5 Businesses That Can Benefit From Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans


In many ways, and as we’ve detailed in this space in the past, our Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans are the perfect compromise. They offer the space of a Cargo Van, but with the added benefit of (as the name suggests) seats for your crew.

That mix, in turn, makes it a tempting alternative for more than just one type of business. In fact, if your business falls into one of the below categories, adding a Crew Van to your fleet may prove to be a wise investment.

1) Construction Companies

Let’s begin with the most obvious one. When you move to a construction site in the morning (and back in the evening), you need to not only haul equipment and materials, but also your crew. Doing that in multiple vehicles is both inconvenient and will cost your business money.

With the Crew Van, you can do both at once. The bench in the back is perfect for additional members of your crew, but you still have all the cargo space you need to get everything to the site in one trip. In addition, the optional 4×4 engine allows you to easily access even touch construction sites.

2) Moving Companies

Similarly, your moving company might need to transport more than just furniture for your clients. Two movers are standard – but what if certain items, such as a piano, require three or even four lifters?

In that case, a simple cargo van is no longer enough. Instead, you need a more comprehensive solution, which is exactly what the Crew Van provides. Move both the furniture and your people easily from home to home.

3) Catering Businesses

Especially catering large events will require you to bring a large amount of food. But you’ll also need some people to get the food ready, potentially serve it, and clean up after the fact. Can you do it all, with a single vehicle?

Thanks to the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van, you can do exactly that. The finished cargo area provides plenty of space for all necessary food, while the bench provides the additional seating you need to get everyone to the event and back.

4) Event Planners

Event planners tend to have similar needs as catering businesses, but at very different times. You also have to worry about both hauling quite a bit of equipment and materials to an event venue, and bringing the people responsible for setup and tear down along.

Most importantly, though, you have to do it quickly. Everything has to be ready by the time the event starts, and you can’t waste time afterwards either if the venue is only rented for a specific amount of time. Multiple trips are generally not an option, and with the Sprinter Crew Van, you don’t have to take any.

5) Delivery Services

Finally, don’t underestimate the potential importance of a Crew van for delivery services. Not every appliance, piece of furniture, or other type of purchase will be easy to carry. In fact, some of them will definitely require multiple people for safe delivery. Don’t you want to make sure that your van can accommodate both the delivery personnel and the actual delivery?

A Crew Van, as is the case with the other examples above, can help make your business more efficient and save money in the long run. More specifically, a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van may just be the perfect opportunity to make a long-term investment to add to your fleet.

Mercedes is known globally for its excellent resale value, thanks to high-quality construction that helped coin the term German engineering. A wealth of safety features, along with the above-mentioned 4×4 option and the convenience of this Crew van, make it a perfect option for the above and a number of other types of businesses. To learn more about this vehicle, and to take it for a test drive, contact us.