Crew Van

sprinter crew vanscreenshot (1)

I drive a Crew Van daily and love the flexibility it offers. Whether it is moving cargo or my kids, the Sprinter Crew Van is great!

The Crew Van comes with the ceiling liner finished unlike the cargo van. It also comes standard with windows on both sides of the rear seat which affords better visibility than the standard Sprinter Cargo Van.

The seat of the Sprinter Crew Van can be easily removed if you need more space. The standard floor comes with built in tie down loops which are convenient for keeping your stuff securely in place.

Sprinter Crew Vans both new and used are harder to come by, so I suggest you start your search early or I can help you build your special version.

My sprinter has heated seats which is my favorite feature up here in the frigid northeast!

Maximum Payload: of up to 3,213 lbs.
Maximum Interior Standing Height of up to 76.4 in with the high roof addition
Maximum seating of 2 seats upfront and 3 in the back
The Sprinter 4×4 option is ready for 2015, but only with the 5 speed, 6 cyclinder motor