5 Tips for Promoting Your Mercedes Metris Passenger Van Shuttle Business

When you run a shuttle business, promotion is key. Without an effective strategy, you won’t be able to reliably attract passengers to grow your business and make money. The right vehicle, such as the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van, is a great start. Here are 5 tips you can use to leverage that vehicle into an effective promotional strategy.

1) Wrap Your Van

The first, and perhaps most important step, is to make sure that potential passengers can see you and your purpose. In other words, you need to make your van stand out among the countless other shuttle services available.

Wrapping your van with promotional design is the first step to accomplish that. Especially if you service a specific area, such as an airport, a van wrap can help you gain the exposure you need simply while waiting for passengers in the parking lot.

2) Get on Social Media

Social media has turned into the ideal medium to promote professional services of any kind, and the same thing holds true for shuttle services. Here, you can post your hours of operation, prices, and locations, while also sharing interesting nuggets and perhaps even travel tips that relate directly to your passengers.

Building a community on social media can be difficult for businesses. But you can also add a little bit of money to maximize your success. For as little as $5 per day, for example, you can run Facebook ads that specifically target would-be travelers in your core area.

3) Gather Testimonials

No matter how much you state the quality of your business, your audience will always be more likely to believe the same statements if they come from their peers rather than the business that’s looking to sell its services to them. That’s what makes testimonials such an effective marketing tool.

On your website and on social media, be sure to share customer opinions of your rides. If passengers agree that the price is reasonable and the service is reliable, they won’t be afraid to say so – implicitly helping you attract more passengers in the future.

4) Focus on Your Core Area

Especially when you start out in running your shuttle service, it’s tempting to make your services available as broadly as possible. But for maximum success, be sure to find one core geographic area, and focus on that area in all of your promotional strategy.

If most of your business comes from the local airport, for example, it makes little sense to branch out to a radius that’s far away from this core. Instead, make sure that your exposure at the airport is at or near 100% before moving to other areas of focus.

5) Highlight Your Vehicle

Finally, with a vehicle like the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van, you have a central advantage over most of your competitors: the vehicle in which your passengers will ride. Your audience knows about Mercedes as one of the most reliable and high-quality options available worldwide, so your job is to let them know as often as possible that this is the vehicle in which they’ll ride.

On social media, and throughout your testimonials, be sure to highlight the fact that when your passengers choose you, they’ll be riding in a Mercedes. That in itself is a selling point that, when taken advantage of, will consistently help to drive business to your shuttle service.

Of course, all of these tips are only effective if your actual service and the ride you provide to your passengers is outstanding, as well. And fortunately, we can help in that area. Contact us today to learn more about the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van, and the options we have available on our lot for you.