5 Features of the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van You Won’t Be Able to Live Without


Buying a car is stressful, whether you intend to use it for your business or personal pleasure. The expense can be immense, so you need to make sure that you find a vehicle that will serve you reliably and for a long time.

But every now and then, you find a vehicle that you just know to be the right choice. After the first drive, you know that it includes a number of features you won’t be able to live without. For us, and many of our customers, that vehicle is the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Removable Extra Seating

Too often, buying a full size van leaves you with one of two options: cargo or passenger. Choose one, and you will inevitably fall short on the other. However, that is far from the case with this crew van. You do get extra seating, with a cargo area bench that comfortably fits 3 additional passenger.

At the same time, that seating is removable, allowing you to maximize the cargo area when you need to transport important materials or equipment. That flexibility, in turn, means the Crew Van will serve you well whether you need to transport people or cargo.

2) Additional Visibility

A second feature that differentiates this van from the classic Sprinter is the additional windows in the back. That windows, which are situated near the front of the passenger doors, increase visibility in more than one way.

For you as the driver, they help gain a better understanding of your immediate surroundings. Your blind spot is minimized, leading to a safer driving experience. And of course, your passengers will appreciate the window when riding in the back.

3) Cargo Area Features

The Mercedes Benz Crew Van also comes with a number of cargo area features that will make you glad you bought this vehicle. The ceiling liner, for example, is finished, which is not the case with many cargo-specific vans.

While a finished ceiling liner is an aesthetic win, built in tie down loops to keep your cargo in place are the functional upgrade you’ve been looking for. As everything else in the vehicle, these features showcase the Crew Van as a perfect compromise between people and cargo.

4) Optional 4×4 Engine

Especially if you need to navigate through rugged terrain, you need a powerful engine that gets you through. Fortunately, the Crew Van delivers with a 4×4 option that will make your competitors and other vehicles jealous. A 6 cylinder motor with 5 speed transition will pull you through even the worst terrain, ensuring that you always reach your destination safely.

5) Impressive Safety Features

The Crew Van shines where all Sprinters do: in the safety department. Features like an integrated, load-adaptive ESP, Crosswind assist, a lane-keeping assistant, and blind spot assistance all place your safety at their center.

These safety features are crucial in both business and personal use. You never want to endanger yourself or your cargo. But if you can carry additional passengers as the Crew Van allows thanks to its removable backseat bench, that charge becomes even more serious. Thorough safety is needed, which is what the Mercedes Benz Crew Van delivers.

Combine these features, and you get a vehicle that continues to wow our customers each time they try it. Mercedes Benz‘s hybrid between cargo and passenger van is a perfect match for both personal and business use, and will reliably protect both you and everyone or thing in the back.

Of course, the most important part of the car buying experience is a test drive. We’re confident that once you try to Crew Van, you’ll be as convinced as we are – so contact us today to schedule one!