4 Reasons the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is Perfect For Your Business

Regardless of your type of business, you will likely have a need for transporting cargo at some point. You may buy products to sell, or transport your equipment and raw materials to worksites. Either way, you need a vehicle that not only helps you transport your goods, but becomes a reliable partner in your endeavors.

Especially for small businesses, buying a company vehicle can be a stressful situation. After all, you are spending a significant chunk of your revenue on this single purchase, so you need to be sure that the car you end up with actually helps you improve your business and pays for itself in the long run. To help ease the decision making process for you, here are 4 reasons the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van should be atop your list of vehicles to consider.

1) Plenty of Cargo Space

Let’s begin with the most important part. When you buy a vehicle for your business to better move materials and equipment, you need to know about storage options. The Metris Cargo Van offers a cargo volume of more than 185 cubic feet, giving you more than enough space to store and transport your cargo.

If the interior storage space is not enough, the Metris can also tow up to 5,000 lb in addition to its own weight. Simply attach a trailer to the vehicle, and watch the additional space materialize. But even without that possibility the Metris Cargo Van should give you all the storage you need.

2) Comfortable Ride

Second in importance will be not only how your cargo can be transported, but also how you and your passenger travel while in the vehicle. Especially in rural areas, chances are you will travel long distance for your regular business, and you need to be sure that when you arrive at your destination ready to load or unload your cargo, you will have finished a comfortable ride that leaves you ready to start working.

Fortunately, the Metris Cargo Van offers just that. Automated climate control allows you to stay cool, while an integrated navigation system ensures you never get lost in the road. For you and one other passenger, the ride will be comfortable and free of stress.

3) The Mercedes Advantage

The Metris also benefits from being a part of the Mercedes family. This carmaker has played a large part in the positive feelings car owners get when the phrase German engineering comes up.

One of the most prestigious car brands in the world, Mercedes Benz ensures that when you get a car, you know it will function reliably for many years. Especially as a small business owner, knowing not just your vehicle’s short-term functionality but also its long-term reliability is a crucial part of knowing whether a specific vehicle is right for you.

4) Much-Needed Flexibility

You will get much of the above with larger models within the Mercedes family as well. But what makes the Metris unique is its compact size. Thanks to its low height of 75 inches, it fits even in tight parking garages, and maneuvers especially well for a cargo vehicle.

Meanwhile, double-rear doors fold all the way out, to leave a minimum footprint with a maximum opening. You can park, load, and unload your cargo even in the tightest of spaces, making the Metris a great choice for city and rural business use alike.

If you are looking for a business vehicle, this compact cargo van could be the choice you need. Especially if you are looking for a van that gives you maximum return on investment, you should give the Metris Cargo van a look. To learn more about this and other options,contact us.