Get The Perfect MB Minibus Sprinter for 15 Passengers Today!

For most vehicles, the phrase one size fits all applies. In other words, you see a vehicle that you want or need, and you take it just as it comes. But with the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger, you don’t need to settle. The ability to customize this minibus gives you the ability to get exactly what you want, without ever having to settle for anything less than perfection.

Seating Customization

It’s important when you are looking at the MB Minibus Sprinter to know what you are planning to use it for. Depending on what you need, the seating configuration may change. One possible option is to decide on an aisle that goes through the center of the vehicle, which helps to open up to the clientele that you want to appeal to.

For example if you transport senior citizens to and from specific locations, you can’t get a minibus that requires individuals to climb over one another, which tends to be a recipe for disaster. But with easy accessibility to all the seats, you’ll not only be able to provide comfort, but also a safe ride for your guests.

Additionally, all of the seats feature seat belts, which of course is another wonderful safety feature. It will not only give passengers peace of mind to know that they are safe, but will also do the same for the driver. The seats are able to recline, have cup holders, and even small tv screens built into the headrests, which is fantastic when traveling far distances in this minibus.

Another great feature of this vehicle is its standing room, which will add to the comfort your van provides for your guests. The Minibus Sprinter has leather seats, which means that they are a much cleaner option. They can be cleaned easily, while still maintaining a luxurious feel and style.

The seating capacity to hold 15 passengers also gives you room to alter the interior space for transporting individuals with special needs. For example, you would be able to take out some seats in order to make room for a person in a wheelchair. Making your vehicle handicap friendly will open up your service capabilities to more individuals.

Power Behind The Wheel

It’s not only important to get a vehicle that will be comfortable, luxurious, and safe, but you also want to make sure that it’s a wise investment. You need to get a minibus that is going to get you from point A to point B with the most fuel efficiency possible.

For example, the 7-speed automatic transmission offers quick shifting, which makes fuel consumption more efficient, along with noise reduction, and an overall longer service life. This means that the ride will also be smoother, because you won’t feel any jerking as the transmission shifts gears.

The MB Minibus Sprinter also comes with a 4 cylinder 161 hp engine, which will give you great get up and go behind the wheel. Along with additional features like integrated navigation, it will make driving your guests to various destinations a breeze.

When you choose a vehicle to use for your transportation needs, Mercedes Benz should be the brand at the top of your list. Not only because that name is synonymous with luxury, but also because of the care and integrity put into each vehicle.

The Minibus Sprinter is no exception to this standard. Offering plenty of space and flexibility in the interior, along with modern amenities like outlets and TVs, your guests will thoroughly enjoy their ride in this vehicle. And you can take pride in knowing that not only are you providing comfort and luxury, but that your guests are safe in the process.

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