3 Businesses to Start Using the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van


For those who love to drive and have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business using your vehicle is a good option. The vehicle you choose is the most important factor determining the success of the business. With this in mind, let’s explore 3 businesses to start using theMercedes Sprinter Cargo Van.

    • Independent Contractor Delivery
    • Band/Event Equipment Hauler for Rent
    • Dog Daycare and Transport Service

Independent Contractor Delivery

Using the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van for delivery is something FedEx has done for years very well. The 530 cubic feet of cargo space allows for large loads to be hauled, yet still gets excellent mileage with its 4 cylinder diesel 7-speed engine.

An independent contractor can either contract with a large company delivering set items on routes or deliver items for individual customers in a city. Either way, your business will have the capability to haul small and large packages with the Sprinter. These could be small delivery jobs within the city, from city to city, or even state to state.

Simply buying a Sprinter and starting a delivery business is a great way for an entrepreneur to make a living. Having the proper insurance (depending on the type of delivery business) would be necessary. This type of business would give the owner the freedom to drive and make money for themselves.

Band/Event Equipment Hauler for Rent

In a large or metropolitan-sized city there are many bands and event coordinators looking for ways to move large items around. These jobs are mainly within the city and for a few hours at a time, but with enough regular customers this could turn into a lucrative business.

The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van not only has the space to haul band and event equipment around from place to place, but also would be showing up in style. The style points would be a marketing benefit and the reliability of the Sprinter would be a long-term sustainability benefit. This is another great business idea the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would be perfect for.

Dog Daycare and Transport Service

There are many opportunities available for starting a dog walking/care business in the city. Using a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would add another dimension to dog walking. With the van your business could transport a dozen dogs comfortably to the nearest dog park or nature area. Many dog owners would like this option, rather than simply walking the dog around the same old block.

Having a large Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van means you could pick the dogs up and bring them to a doggie daycare center. This could be your center or not, but your dog transport could serve as a dog taxi. In addition to these services, a portable grooming van business could be created as well. The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van would appeal to an affluent crowd of dog owners who would pay good money for this service.


The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van sets the standard when it comes to cargo vans and provides many opportunities for business use. These three business ideas would all benefit by using the Sprinter as their main equipment. It gets great mileage with the 4 cylinders, has a proven diesel engine made to last, is great for marketability, and is comfortable to drive in the city and countryside.

For people who love to drive and want to work for themselves, starting one of these businesses could be a good fit. Of course there are other ideas and uses, but the main point is to be successful by using the best equipment available. In that regard, the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van can’t be beat.

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