5 Reasons the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is the Optimal Taxi Vehicle


Vehicles used as taxis get holistically tested, more than in any other profession. Taxi companies and drivers depend on their vehicles to nearly constantly be on the road in the toughest conditions inside and out. Taxi companies have to carefully consider what vehicle they’ll choose to make up the majority of their fleet. Here are 5 reasons the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is the optimal taxi vehicle.

      • Size and Safety
      • Luxury Comfort
      • Durability
      • Gas mileage
      • Price

Size and Safety

We’ve all seen different sized vehicles used as taxis, yet many times during the day and night a taxi will get a call to pick up large groups. Large groups have to be accommodated by a taxi company, and this means smaller cars like sedans, Scions, hybrid hatchbacks, etc., are not the optimal taxi vehicle. These smaller vehicles may get slightly better gas mileage, but the small size restricts its ability to haul any fares with more than 4 passengers (maybe less with a lot of luggage).

There’s also the consideration of safety; smaller vehicles place the driver closer to the passengers and risks their safety, especially at night in larger cities. The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van seats up to 8 people, so 7 passengers can be accommodated, even with a reasonable amount of luggage.

The Metris is the largest mid-sized van in the market, so not only can it safely carry more passengers, but it also provides a more spacious environment for comfort, luggage, and safety. The Metris is large enough to be useful, yet designed to fit into a standard garage and navigate around large cities with ease; the Metris has best-in-class turning radius ratings.

Safety is key for taxi driving, and the Metris helps with features such as: active parking assist, parkatronic, rear view camera, blind spot assist, collision prevention assist, and front driver/passenger airbags.

Luxury Comfort

Mercedes is known for manufacturing luxurious and comfortable vehicles, and the Metris is no different. The luxury features include: electronic sliding doors on both sides, navigation systems built-in, automatic climate control, multi-functioning steering wheel, USB connection, Bluetooth® phone system, 5.8 inch color display, iPod® interface, and a choice between folding rear doors or a tailgate door.

The Metris is luxurious enough to impress upscale clients, yet practical enough to deal with the rougher crowd, which taxi companies are well versed with. The spacious and comfortable environment will have customers calling back, and drivers will be content to keep driving.


A vehicle can have all the great features in the world, but if it only last 100k miles, then it’s not worth using as a taxi. Taxis drive hundreds of miles everyday, and most of the time are driven continually, day and night. The most important thing is that the vehicles keep going with only regular maintenance and minimal mechanical interruptions.

The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is built to last, with a 2.0 4-cylinder engine with 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque; the 7 speed automatic transmission and 18.49 gallon gas tank are also nice attributes for a taxi vehicle. Mercedes is known for its quality manufacturing and reliability, and the Metris is no different. The Metris is ready for the taxi test, in order to show its durability and longevity.

Gas Mileage

Smaller vans and vehicles, used as taxis, may beat the Metris in gas mileage, but not by much. The Metris gets 21 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy, which is very comparable to other vehicles used as taxis. Considering the Metris has much more cargo room than the closet competition, this is excellent gas mileage.


The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van starts at $32,500. Very competitive pricing for all that it offers as a taxi vehicle. Taking into account the expanded capabilities it gives taxi companies to make money with large fares and upscale clients, this is a very fair starting price for a taxi van. Also, the durability and standard of excellence, with the engine and components, will save maintenance and repair cost in the future.


The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is ready for the taxi test, just as the Mercedes Sprinter was ready for FedEx to test it with its delivery service. Taxi vehicles are tested inside and out with nearly continuous use for years, which makes the taxi test the most difficult for vehicles. Taxi companies have to choose carefully which vehicle to invest in, in order to find the optimal vehicle to make up the majority oftheir fleet.

No other vehicle has the amount of space and gets as good of gas mileage as the Metris does. These two attributes combined with the luxury, comfort, price, durability, and safety – make this a wise choice for taxi companies. In addition to the 5 reasons stated, the style and look of the Mercedes Metris will help taxi companies attract good business attention.

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