Enhance Your Airport Shuttle With the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van

Running a shuttle service is both difficult and exhilarating. A constant stress factor of being on time is balanced out with helping travelers easily get from the airport to their destination and vice versa. Shuttle trips can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the airport and final destination. But regardless of distance, your business could be enhanced through a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans.

The Needs of Shuttles

Unlike most other transportation businesses, airport shuttles have unique needs. You often transport passengers in early mornings or late nights, sometimes when delayed flights have caused the moods to sour. Any shuttle driver knows the agony of dealing with an aggravated passenger who is angry through no fault of your own.

In addition, you need a vehicle that can reliably serve you on both city traffic and highways, allowing you to navigate multiple lanes and fit into tight parking spots with ease. Airports and hotels are not always accommodating to shuttle services, so you need a vehicle that does the trick for you.

That’s what the Sprinter Passenger Van can do through three major benefits: Performance, Comfort, and Safety.

Ensuring Performance

The key is in the name: the Sprinter is a Mercedes, which means that it comes with all the benefits of German engineering. Its vehicles are widely considered to have the highest resale value among various classes, and the Sprinter is no exception.

When you add this vehicle to your fleet, you know that you’ll be getting a reliable engine and chassis for years to come. It’s not a surprise to see Sprinters more than 10 years on the road and functioning as well as when they were new. When you buy a Sprinter, you do so knowing that it will be a smart investment into your business future.

Considering Comfort

Next, let’s consider the need for comfort that your passengers will likely share. After or just before ours of cramming into economy class seating on airplanes, they expect their shuttle to be the last reprieve before or right after the hustle of the airport and everything that comes with it.

Here, the Sprinter Passenger Van delivers like no other. The standing height, at up to 74 inches, is higher than almost any other full-size van that aims to compete with it. Each seat in the three benches have individual headrests, while a spacious cargo area ensures that your passengers do not have to worry about luggage in their personal seat.

Enhancing Safety

Naturally, you want your passengers to be safe, regardless of driving conditions and road environment. And not surprisingly at this point, the Sprinter Passenger Van can help you in this area as well. Its basic safety specs would be enough to catapult it near the top of full-size van vehicles, but it’s the additional features that truly set it apart.

For example, wind assist ensures that even storms can not move you from your lane while driving on the highway from airport to city. Meanwhile, lane and park assist perform similar functions in the city, ensuring that your passengers (and of course your driver) will remain safe and secure at all times.

Finding the Perfect Vehicle

Given the above features, the Sprinter should be a main consideration when looking to add to your airport shuttle fleet. Its performance, comfort, and safety abilities mean that both your drivers and your passengers will love to drive/ride in it on their way to and from the airport.

Much airport shuttle depends on returning customers who had a pleasant experience the first time they rode with your service. Thanks to the Sprinter, getting your passengers a positive experience is effortless. Contact us to talk about available vehicles that could be added to your fleet immediately.