Experience The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van: You Will Not Be Disappointed

After Mercedes-Benz saw a significant amount of success with the Sprinter van, Mercedes-Benz decided to introduce a different van to drivers. The design of a Mercedes Metris passenger van is similar to a minivan, but the Metris passenger van has a target audience of fleet drivers and commercial drivers.

The midsize van is expected to see a significant amount of growth over the next couple of years. With all the new features and technologies, the Metris is expected to meet all the demands of the consumers.

The Mercedes Metris Passenger van was designed with enough space to seat eight people comfortably and enough room for cargo. Not only will the Mercedes Metris Passenger van give you a sharp drive, but when you combine the outstanding number of features and technologies, you will understand why the Mercedes Metris passenger van has made such a big impression on people just like you.

It Is A Mercedes

One of the best things about the Metris passenger van is that it is a Mercedes. The Metris van is a big part of the commercial division of Mercedes.

The Doors

If you like the efficiency of dual sliding doors, you will definitely love the Metris passenger van. You will have easy access when it is time to get in and out of the rear of your van. If you would like power sliding doors, that feature is optional.

Car Seats And Booster Seats?

If you have children who still need car seats and booster seats, you will absolutely love that every rear seat has anchor points for the child seats. You will have no trouble when it comes to transporting your small children.

Attention Is Key

You will have the options to equip your Metris passenger van with the Attention Assist feature. This feature is fantastic because it will detect when you are tired and fatigued by how you steer. If the Attention Assist systems think you are too fatigued, you will instantly see an icon of a coffee cup which will indicate that it is time for you to find a rest stop, refuel your energy levels, and get back on the road.

Luxury Features

If you want to turn your Metris passenger van into a more luxurious vehicle, you can choose a specific interior package. If you choose to go with the Interior Appearance package, you can add a chrome trim, better lighting, your choice of carpeting, etc. You can also choose better rear doors that are of premium quality and you can choose a different style of seats.

Need A Nice, Cold Beverage?

Does your family appreciate a nice, sturdy cupholder? Can you appreciate having six cupholders in your van? You will be excited to know that the Metris passenger van is equipped with six cupholders, which will be enough for all of your passengers. If you do not need the cupholders in the back of the van, there is no need to worry. You can remove those cupholders, and use that space to rest your arm instead.

If you have driven the Sprinter van, you will appreciate how better the Metris‘s handling is compared to the Sprinter. The handling is better in large parts due to the smaller size. If you have experience driving other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you will instantly realize that the ride is very smooth, as with other Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

If you need a van that is equipped with great power and efficiency and is designed with the latest technology, you have to give the Mercedes Metris passenger van a test drive. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.