5 Niche Business Uses for Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans

If you’re a frequent reader of this space, you already know about the variety of benefits that Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans can provide for your businesses. The brand speaks for itself, the safety features are unmatched, and the space and headroom for 15 passengers make this vehicle an ideal fit for any type of shuttle service, nursing home, education institution, and more.

However, the use cases of the Sprinter Passenger Van extend far beyond regular expectations. In fact, its benefits are universally applicable to a wide range of other opportunities that are important to consider, as well. Here are 5 niche business use cases for the Sprinter that could end up making a difference on your bottom line.

1) Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Naturally, a Sprinter van is not an ambulance. It can, however, function to help you transport passengers for medical purposes outside of emergency situations.

For example, a physical therapy practice may need help picking up patients in areas where cab service is not reliable. Similarly, a nursing home can benefit from driving its residents to doctor’s appointments. The applications are almost limitless.

2) Employee Shuttles

Increasingly, companies looking to attract top-end talent are striving to become ’employers of choice.’ They do so by offering a variety of perks and benefits designed to set them apart from their competition and make work both productive and enjoyable.

An employee shuttle, especially one with as high of a quality as a Mercedes Sprinter, can be an invaluable perk. Now, you can pick up and drop off your employees for outings, or to important group meetings. You can even use it to make the trip from the parking lot into the building that much more convenient.

3) Daycare Transportation

If you own or manage a daycare, getting a group of students from your building to a different destination can be difficult to impossible. That’s especially true considering the fact that you’re liable for their well-being, necessitating a top-end vehicle that keeps both you and your passengers safe.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what a Sprinter Passenger Van can provide. You can even use it to pick up and drop off children either at their homes or at school, functioning as a de-facto school bus in the process. The result will be happier parents, and more kids.

4) Van Rental Opportunities

Who said that you have to use your Sprinter Passenger Van for your own benefit? Increasingly, digital opportunities have made van rental businesses viable regardless of the area in which the service is offered.

If you know how to reach potential customers, you will find an audience of individuals and businesses looking needing a place for 15 passengers not continuously, but for a single ride. In this business, quality and reputation is crucial, which is what makes the Mercedes such as perfect fit.

5) Ride Sharing Services

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the increasing opportunities ride sharing has brought for anyone wanting to start a new career or earn a little bit of money on the side. Services like Lyft and Uber don’t just offer single cab rides, but also allow passengers to lower their fees by sharing rides with strangers on their way to the same (or similar) destination.

Naturally, the driver makes more money the more passengers occupy the vehicle. So why not go all out and make money with a full-size van that has enough space for no less than 15 passengers? Pound for pound, it offers the greatest return on investment.

Of course, you still have to find a place where you can buy the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van. That’s where we come in. Contact us to learn more about the vehicle currently on our lot, or schedule a test drive.