6 Tips For Going On A Road Trip With Your Mercedes Metris Passenger Van

It’s summer, and you know what that means! Now is the time to explore national parks and other fun places you’ve been dying to visit over the winter. After all, who doesn’t want to go on a new adventure? If you want a reliable mode of transportation for a summer road trip, theMercedes Metris Passenger Van is a perfect choice. The spacious van can fit a large group of passengers without feeling cramped. Below are some tips that will help you create wonderful memories during your road trip.

Tip #1: Bring Plenty of Food and Water

One tip for having a successful road trip in a passenger van is to bring enough snacks and water. This will be especially helpful if you plan on going on a longer road trip through remote areas and may not have reliable access to public facilities. We recommend you take at lease one or two gallons of water per person with you in the van if there is an emergency.

If you don’t already own a cooler, you can buy one at a local store before you hit the road. Stock it full with re-usable water containers so you can refill them at restaurants. We also advise bringing sandwiches and non-perishable food like pretzels, beef jerky, nutritional bars, and other snacks. Of course, the longer you plan on being on the road, the more you should stock up on food and water.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Original Plan

If you’re the type of person that plans every part of your life with a detailed schedule and frequently makes to do lists, maybe you can use this road trip as an opportunity to be spontaneous. A great part of being on the road is you will come across unexpected people and places. Although it’s great to have a tentative framework or schedule for the trip, the more time you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy random, fun events.

Tip #3: Be Prepared With Extra Tools In Case of An Emergency

Another tip we have is to have a spare tire, jack, tire iron and jumper cables for emergency situations. You should also look into bringing extra car chargers and portable phone chargers so you and your passengers can charge your cell phone while you are in the car. This can come in handy if you need to make a call to American Automobile Association (AAA) if you are in an accident or need roadside assistance. We also recommend bringing a flashlight so you can see when it’s dark outside. Warm, cozy blankets can also help everyone stay warm if the temperature drops at night.

Tip #4: Use A Gas Card

Since it’s highly likely that you will be using a lot of gas during the road trip, try to use a gas card when possible. A gas card can give you cash back on certain purchases, free gas points, and many other discounts.

Tip #5: Bring A Spare Car Key

Remember to bring a spar car key if you accidentally lock your keys inside the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van. This can save you the headache of calling AAA.

Tip #6: Add Extra Fun By Organizing a Scavenger Hunt

If you are traveling with kids, you can add extra fun to your trip by organizing a scavenger hunt. Just give the kids a list of items they should look for during the trip. This will keep them entertained and busy for hours.

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