of entertainment to their destination.

Lastly, you can feel good, especially when you are driving around parties that involve alcohol. By providing the ride to a bachelor party with a bar crawl, you can rest assured knowing that you are keeping potentially drunk people off the road. Not only are you keeping them safe, but you are keeping other drivers on the road safe as well. That makes your business of transporting people even more important, and vital for everyone to have a good time.

Why Pick a MB Sprinter Limo?

When you are trying to create a name for your business, you need to have a high end vehicle. By choosing a MB Sprinter Limo, you’ll not only be getting a reliable vehicle to drive, but you are also getting the prestige that comes along with any Mercedes Benz. It offers plenty of get up and go behind the wheel; with either a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine, you’ll be able to get wherever you want as fast as you need. Additionally, thanks to features like cross wind assist, you know that your passengers will only feel a smooth ride and nothing else.

Whether you are starting your own transportation business or looking to grow an existing one, the MB Sprinter Limo is a great choice. Not only will your guests have more comfort for their ride, but with entertainment options, plenty of outlets to charge electronics, and of course a stocked mini bar, any ride will be a dream. If you want to set yourself apart from all the other companies people can choose from, you need to get a MB Sprinter Limo. To get the process started, please contact us.

3 Businesses to Start Using the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van


For those who love to drive and have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business using your vehicle is a good option. The vehicle you choose is the most important factor determining the success of the business. With this in mind, let’s explore 3 businesses to start using theMercedes Sprinter Cargo Van.

    • Independent Contractor Delivery
    • Band/Event Equipment Hauler for Rent
    • Dog Daycare and Transport Service

Independent Contractor Delivery

Using the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van for delivery is something FedEx has done for years very well. The 530 cubic feet of cargo space allows for large loads to be hauled, yet still gets excellent mileage with its 4 cylinder diesel 7-speed engine.

An independent contractor can either contract with a large company delivering set items on routes or deliver items for individual customers in a city. Either way, your business will have the capability to haul small and large packages with the Sprinter. These could be small delivery jobs within the city, from city to city, or even state to state.

Simply buying a Sprinter and starting a delivery business is a great way for an entrepreneur to make a living. Having the proper insurance (depending on the type of delivery business) would be necessary. This type of business would give the owner the freedom to drive and make money for themselves.

Band/Event Equipment Hauler for Rent

In a large or metropolitan-sized city there are many bands and event coordinators looking for ways to move large items around. These jobs are mainly within the city and for a few hours at a time, but with enough regular customers this could turn into a lucrative business.

The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van not only has the space to haul band and event equipment around from place to place, but also would be showing up in style. The style points would be a marketing benefit and the reliability of the Sprinter would be a long-term sustainability benefit. This is another great business idea the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would be perfect for.

Dog Daycare and Transport Service

There are many opportunities available for starting a dog walking/care business in the city. Using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would add another dimension to dog walking. With the van your business could transport a dozen dogs comfortably to the nearest dog park or nature area. Many dog owners would like this option, rather than simply walking the dog around the same old block.

Having a large Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van means you could pick the dogs up and bring them to a doggie daycare center. This could be your center or not, but your dog transport could serve as a dog taxi. In addition to these services, a portable grooming van business could be created as well. The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would appeal to an affluent crowd of dog owners who would pay good money for this service.


The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van sets the standard when it comes to cargo vans and provides many opportunities for business use. These three business ideas would all benefit by using the Sprinter as their main equipment. It gets great mileage with the 4 cylinders, has a proven diesel engine made to last, is great for marketability, and is comfortable to drive in the city and countryside.

For people who love to drive and want to work for themselves, starting one of these businesses could be a good fit. Of course there are other ideas and uses, but the main point is to be successful by using the best equipment available. In that regard, the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van can’t be beat.

Sprinter Guy Boston is here to help you get the answers you need about the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van. We can help you find one at the lowest price around and we ship nationwide as well. To learn more please contact us today.


Mercedes Metris Passenger Van Offers Customization to Help Your Transport Business

The Mercedes Metris passenger van has become a proven and affordable way to find a transport vehicle at an affordable price. One thing you can count on about Mercedes-Benz vehicles is you’ll get attention to quality and numerous comfortable amenities without paying extra. With most prices under $30,000 for the MB passenger vans, it’s the best option for your transport company if needing something affordable without skimping on features.

We have many Mercedes Metris passenger vans on hand here at Sprinter Guy Boston, though we want to tell you about how many options Mercedes gives you. Few other manufacturers give you ability to customize your van so it fits what you need for your business structure and customers.

As a transport business, you need to think not only of keeping your passengers comfortable, but also your driver. Mercedes takes this seriously by giving you ways to customize the height of your van roof and other ideas. However, they give other optional equipment to accommodate specific situations.

Let’s look at what the Metris offers and how useful they are.

Exterior Colors

As noted by Edmunds, one of the first things you can customize on your van is the exterior colors. They give you more than just a few choices, and you can pick anything from Arctic White to Jupiter Red. Having this gives you a chance to brand your transport business with a color better representing your ideals.

You can also pick a color that best stands out in the environments where you transport. If your drivers work in areas with challenging road visibility, a brighter color helps stand out to avoid accidents.

Various Customized Packages

The package options available on the Metris are quite extensive. They have packages available for driver comfort and efficiency, giving you the best features for keeping safe and getting the most for your money.

Thanks to Mercedes taking safety features extra seriously, you can get an “Active Safety Plus Package” available with easier ways to navigate any road or highway. They complement this with a Cold Weather Package to handle inclement weather if transporting people regularly in wintry climates.

For overly warm climates, they give you a High-Performance Air-Conditioning Package that better circulates air to the driver and all passengers so heat won’t become an issue.

Drivers get the added benefit of being able to enjoy a Multi-Function Steering Wheel/Display Package to make driving so much easier. Many packages have designs to keep the driver comfortable and entertained so anyone behind the wheel has job satisfaction.

Optional Equipment

Many added equipment options are available, and these give added aesthetic touches as well as truly useful features for unique situations. One is an active parking assist feature letting drivers have a camera view to see who or what is behind them while parking in tricky spots.

Yet another optional feature is electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors for added convenience. These are perfect when driving in icy conditions and the exterior mirrors suddenly ice up. The electric adjusting feature helps your drivers better see when they have sudden blind spots.

Even an electric sliding door on the passenger side is available for a more luxurious way for passengers to enter or exit. When you have to make multiple stops, it’s so much more convenient having an electric door to save time for the driver with tight deadlines.

Passengers get more benefits with an option for an additional seat in the second row, giving you the ability to transport one more person to hotels or airports.

Contact us at Sprinter Guy Boston to see our extensive Metris passenger van inventory and where you’re guaranteed the best price in Boston.

Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van Accessories You Shouldn’t Be Without for Your Business

Running a business through a Mercedes Sprinter Crew van is one of the smartest investments you can make for transporting materials or even people. Many field businesses depend on these vans to transport their equipment and find it the best choice for enabling more room, more comfort, and enjoying a more affordable price.

It’s true that with these vans running under $30,000, it’s a real bargain compared to similar vans on the market. But what businesses really appreciate is Mercedes-Benz’s openness to customizing to suit a business’s needs.

One example of the above includes choosing the height of your crew van’s ceiling space to accommodate the height of your driver or equipment. Even your wheelbase length has options, along with added seating and various other amenities.

With these above, Mercedes offers numerous additional accessories to bring added conveniences for your drivers. In some cases, these added items provide aesthetic touches, though others have practical uses to enhance your business.

Let’s take a look at the accessories available and how your field drivers can use them to make their day better.

A Stowage Box

As a clever play on words, Mercedes gives you this added accessory on any crew van with a twin co-driver seat. If you have a driver working alone, the added seat next to him or her has an easy open hatch under the seat cushion.

It’s a perfect place for the driver to store their personal items without having to set them on precarious dashboard ledges or directly on the seat. Drivers may have valuable things with them like a smartphone or other items not related to their work. Now they can conveniently store these things in a hidden area so they won’t get stolen if leaving the van unattended.

The stowage box has rugged, ABS plastic so it’s guaranteed to hold up for years through extensive travel.

Becker Map Pilot

This brand name in navigation equipment is very reliable, and it’s available as an advanced navigation upgrade in the crew van. Many choose this accessory because it’s so easy to integrate into the van’s in-dash displays and steering wheel controls.

It’s essential to use a navigation system if you have new drivers who may have trouble finding streets during their first day on the job. That’s especially important for busy field workers like delivery drivers, plumbers, or those with tight deadlines to reach specific addresses.

If you have a transport business, it’s even more important so your drivers don’t waste time of the passengers. With the Map Pilot, the driver has brightly colored and vivid views of each street and name.

Rugged Floor Mats

As inconsequential as floor mats sound, these are very important if your drivers go in and out of the van frequently. The carpeting around the driver area could get worn quickly without a rugged floor mat in place for protection.

Mercedes makes floor mats with their own logo, plus with the best materials so they’re slip-free. They help repel dirt and protect the inner carpeting from rain, snow, and mud in the worst environments.

Other Optional Equipment

It doesn’t stop with the above accessories. Mercedes gives you various equipment packages that help bring added features under specific branded titles. Things like the Active Safety Plus package and Cold Weather package give you added touches to help your drivers cope better during perilous excursions.

Some features include a multi-function steering wheel for improved driver efficiency, better heating systems, and collision prevention assist as just starters.

Contact us here at Sprinter Guy Boston to find a Sprinter Crew van that’s made right to make your business succeed.

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Are A Great Choice For Businesses and Individuals


When you are looking for a vehicle to transport people on a regular basis, then you should consider a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van. Not only will you be able to transport your passengers safely, but they will be comfortable as well, making it a great option for any business or even family. Thanks to plenty of safety features and a strong and reliable engine, you’ll be pleased you went with the Sprinter Passenger Van.

Colleges and Universities

For example, a Sprinter Passenger Van is a great option for a college. Often times, classes go to various places for fieldwork in or out of the classroom. Clubs and organizations on campus may use the van for networking and social events, as will your student affairs office. In these cases, buying more than one and building up a fleet may actually be a perfect choice. Especially if your institution prides itself on public and student service, the safety features of the Sprinter Passenger Van make it an ideal choice for transporting college students.

Hotels and Hospitality

A Mercedes Sprinter van is also wonderful addition to your hospitality business. It would serve as a great shuttle vehicle, helping to take passengers to and from an airport. By offering shuttle service, you can help to increase the number of guests for your hotel, particularly if it means they no longer have to rent a car to get to you. Additionally, you will be able to transport your guests knowing that you have ample room for both your passengers and their luggage. And if your hotel is located in a more remote area, then you have the option of getting a 4×4 version of this vehicle in order to safely transport your passengers in and out of your location.

A Large Family

But the uses of this van are not limited to businesses. Especially if you have a large family or enjoy traveling with your family, this could be the perfect vehicle for you. Using the Sprinter as a family vehicle, you’ll have plenty of room for anyone in your family to safely enter and exit the vehicle. Additionally, if you have children, this van will offer more seating room for them to have friends and significant others traveling with you. And with the ability to tow 5,000lbs, you can even bring your favorite outdoor equipment with you.

Noteworthy Safety Features

When you buy a Mercedes Sprinter, you’re not only getting the reliability that comes with the name Mercedes Benz, but other important safety features as well. For example, a Sprinter Passenger Van boasts Crosswind Assist, which helps to stabilize your Van when driving over50mph by gentle course-correcting brake application. This will help your ride to stay smooth when strong gusting crosswinds occur around your vehicle.

Another great feature is the Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program. This program works by taking into account the vehicle load and center of gravity, and automatically braking individual wheels along with reducing engine power if there is a problem with the wheelspin, or if it detects understeer or oversteer. Additional, optional safety features you could get with your Sprinter Van include Lane Keeping Assist, Highbeam Assist, Blind Spot Assist, a Back-up Camera, and others.

Regardless of the extra features that you may be interested in, you can rest assured knowing that you are buying a safe vehicle. Whether you are using it to transport items, guests, or loved ones, you can confident with your purchase. Mercedes Benz has a reputation of making outstanding vehicles, and the Sprinter Passenger Van is no different. Take one test drive to find out that it isn’t at all like the other vans on the market. To learn more about our Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, please contact us.


Why You Should Choose the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger for Your Guests

If your business transports guests to anywhere on or off of the property, there are quite a few reasons why you should choose the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger van for your guests and we are going to cover a few of them in this article.

Luxury and Presentation

Let’s be honest, you have the ability to present your property in style and luxury and that is exactly what the Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter allows you to do. For example, if you have a five-star resort then anything but the best simply won’t do. You don’t want your guests to remember their experience as anything less than perfect which means that you don’t want to hear, “The resort was spectacular but the van they transported us certainly wasn’t.”

Resort owners who are the most successful know that it takes attention to every single detail. From the grounds and the amenities to the interior and yes, even the passenger vehicles. With the Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter, you won’t have to worry that guests are more than satisfied with their experience.

Bells and Whistles

One thing that is important to your guests is having comfort while they are along for the ride but it’s more than that. Your guests want to have all of the little extras that make their trip not only comfortable but more accessible. That means that having things like 12v power outlets for charging their electronics. This is perfect for all types of travelers, whether they are on a business trip or one of pleasure – all of their electronics are easily accessed from cell phones to tablets and cameras. In fact, there is even an auxiliary adapter and SD card reader as well.

Now when it comes to on-board entertainment, guests will ride in comfort while choosing to listen to the radio, CD/DVD player, or check out one of the 14 television screens that are built into each of the headrests.

And speaking of comfort, the Mercedes Minibus Sprinter never passes up an opportunity to allow its passengers the utmost in luxury and style. So when it comes to seating, each seat is a bucket seat and there are 15 individual ones for each passenger. Each one also comes with an individual head rest and those include the television screens that were mentioned earlier.

Let’s also not forget the cargo area. At almost two feet long, there is plenty of space for whatever your passengers need to carry along with them. So, whether it’s golf clubs, luggage, diving gear, or even rock climbing gear – your passengers will have all of the room they need to store what they need for the trip without having to worry about giving up precious room.

Mercedes Benz – A Classic Choice

There is nothing like showing your guests the ultimate in luxury travel and as everyone knows, driving a Mercedes Benz is the perfect way to do that. Along with the features that allow your passengers all of the amenities they crave, there are plenty of safety features for the driver so that everyone can be safe while on the road, whether it’s a short drive or a longer one. Many of the safety features are standard and a few are optional but every single one of them is the epitome of innovation with safety enhancements that far exceed what other vehicles bring to the table.

If you would like to learn more about the MB Minibus Sprinter or any of the other fine Mercedes Benz vehicles we have to offer, simplycontact us and we will be more than happy to help you in any way possible.

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is a Great Option for Tougher Conditions

Customers have a great option with the 2 wheel drive 4 cylinder Sprinter, but for tougher conditions and uses the 6 cylinder 4×4 Sprinter is the choice to make. Whether it’s being used for personal or business uses, the 4×4 version has some great benefits. Let’s discuss these benefits and examine why the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 is a great option for tougher conditions.

Weather and Terrain

Many locations on earth have a least one season of difficult weather to contend with on the roads. This includes snow, ice, and the rough conditions created by these tough elements. Having a 4×4 is a must in areas where snow and ice are found on the roads in the Winter months and even beyond.

There’s also the element of terrain to deal with for people who live in mountainous areas and the businesses providing services to these areas. Not all roads are the same and these rocky roads take a toll on a vehicles longevity. Also, having the superior traction and design with a Sprinter 4×4 means safer traveling.

Towing and Hauling

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 comes in passenger and cargo models, so both personal and business customers will find the model right for them. Either way, owners may have the need to tow a hefty load or haul heavy items. With a payload capacity of 5,199 lbs and an advanced 4ETS system, owners will have the traction and power needed to pull and carry heavy loads in tough conditions.

Considering the 4×4 is only around $1,000 more than the 2-wheel Sprinters, customers have a great option to tackle heavy loads in tough conditions. While the 6 cylinder may cost a little more in diesel, the well-designed engine still gets great mileage per gallon. Besides, choosing the 4×4 option is a necessity in some cases.

Specs of the 4×4

    • New 2016 starting at $48,900 for 4×4 Cargo Sprinter with 7 models
    • New 2016 starting at $57,500 for 4×4 Passenger Sprinter with 2 models
    • Low gear differential for steep grades, towing, and off-road terrain
    • Minimum weight impact adding only 265 lbs with 4×4
    • Adaptive electronically engaged 4-wheel drive system/ 4ETS
    • 20% more ground clearance (4.3 in.) front axle and (3.1 in.) real axle
    • Reinforces Stabilizers on front and rear axles
    • 3.0 L V6 Turbocharged BlueTEC Diesel Engine 188hp/ 2987 cc
    • 5-7 speed automatic transmission
    • Passenger Van seats up to 12 people

These are some basic features both the cargo and passenger Sprinter 4×4 vans have, but with 12 different cargo models and 2 different passenger models available, there are many variations and options available. Regardless, both 4×4 versions provide a solution for customers living and working in tougher environments or needing more power for heavier loads.


The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 cargo and passenger vans are well-designed and built to last even in the most difficult environments. Businesses needing to traverse snow, ice, and rough terrain, have a solid choice with the 4×4 Sprinter. They’ll find safety, reliability, and profit from the longevity of the proven BlueTEC Diesel Engine.

Personal use customers will also find the 4×4 version a needed upgrade to meet their environment and recreational uses. The luxury Mercedes is known for its proven reliability and well-designed features, which combine to make this a perfect option for everyday living intough environments. The passenger Sprinter 4×4 Van can haul a large family while towing a heavy boat in tough conditions without trouble.

Cargo and Passenger 4×4 Sprinter Vans both give businesses and personal customers great options to choose from. Sprinter Guy Boston knows Sprinters and understands what makes them such great vehicles. We can help you find a 4×4 Sprinter Van at the lowest price around and we ship nationwide. Please contact us today to learn more about Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter Passenger and Cargo Vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo Gives Your Transport Business a Luxurious Flair

Looking professional is always essential in a transport service, even if your budget is actually more modest. It’s all about aesthetics when it comes to making your transport passengers comfortable, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are the best available on the market.

The MB Sprinter Limo is yet another good example of this through its classy exterior and interior. What’s even better is they’re more affordable than some limo vans out there, letting you save money without it showing.

When you go through the right dealer like us at Sprinter Guy Boston, you’ll get an even better price and still enjoy the many amenities these vans provide.

As a transport van for someone who travels on a tour, these vehicles are exceptional. Rather than having to invest in a much more expensive tour bus, the Sprinter Limo gives you just as many features while never making a long ride a dull moment.

Even if you just transport passengers locally to airports or to hotels, the design is one making anyone feel as if they’re already in a private room.

A Classy Exterior

While most of the Sprinter Limos have a black exterior, they all provide tinted windows so you can transport numerous people privately. All van limos come designed with enough internal amenities so passengers can party away as if already in a hotel.

They’ll want privacy while doing this so those passing by can’t peer in. The same goes for normal passengers you’re transporting to local venues. Some passengers may even want to sleep during transport, and they obviously don’t want those driving by to see them.

When the Sprinter Limo pulls up to pick someone up, it automatically denotes class. Despite all models being black, the interior still has numerous customized options to create what your customers prefer.

Interior Finishes and Seating

Many prefer to keep the interior black as well, though you have other color choices. You can create black with dark cherry colors through the interior body. Mahogany colors are available as well with dark cherry surfaces.

Within your interior, you’ll have leather seats and couches available for the ultimate in comfort during long trips. These come in a J shape or in three-seat plans, depending on how many people you transport at a time.

It’s possible to transport anywhere between ten to sixteen passengers at a time, which makes it perfect for short road tours. But other amenities in the interior let you accommodate all situations while again giving requested privacy.

Interior Design Details

If your passengers hold parties in your Sprinter Limo, many versions provide a driver partition for the ultimate privacy protection. You even get ceiling treatment options like translucent panels so riders can see the sky as they travel at night without anyone seeing through from outside.

Overlay carpeting gives complete comfort when walking around inside. This means your passengers can remove their shoes if they want to and not worry about having to navigate a hard or slippery floor.

Entertainment Options

All limos are known for having bars, and the Sprinter Limo gives you a beautiful one with the luxurious finishes mentioned above. The bar has different configurations to suit your interior design plan. In either case, the couches and other seating have placement next to the bar for easy access. With a durable bar design, you don’t have to worry about glasses sliding off the surface.

For TV, you get 32-inch video screens for live television or movies. Along with numerous USB ports, you have everything needed for passengers to have fun during a transport without feeling bored or like they’re being watched.

Contact us here at Sprinter Guy Boston so we can help you find a great deal on a Sprinter Limo to add luxury to your transport business.

The Various Industries Finding Benefits in Using MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans


The transport business is always a busy one, and everyone relies on this industry to haul items other than people. Delivery companies may have to transport edible goods requires specialized trucks to avoid spoilage and other issues. While trucks are common, they aren’t always affordable for some companies. You’re possibly one of those needing to deliver products requiring some form of refrigeration, yet don’t have a budget to buy a fleet of large trucks.

If your business is still relatively small, investing in an MB Sprinter refrigerated van is one of the smartest investments you can make. Mercedes-Benz already produces some of the best passenger and cargo vans in the marketplace. You may not know their trusted Sprinter vans come in refrigerated models.

The important thing when looking for a refrigerated van is finding one with a trusted upfitter name. In many MB refrigerated vans, you’ll find some of the best names like ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox. All of these are upfitting options you can choose as part of customizing your vehicle.

Take a look at which industries benefit the most from the above.

Transporting Seafood

You may have a seafood delivery business that requires a dependable refrigeration system in a smaller vehicle. Perhaps you’ve had trouble finding other refrigerated vans fitting within your budget and ones not too large. With the MB vans, you have ample space without being too cumbersome to navigate roads or parking spaces.

Even more impressive is the customization options these vans give you, including in roof height. This helps your drivers who have to deliver seafood to various restaurants or stores throughout the day.

What’s important is finding skilled technicians from the upfitters to bring the best parts to your van’s customization.

Transporting Food for Catering Services

You may need a refrigerated van to deliver catered food to various local cities and towns. Fortunately, many MB Sprinter vans with refrigeration have reliable refrigeration units to assure it keeps working without breakdowns. Again, through proper upfitting design, you can get a van holding the temperature you expect.

Plus, you want your catering service driver to have comfort as they drive. Mercedes-Benz pays extra attention to the driving section of their vans, and it’s no different with the refrigerated Sprinters. Along with comfortable and properly adjusted seats, the steering wheel gives you all functions through an easy push-button display.

In addition, drivers get well-designed storage in the dashboard, along with various media (like USB ports) to keep themselves entertained while driving long distances.

Floral Delivery

You may have a floral delivery business requiring decent refrigeration in the back of the Sprinter van. Thanks to being able to design how the back of your van looks, you can create it to accommodate your floral business. It includes making it a more efficient interior for your driver to move around in while loading and unloading floral deliveries.

When you consider your driver is going to spend long days using the van, they want a fit and finish making their job more enjoyable. Through many custom designs, drivers have plenty of room in the back without feeling cramped.

Delivering Bait

Despite these vans having numerous delivery uses, bait delivery is a unique niche requiring a special type of vehicle. The Sprinter van is a perfect choice since many bait shops don’t have the big budgets available to invest in something bigger.

At Sprinter Guy Boston, we take into account that small businesses can use these refrigerated vans for so much while paying well below $30,000 for something exceptional.

Contact us to learn more about our Sprinter refrigerated van inventory so we can help you design a delivery van that’s classy and comfortable.


MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans Are a Game Changer

Keeping items cool or cold can be important for your business, particularly when you have to travel with fragile items that require refrigeration. If your business means anything to you, you probably don’t want to buy a vehicle without full confidence in its reliabilityalongside its performance. So if you haven’t already considered a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van for your business, now may be the time.

Mercedes Benz

Since 1886, after Carl Benz invented the “Motorwagen“, the German manufacturer has changed the way we drive today. Always striving to improve on design and efficiency, Mercedes Benz is a name that has become synonymous with elegance, power, and state of the art interior design. So you can rest assured knowing that any vehicle you purchase with the name Mercedes Benz attached is going to include great handling, along with the reliability that we have all grown to trust.

Refrigerated Vans

A refrigerated van, at its core, is a modified MB Sprinter van: the refrigeration part of the vehicle has been installed after the van has been assembled. Therefore, the engine and the shell of the vehicle is a Mercedes Benz product and comes with all of the benefits associated with that, but the refrigerated portion has been retrofitted after the fact. As a result, you as the buyer can have input into exactly what you need when it comes to the refrigerated section.

Additionally, you can rest assured that the materials to installed to make up the refrigerated portion of the van are at the same level of quality as the van in which they will live. Especially when you are using a refrigerated van for your business, you need to be confident that it is going to keep your items at the exact temperature that you need them to be.

Particularly if you are using a refrigerated van to haul food, you must be certain that your foods remain at just the right temperature for them not to become compromised or spoil. The last thing you want to do is sell or give food away that has warmed too much, resulting in contamination via bacteria and making it unsafe to use. When you run a business, your reputation and name mean everything for your continued success, so you want to be certain that your refrigerated van can meet the same demands.

About the Refrigeration Manufacturers

One of the refrigeration manufacturers we use is Thermo King, which offers 6 different options of refrigeration units that enable you to pick the one that best suits your needs. All options have been designed to work specifically with small trucks and vans from brands likeMercedes Benz. You can even choose units to use for both fridge and freezer compartments within the same vehicle.

Additionally, MB Sprinter Vans are fitted with either ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, or Cool Fox. These brands are very reliable, and known in the industry for their quality. So when you buy a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van you are getting high quality and reliability unparalleled for your business. Lastly, you as the business owner have the ability to customize your van, to get exactly what you want and need. Because no two businesses are alike, you shouldn’t have to live with a standard refrigerated vehicle that all of your competitors drive.

Refrigerated vans are a great tool to have for your business. And the best part is knowing that your van will not only drive well and get you to where you need to go, but also keep your goods at the perfect temperature. Your business, whether it consists of selling food, flowers, or even candy, needs to include confidence in your vehicle. To learn more about how you can customize your refrigerated van, pleasecontact us.