3 Businesses the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van 2016 Would be Perfect For

When starting or running a business involving transportation, finding vehicles that can stand up to commercial use is key. Choosing which vehicle to purchase, also includes considering aesthetics and marketing appeal as well. Here are 3 businesses the Mercedes MetrisPassenger Van 2016 would be perfect for.

Metris Passenger Van 2016 Features

Before we discuss a few businesses this mid-sized van would be perfect for, here are some standard features:

  • Starting price $32,500
  • MPG 20 city/ 23 highway
  • Engine: turbo M274, 2.0 L, 4 cylinder gas
  • Seats up to 8
  • 7 speed transmission
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 202” L x 76” W x 74” H

Taxi Company

For existing taxi companies or people thinking about starting one, choosing to have a fleet of Metris Passenger Vans is a wise choice. The affordability of a new van is a great benefit, especially considering the proven reliability inherent in Mercedes vehicles. And importantly, the engine and design are reliable and engineered for commercial purposes.

Taxi vehicles are put to the test on the road, and the success of a company is dependent upon their fleet of vehicles running and staying low maintenance. A taxi can easily drive 500 miles everyday, which means choosing a reliable vehicle is key for longevity.

The Metris also has plenty of room for passengers needing rides, which means your business can accommodate more customers at once. Many times passengers come in groups going out for the night and are in need of a passenger van, as well as formal groups needing rides to special events. Also, rides from the airport are generally in need of plenty room for luggage and seats. Being larger than regular vans, yet small enough to fit in a standard garage, the Metris mid-size passenger van is the perfect size to use as a taxi vehicle.

Image and marketability are also important in the taxi business, and the Mercedes brand with the sleek and stylish look of the Metris, is sure to attract customers. The Metris could even be used as a more upscale and formal type of passenger transportation, so owners can charge more for the luxury ride. Either way, Mercedes is known for affluent quality vehicles, so the marketability is enhanced greatly.

Hotel/Business Shuttle

Hotels and organizations like churches and schools have a perfect option with the Metris passenger van. Sometimes a Sprinter sized passenger van is overkill for hotels or organizations like these, when it comes to offering customers/members rides. Yet, going too small doesn’t provide enough room.

The Metris passenger van is affordable and reliable for longevity, so an organization or business needing a mid-sized shuttle will have a solid option to depend on. The Metris will save on gas considerably, and be easier to drive through city traffic. This will create a safer and less expensive way to offer a shuttle service, to members or customers for businesses and organizations.

Security Company

The elegant Mercedes Metris Passenger Van would be the perfect vehicle for security companies offering protection to high-profile clients. The Metris can fit in with formal events in metropolitan cities, while still not creating too much attention.

The Mercedes symbol gives clients the satisfaction they’re riding in style and luxury, yet the affordable price and reliability gives the security company a profitable way to do business.


The Metris passenger van would be a perfect fit for these three types of businesses. The seats can be removed and rearranged also, making it useful for delivery and other businesses as well. Businesses of all sorts should consider the Metris, because its’ drive train and engine are specifically engineered for commercial use.

Besides business uses, the Metris passenger van is also a wonderful fit for personal use. Whether this means a family van, or simply a person needing room and space at times. The mid-sized van has plenty of room for carpooling, and the luxury ride will bring comfort for travel and commuting. And remember, the perfect size fits comfortably in a standard garage for safe keeping.

No matter what people want the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van 2016 for, the best place to purchase and learn more about this great vehicle, is from the Sprinter Guy Boston. Here you can get all your Metris questions answered, as well as getting the lowest prices and nationwide shipping. To learn more, please contact us today.