Mercedes Metris First Take— Coming in October


I had the pleasure of driving both the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van and Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van this past week at our corporate headquarters.

I would expect the Metris to arrive at our location by mid to late October.

The first thing that impressed me was the powerful 4 cylinder engine.  The Metris cargo van had a little more pep due to the fact that it did not have rear seats, but both vehicles performed very nicely.

The Mercedes Metris passenger van had a less stiff suspension than the passenger van as would be expected.

One huge attribute I noticed immediately was the turning radius.  Mercedes has always been known for this, but they really did a great job with this van.

The interesting thing is that Mercedes has been selling the Vito in Europe for many years.  It is named after the city where it is produced, Vitoria in Spain.  This is not a new vehicle for Benz so you should not be nervous purchasing the Metris.

The Metris utilizes the time tested 4 cyclinder used in many of our sedans and also the 7 speed transmission.

If I were to buy the passenger van I would purchase it with the eighth seat option even if I didn’t intend on using it.  This option will be a good value.  The seat is easily removable and you never know when you could use the extra room.

The Metris will be the only true mid-sized van in the US market with some capabilities like towing that rivals the larger competitors….coming in at around 4960 lbs.

The Mercedes Metris will also come standard with a number of safety features setting the gold standard as usual for the market.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Metris Van will be a huge success in America!