3 Companies Using the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a Rental


After less than one year’s time of being in the U.S. market, the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is already being used by car rental companies across the country. No doubt, they saw the potential the largest mid-sized van on the market offered, to help attract customers and grow their businesses. Using the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a rental, benefits both rental businesses and their customers.

Potential for Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies, generally, have many types of vehicles to choose from, including their fleet of vans. Vans are a popular choice for larger groups, or people who want more space during their travels. The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van has more cargo space, carrying capacity, and power – than any of its mid-sized van competitors. Yet, even with all of this, the Metris gets 20 city/ 23 hwy mpg with its 4-cylinder 208 hp engine.

The Metris seats up to 8 people, has sliding doors on both sides, has ample room in back for luggage, comfortable and luxurious seats and environment, technology integration, and numerous safety features, including ample air bags. The interior is a selling point, the exterior is a selling point, and the engine and gas mpg is a selling point too.

Customers will appreciate the gas mileage, the comfortable environment, and the smooth powerful ride – owners will appreciate the reliable engine and superior design that keeps the vehicle going long-term.

3 Real Companies Renting the Metris in the U.S.

There’s no better way to picture a Mertis passenger van in your rental lot than looking at real U.S. companies renting out the same. They sure do look appealing as rental vehicles, and most likely are already promising big profits for their owners. Let’s take a look:

      1. Sixt Rent A Car
      2. Sprinter Rentals
      3. Empire Rent A Car

Sixt Rent A Car: This is an international company with 50+ locations in the U.S. and 105+ countries worldwide. They have more than 180,000 vehicles, and are one of the largest car rental companies in the world. They have rental car locations in 15 states across the U.S.

They also feature their Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van rental online, with their professional website and neat composite picture. The sleek, modern-looking van, with tinted windows, would be a great choice for business people or travelers. Sixt Rent A Car, obviously, has found the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van a good addition to their massive quarter of a million+ vehicle fleet.

Sprinter Rentals: This is an exclusively MB Sprinter rental company, yet they also carry the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van. The Metris is a mid-sized van, small enough to fit into a standard garage, yet has the most room for a mid-size van on the market. Sprinter Rentals has nearly a dozen rental locations across the U.S., and offers nationwide service with delivery.

This is the largest Sprinter rental company in the U.S., yet they also carry the Metris Passenger Van. The Metris is featured, with real pictures and videos, in a listing on their website, which contains some alluring features like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB connection, iPod Interface, GPS, and seats 8 people. This reputable leader in Sprinter rentals sees the potential in the Metris, proving its viability as a rental vehicle.

Empire Rent A Car: This is a NY company, serving the NY area, with several locations and multiple types of vehicle rental options, including trailers. They’re also offering the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van as a rental, which on their well-designed website says: “As a relatively new model to North America, this European sensation is a top pick among mid-sized vans.” Then later on in the listing, a subheading says “Not Your Mom’s Minivan”, which just about sums up how this company feels about their new addition.


Not only are businesses benefiting from being able to offer the Metris Passenger Van, but customers are also benefiting from being able to rent them. The starting price of $32,500 is about as affordable as it gets for so many great features. The sensation is sure to continue in Europe, and soon come to the U.S. even more – when competitors begin to follow the Mercedes Metris standard in the mid-size van market.

Rental car companies need appealing vehicles with low maintenance and longevity in their components, especially the engine. One of the nicest aspect of the Metris is how its been cleverly designed to navigate smoothly within a city; the good gas mileage combined with ample cargo space and payload/towing capacity, make this the right balance people need in a mid-sized van.

Sprinter Buy Boston understands the MB market and specializes in Sprinters and Metris vans. The Metris Cargo and Passenger Van are great vehicles for many purposes, both business and personal. The Metris offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency, and so far is really in a class of its own. This means adding one to the rental fleet is sure to always attract an untapped market. Let our connections help you find a Metris Passenger Van for the best price around, with shipping across the U.S. Please contact us to learn more or with any questions.