Go Off the Road With the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4


Perhaps you need to drive to and through muddy construction sites for a living. Or you make deliveries to difficult-to-reach areas. Or you just like the off-road feeling of driving without needing to make sure that the surface under your wheels is in perfect condition. No matter the reason, the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 will be a perfect companion for your needs.

When this option first came out in 2015, reviewers were delighted. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter, both in its cargo and its passenger versions, is already a major player in the full size van market. The 4×4 alternative, however, adds a layer that’s worthy of discussion in its own right. Here’s what Car and Driver Magazine had to say when it tried out the van for the first time:

The brake pedal is firm and its response linear, and the Sprinter exhibits shockingly good body control for something so tall… We discovered that this van is a tool essentially without competition. If you have a large family and live in a remote area, or maybe you need huge, weather-tight cargo capability and often trudge through sludgy construction sites, the Sprinter 4×4 is the only way to go.

That review came after a test drive that included a mountainous logging road in northwestern Canada – in other words, the perfect terrain to test the meddle of this new heavyweight in the van market.

Technical Specifications

Let’s begin with the most important part: on regular roads, the 4×4 drives exactly like its ‘regular’ Sprinter counterpart. You won’t get the choppiness or barely contained power that some all wheel drives show on roads in which this specific engine is not needed.

In offroading conditions, though, the advantages begin to stand out. Mercedes has built its 4×4 Sprinter model if a suspension that’s raised 4.3 inches in the front and 3.1 inches in the back, allowing for increased functionality when the going gets rough. A 188 horsepower diesel engine means 27 more HP than the regular Sprinter, and allows for a smoother trek up mountains and through inhospitable terrain.

And yet, it doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency. In fact, the Sprinter 4×4 offers almost 27 miles per gallon, an impressive amount for a vehicle this large and with this powerful of an engine.

Considering Your Options

Given the above specifications, it should come as no surprise that the Sprinter is a multi-functional vehicle for both personal and business use. Most of our customers, of course, have begun to use it as a durable and powerful business vehicle that can transport them and their equipment to tough-to-reach construction sites and projects.

But the potential use of the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 does not end there. In fact, you can build it out as a camper, which showcases the van’s full potential. Whether you are an avid skier looking to scale tough mountains, or simply want to enjoy the outdoors away from the main roads, this just may be the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Taking it Out for a Spin

How do you know whether the Sprinter 4×4 is the right vehicle for you? In the end, there is only one way to find out: take it for a spin. Without getting behind the wheel yourself, you won’t be able to appreciate the power and grace of this multi functional, full size van.

Once you take it out for a test drive, you will find yourself agreeing with reviews like the above by Car and Driver Magazine. If you need vehicle access to remote locations, you won’t find a better vehicle. To check out the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 for yourself, and take it on a test drive, contact us.