5 Real U.S. Companies Using Mercedes Sprinter Passenger and Cargo Vans


Nothing speaks louder than real examples of companies who choose Mercedes Sprinter Vans as the vehicles they do business with. There are many different industries the Sprinter Van is found to be useful in. In this article, let’s explore 5 real U.S. companies using Mercedes Sprinter Passenger and Cargo Vans.

Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

This is a 30-year old travel and luxury transportation service headquartered in New York City and our own Boston, but also has a presencein close to 80 countries internationally. This company uses the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, which seats up to 11 people and has ample head and elbow room. There’s plenty of room for luggage and people in their Sprinter vans, and this is a good example of a business using a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van effectively.

Grand Canyon Tour Company

Here’s another example of a successful transport business using the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van for their long running touring business. The Grand Canyon Tour Company has been operating for 34 years out of Las Vegas, NV. They specialize in 120 different tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. Everyday, visitors to Nevada can use this business to go on all types of different tours including: Hollywood tours, VIP tours, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and off-road tours as well. This is a great example of a U.S. company that chooses to use the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van for their touring business.

Direct Drive Logistics

This is a U.S. based freight transportation company, which uses Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans as part of their transportation solutions. Since 1994, Direct Drive has been meeting their clients freight transportation needs and growing their company. Their Sprinter Van Expedited Transportation Services is partly how they’ve accomplished this. Within this service, Direct Drive uses the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van, which has more weight capacity than all the other vans they use. This is a good example of how Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vansare being used in businesses today.

Creative Mobile Interiors

This is an interesting company based out of Grove City, Ohio. Part of their customization services includes their Custom Sprinter service, in which they can customize a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger or Cargo Van into a: motorhome, dog hauler, luxury hauler, coffee shop,tailgater, doctor’s office, power chair lift, toy hauler, limousine, mobile sales center, and just about anything else people may need or want. Although this business isn’t using the Mercedes Sprinter as their transport vehicle, this does show an interesting example of a business making money from customizing them.

All Star Limousine Service

Located in New York City, this luxury transport service has been operating for 30 years. They serve New York, Long Island, and a worldwideclientele. Some of the specific services they advertise are: corporate, celebration, wedding, leisure, prom, and wine tours. Part of their fleet of luxury vehicles includes the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, which seats 11-14 people, has a full-sized flat screen TV, mood lighting, non-slip wooden floors, double stitched leather seating, and a USB and 12 volt port in each chair. This is another great example of a company using the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van effectively for a successful business.


We can see clearly how useful and reliable the Mercedes Sprinter Vans are considering these long-running businesses are choosing to use them as their business’s vehicles. The versatility of use is also seen with the different businesses they’re being used for. Highlighting these 5 U.S. based companies gives us an idea of how many business use these vans in the world, including maybe the biggest: FedEx.

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