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The Sprinter Cargo Van sets the standard in the industry having won various awards throughout the years.

My customers love the reliability, engine life, fuel savings, driving comfort, and residual value.

The 4 cylinder 7 speed diesel sprinter engine is an extremely efficient workhorse. I have customers come in for test drives that can’t believe the 4 cylinder could ever do the job of their 6 cylinder.

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I tend to put them in the 4 cyclinder and tell them it is the six. Almost no one notices the difference, in fact I like the 7 speeds on the highway personally more than the 5 speed 6 cyclinder.

If customers are towing or drive daily in hilly/mountainous region, then the 6 cylinder might be worth the additional $995 investment. Otherwise, the 4 cylinder 7 speed engine will save them approximately 18% in fuel costs over the 6.

The biggest testament to the Sprinter Cargo Vans are the countless companies like Fed-Ex and Cox Communications that have vetted the Sprinter and put millions of miles on them annually.

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COX Story About Utilizing Sprinter

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Fed-EX Expanding Their Sprinter Fleet Story

It is not unusual to see Sprinters with hundreds of thousands of miles going down the road each day.

Also, if you check out the residual values you will see that they are the strongest in the market.

Maximum Payload of up to 5,508 pounds
Maximum Int. Standing Height of up to 78.2 inches
Maximum Cargo Volume of up to 530 cubic feet
4×4 option is available for 2015 with the 6 cylinder engine