Considering the Benefits of Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans


Are you looking for a multipurpose vehicle that will serve you well in a variety of situations? How about a van that not only provides immediate benefits, but will serve you reliably for years to come? If so, we may just have the car for you: the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van serves these purposes, and more. Keep reading to learn more about its specs, various uses, and the benefits of the Mercedes Brand in general.

The Crew Van Specs

Powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Crew Van can hold up to 3,237 pounds or tow up to 5,000 pounds. 161 horsepower roar at 3,800 rpm, while rear-wheel drive ensures plenty of pull. On the interior, the Crew Van offers seating for up to 5 people, thanks to a row of seats behind the driver and passenger seat that can be removed for extra storage space.

Windows near the rear seats, along with a finished ceiling liner, enable your passengers to enjoy the ride rather than simply feeling like they’re part of your cargo. Standing height is 6 foot 4 inches, comfortable for both loading the back and getting in and out of the back seats.

Multiple Purposes

As the above specs suggest, the greatest strength of the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is its flexibility. Comfortable seating for five means you can use it as a family vehicle, comfortably transporting even children on the back seats. At the same time, a spacious cargo area along with built in tie down loops make both loading and securing your transported goods convenient and easy.

As a result, you can use the Crew Van either for your personal use, or for your business. Particularly if you work in an industry in which you have to transport multiple people to a specific job site or event, your employees will appreciate the comfortable seating arrangement that does not sacrifice storage space. Need more space? Just remove the seats, and transport everything you need anywhere you need to go.

In other words, the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is a rare vehicle that works equally well for business and individual use. Regardless of your industry or personal situation, its functions help you optimize both your time and storage space. And if you are or help someone else moving, you may not even rent a UHaul! That’s how multifunctional your Crew Van can be.

The Mercedes Difference

Of course, Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans are also a good choice because of their manufacturer. When it comes to Mercedes, German Engineering is not just a cliché. It’s a tangible advantage, and one that you will feel when you first hit the gas pedal of your new vehicle. The engine will come roaring to life, ensuring you that plenty of horsepower powers the van.

In addition, Mercedes vehicles of all sizes are also renowned for their durability. The manufacturer has been at and near the top of Consumer Reports durability rankings since 1972, a testament to the car and its maker. When you buy a Mercedes, you are not just buying a vehicle that will stop being usable in a couple of years. You are making a long-term investment capable of paying you back for more than a decade.

That durability and power, along with an impressive list of specs and the multitude of possible uses, make the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van a great choice for your business or individual use. To learn more about the car, how to finance it, and how it can fit into your future vehicle plans, contact us. We’d love to talk more about the value of Mercedes, and the impact they can make on your business and personal life.