5 Features that Make the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van The Perfect Family Vehicle

When looking for your next vehicle, whether your family is growing or you simply need more space, your choices will sooner or later come down to vans. And in that search, you probably won’t consider the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van among your options. Here’s our question: why not?

Typically, families choose makers like Dodge and Chrysler for for their vans. The result are Grand Caravans and Town & Countrys, flooding the streets despite questionable quality We’re here to make the case that in fact, the Mercedes Metris is a better vehicle for your family. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) Superior Comfort

Let’s begin with the most important part: your family will be comfortable when driving and riding in the Metris. Vinyl seats that can adjust easily make it happen, as does a large trunk that ensures you never have to worry about cargo in your foot space. Entertainment features from wireless streaming to an SD card slot help you make sure that you and your passengers never get bored on the road.

2) Quality Engine

Mercedes is the epitome and posterchild of German Engineering for a reason. Buy this van, and you will get a quality vehicle that is sure to last you for a long time to come. A 7-speed automatic transmission allows for a smooth ride both on busy city streets and highways, while 208 horsepower can transport you, your family, and plenty of luggage without slowing down at all. You will get all of that with 24 miles per gallon (highway), a remarkable number for a van this size.

3) Maximum Safety

When you are looking for a family vehicle, safety comes first. Fortunately, the Metris surpasses even lofty aspirations. It’s been called a “Safety NBA Allstar” by Car and Driver Magazine, thanks to a number of features specifically designed to keep all passengers safe.

The car is designed to assist you on the road, thanks to parking assist, blind spot assist, and crosswind assist technology. Load-adaptive stability control, as well as eight individual airbags, are sure to keep every one of your passengers safe.

4) Ample Space

This is where especially compared to other van alternatives, the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van truly shines. Like its competitors, it offers seating for eight – but the individual seats are much more spacious than you might expect.

In fact, you won’t find a bench in this family van. Instead, you will find six individual back seats in addition to the driver and passenger seats that ensure personal space for each of your family members and passengers. That, in addition to a large trunk even without folding down the back row, ensures a comfortable ride under all conditions.

5) Surprising Affordability

Given all of the above features, and the prestigious Mercedes name, you might expect to pay out of your nose for the Metris Passenger Van. In fact, that’s far from the truth. The German car maker offers its base model for no more than $33,000, which is cheaper than the comparable (and smaller) Chrysler Town and Country.

Of course, you can add additional features that will increase the price. But on the other hand, you can also find a reliable partner that will find the right price for you. Either way, you will end up with a quality vehicle for a surprisingly low cost.

In short, your family should at least test drive the Metris when looking for a vehicle that can do it all. Its comfort, quality, safety, space, and affordability make it the perfect vehicle, both for larger families and smaller ones that want to enjoy extra cargo space. To find the rightMetris for your needs, contact us.