3 Types of Businesses That Know the Benefits of Owning a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Today


Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans are simply some of the best and most capable delivery vehicles that are available in the U.S.A. today. This van makes those delivery jobs more enjoyable because of its great acceleration, excellent driving dynamics and windows that are large enough to actually enjoy the scenery, while also giving you a better view of traffic for that added driving protection. In the past, cargo vans have just been considered a way to get items from point A to point B. Not with these vehicles. You actually enjoy the experience of having to make deliveries and are kind of disappointed when you need to stop driving. These vans help transport goods and products safely and, work very well for those smaller loads and nearby, time-sensitive deliveries. Here’s how 3 types of businesses are enjoying the ride.

Transportation Providers

Having Mercedes Sprinter Cargo vans in a fleet offers another dynamic quality that enhances transportation services. By renting and leasing these vans to help people move across town or to help parents who need to move their kids’ items to colleges across the state, these customers feel more secure because of the Mercedes name brand and; because these vehicles have anti-lock brakes, added stability control and an easily understood instrument panel. These vans have a cargo volume of up to 319 cubic feet which not only gives these movers the space they need, but also a much smoother ride. And, they can carry upwards of 3,000 pounds which makes them very useful for those loads that are particularly heavy.


These businesses that do custom or small quantity manufacturing work sometimes need to ship their goods within a fairly close distance to where they are actually made. These full-size cargo vans help them avoid the costs of having a middle-man provide them with transportation services and, they can actually use this van to increase their bottom-line. This is because they come equipped with 4 cylinder 7 speed diesel engines that save these manufacturers approximately 18% in costs. This gets them highway mileage of almost 30 miles to the gallon, saves on fuel and, its super-size carrying capacity allows them to haul more items during one trip. Drivers also appreciate the comfort because they are so roomy inside.

Private Couriers

These companies help local stores compete with larger retailers by providing them with same-day delivery services. Many of these businesses are currently only available in limited areas, such as within certain cities or neighborhoods, and these Sprinter cargo vans help them stay competitive. They work especially well in these urban settings because they are not bulky in size like other vehicles and, they come equipped with side mirrors that have large flat areas to help deal with city traffic better. There are also smaller convex mirrors below them that help drivers see traffic on each side. The seats inside these vehicles are firmer and offer more support than most commercial vehicles and are ideal when drivers are making runs steadily throughout the day.

These are just 3 types of businesses that are enjoying the convenience, economy and reliability these Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans bring. They trust this brand because it has always set the standard for quality in this industry and has constantly won awards throughout the years. And because these vans can carry such a high volume of material, they are perfectly suited for any cargo purpose at any given time. The biggest testaments to these vans are when companies like Fed-Ex and Cox Communications put millions of miles on them annually and have them continue to run strong each year. And with peak fuel economy being a priority in any business, these 2.1-liter diesel four engines deliver quite a punch. To talk about these exciting vehicles and deals that are waiting just for you, please contact us today to learn more.