5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van


For a variety of reason, you may be in need of a refrigerated van. We’ve covered these reasons in this space in the past: if your cargo needs temperature control of any kind, a vehicle of this kind is your best option to get it to your destination safe, unspoiled, and in perfect condition.

Still, buying a refrigerated van can seem complicated, especially if you are just starting out and going through the process for the first time. To help ease the process, here are 5 things you should know and keep in mind before buying a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van.

1) What Exactly Will You Need Your Van For?

This is the first, and perhaps most important question. Your needs for the van will determine the type of customization and refrigeration you get. Do you need to transport frozen good or simply chilled goods? What about the need to defrost your cargo while in the van, or keeping it inside overnight?

All of these questions will determine exactly what type of van fits your needs. Because we can customize according to your specifications, coming in with answers to these questions in mind will help make your buying experience more smooth.

2) How Important is Quality of Refrigeration For You?

This question is closely related to the first, but deserves to be discussed on its own merit. Do you just need some type of temperature control, or are you looking to hit an exact temperature? The answer to that question will naturally depend on the goods you transport. But depending on the direction in which you’re looking to go, it will determine the exact refrigeration unit that we can build into your van.

3) What Cargo Space Do You Need?

Another question related to the type of cargo you plan on transporting is how much space it will take up. That, in turn, determines the necessary space, which can be impacted by a number of variables.

For example, Sprinter vans cone with different ceiling heights depending on our clients’ needs. The size of the refrigeration unit is another variable that needs to be taken into account here. If you know what size cargo you need, we can help you find and customize the right vehicle to transport it.

4) How Important is Safety in Transporting Your Goods?

We have used this space in the past to discuss the safety features of the Sprinter, which is among the top vehicles in its class in this regard. That obviously matters for the person who will be driving the van, but may also play in your decision depending on the safety your cargo needs.

Are you planning on transporting fragile goods? If so, you will need a van that can avoid drastic maneuvers that could cause the cargo to shift. Valuable, insured items will also benefit from a vehicle that offers enough safety features to keep them secure.

5) How Long Will You Need the Van?

Finally, consider the long-term prospects of a business that relies on refrigerated goods. If you simply need to transport your cargo for a couple of years, vehicle longevity may not matter that much. But if you plan to sustain and grow your business in both the short-term and long-term future, you need a vehicle that is a sound investment both now and going forward.

As you might imagine, a refrigerated Sprinter van accommodates that need. Both the vehicle and the refrigeration system are known to last, allowing you to plan not just for the coming year but for the coming decade. To learn more about our vehicles, and how we can help your business get the refrigerated vehicle it needs, contact us.