4 Reasons Fall is the Best Season to Buy a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

In this space, we have written extensively about both the benefits of a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 and how very specific types of businesses can use the vehicle to optimize their efficiency and success. But just when should you think about buying a vehicle? In time for the leaves to turn in the New England area, we have an answer to that question. Here are 4 reasons fall is the best season to start shopping for and purchasing the 4×4 version of Germany’s best full-sized van.

1) The Weather Worsens

Let’s begin with the obvious. We don’t have to tell residents of Boston and the surround areas about just what happens when the leaves start to turn. We all remember multiple instances of blizzards snowing us in, making driving conditions difficult to impossible.

But, for a variety of reasons, you still need to get around. Whether your business relies on driving, or you simply need to take your children and others to school, you need a vehicle that can weather even the toughest storms. Construction sites and deliveries don’t wait just because some snow is on the ground. Prepare yourself for the season by buying a Sprinter before it gets too cold and icy.

2) Gas Prices Are Going Down

One common worry we hear from customers looking at Sprinters is that they hesitate about the 4×4 model because it takes more gasoline than its regular model. While that is true, it still gets to 20 miles per gallon, a respectable amount considering the size of the vehicle and the power of the engine.

Still, gas prices are undoubtedly a worry for both business and personal customers. So why not start off your ownership of a Sprinter 4×4 easily by purchasing it during the season that gas prices typically decline? That way, you can ease yourself into the operating cost of owning a full-size 4×4 van before the prices begin to rise again in Summer.

3) The New Models Are Out

Buying a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Fall also makes sense because it means that you can take advantage of the newest model. The 2017 Sprinter model was released earlier this year, and the vehicles have begun to hit our lot.

For you as the buyer, that means you have two options: you can either get a brand-new 2017 model, and take advantage of all of the functionality that comes with it, or you can save some of your budget and go with the 2016 alternative. One option will ensure you have the best of the best, while the other can save you money.

4) It’s Time for One Last Trip

Dealerships often underrate the potential power of the Sprinter 4×4 as a camping vehicle. But not us. If you build it out right, this van can turn into the camper you’ve always dreamed about when looking to explore natural terrain.

Especially in New England, and along the East Coast, fall is a beautiful time for a vacation. Buy a Sprinter now to take it on a weekend or week-long trip up the coast or toward the Canadian border, without having to worry about rough terrain that could impede your progress.

Have you been thinking about the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 model, but without being able to bring yourself to the purchasing decision? If so, you don’t have to worry – you still have plenty of time to get your vehicle before the bad weather hits.

Fall is a perfect time to buy a Sprinter, and we would love to talk to you about your options! Contact us today to learn more about how this vehicle can accommodate both your business and personal needs.