3 Businesses the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is Made For


There are some businesses that need both the transporting ability of the passenger van and the cargo hauling ability of the cargo van. For these businesses, getting a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van should be considered, as it combines the best features of the passenger and cargo vans. In order to illustrate this, let’s look at 3 businesses the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is made for:

      • Trade Show Display
      • Construction and Trade
      • Event Planner

Trade Show Display

Businesses involved in selling, renting, setting up, and transporting trade show displays, would find the crew van useful. Also, companies involved in going to trade shows to set-up their own display, would also find the crew van helpful. The crew van can seat 5 people, and still has the cargo room needed to haul large trade show displays to the next location.

Trade show displays, along with the products and equipment used with it, require a good amount of space, which can be facilitated with the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van. The benefits of using a crew van instead of a cargo van include: more people can be transported to the trade show and there are two large windows on each side behind the front seats.

Businesses that rent or sell trade show displays and companies participating in trade shows with displays, will find the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van useful, because it can haul their displays and transport any needed personal. Extra personal are needed for set-up, tear down, and to work the displays.

Construction and Trades

The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van was made for construction and trade businesses, which have the need to haul equipment and crews of workers. Painting, roofing, construction, plumbing, and other crews of tradesman can be hauled to and from job sites with the necessary equipment. Many times the workers make their way to the job site without a ride, but with a large enough crew, there’s always someone who needs a ride.

Trade businesses will find the cargo room of the crew van efficient for all their equipment, yet they’ll also be able to haul up to 5 workers to a job site. This works well with the unpredictable nature of trade business, where day-to-day needs change quickly. Having the versatility to haul people and equipment with efficiency will come in handy for construction and trade businesses day-to-day.

Event Planner

Any business that is involved in event planning, including set-up and tear down, will find the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van the perfect option. There are many occasions event planning businesses must facilitate, which requires equipment and workers. Weddings, concerts, festivals, anniversaries, etc., are examples of the type of events that event planner businesses set-up and create.

Event planning businesses have a serious need for versatility in their work vehicle. The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van provides this needed versatility with its best-in-class cargo space, excellent 4 cylinder gas mileage, durability and luxury, and being able to seat up to 5 people. Hauling around musical bands with their equipment, taking the set-up equipment to the event with the workers needed, and driving long distance to an event in comfort – are all facilitated best with the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van.


The crew van isn’t limited to being used with these 3 types of businesses, and it can be used for personal uses as well. Nevertheless, these 3 examples of business uses, show us the versatility and usefulness the crew van offers; being able to haul large amounts of cargo and 5 people at the same time is a unique feature.

The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van combines the luxury and transport ability of the passenger van with the best-in-class cargo space of the cargo van. For some people and businesses, this is the perfect option to facilitate their needs. The crew van is popular and not as manyhave been made, which means they’re harder to come by.

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