5 Customization Ideas for the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van


The stock Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is a great option for many uses, yet it’s also a great foundation for some unique customization ideas. If buying one new there are many options to add to the stock version, but the conversions we’ll discuss are major customization ideas. Here are 5 customization ideas for the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van.

      • Camper Van
      • Business Office on Wheels
      • Dog Transport/Grooming Station
      • Ultimate Recreational Vehicle
      • Refrigerated Van

Camper Van

Motorhomes are expensive to buy new or used, and the market for large camper vans is limited. Combining the qualities of a reliable Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van with the amenities of a camper van, results in the ultimate conversion. These vans come with up to 530 cubic ft of cargo room, and a stock towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. This means there’s plenty of room inside for a sink, refrigerator, bed, bathroom, and comfortable seating. This also means there’s plenty of power to haul a boat or trailer too.

There are many Mercedes van customization companies in the U.S. specializing in Sprinters, and what they can do is amazing. Awnings, back ladders, heavy-duty racks on top, shelving, entertainment centers, and more. A basic Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van gives owners and customizing services the freedom to create luxurious and useful camper vans. The cost, overall, is much lower than buying a qualitymotorhome, yet owners have the options to uniquely customize it to their liking.

Business Office on Wheels

Does your company need a business office on wheels? The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van can be nicely converted into a luxurious executive business office on wheels with: comfortable leather reclining seats, a fridge, office equipment, large screen television, and a back office storage section (or bathroom) accessible through a door. The customization options are endless, but the Mercedes Sprinter Van provides a spacious and luxurious environment for travel and remote office meetings.

Dog Transport/Grooming Station

Create the ultimate dog grooming/transport business on wheels. This could take a dog walking business to another level, or simply provide dog owners (with multiple dogs) the ability to transport their pets around comfortably and safe.

Set the van up with a dog grooming station, comfortable kennels, shelves, a bathroom, and still seat up to four people. The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van offers the cargo space, reliability, and maneuverability needed to cruise around the city or traverse country roads – while conducting a dog grooming/transport business or using for personal pets.

Ultimate Recreational Vehicle

The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van can be converted into the ultimate recreational vehicle. This means it can be used in its 4 x 4 version to traverse rough terrain itself, and/or haul just about any recreational equipment there is. For instance, the back floors could be covered in corrugated aluminum, in order to haul around a motorcycle or two, the top racks could haul canoes or surfboards, skiing equipment could be stored in neat custom compartments, etc.

For those with serious recreational needs or professional motocross riders, a well-designed and customized Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is a great option. The 4 cylinder engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission gets great gas mileage, and the 6 cylinder 4 x 4 has the extra power to traverse the roughest terrain.

Refrigerated Van

This customization option is mostly for businesses who want to make money delivering perishable goods using their Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van. The Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van has the best payload capacity and cargo room in its class, which makes it the best candidate for refrigeration conversion. Many businesses and industries would find a refrigerated Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van useful to add to their fleets, and they’d also work great for independent delivery businesses for attracting and serving customers.

Sprinter Guy Boston specializes in refrigerated vans for sale, and has relationships with some of the best refrigerated van up fitters in the country, including: ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox.


These are only 5 of the countless customization ideas owners may have for their Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van. Business and pleasure uses could come to fruition with the right customization service, and there are many excellent ones in the U.S., who specialize in Mercedes Sprinter Van customization.

Sprinter Guy Boston can help you find the perfect Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van to customize, and we can also help you find the right customization service to materialize your ideas. We have the lowest prices around and ship nationwide, so you can find an affordable van to customize. The reliability, luxury, efficiency, and capabilities of the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van are unmatched, and that’s why it makes the perfect base van to customize. Please contact us today with any questions or to learn more.