How a Mercedes Metris Cargo Van Can Benefit Your Moving Business

If you are in the business of helping others move, you know that your choice of vehicle(s) can be just as important as the actual work you provide. The more reliable, and spacious, your method of transportation, the better you will be able to provide your service to your customers.

You may not think of a Mercedes Metris Cargo Van when you’re in the market for a new vehicle to replace or expand your fleet. But perhaps you should; in fact, here are 4 benefits this German-engineered car van can provide to your moving business.

1) Plenty of Space

Above all, you need space. Especially if you are helping others move in Boston or another large city in the Northeast, your needs for furniture may be less than they would be in rural areas where the items to be moved come from a house rather than an apartment. But you’ll still need to fit items like beds, futons, desks, and so on.

The Mercedes Metris can provide just that. A 186 cubic foot cargo volume is made possible by a cargo length of just over 9 feet, fitting even large pieces of furniture. For larger items, you can tow trailers of up to 5,000 lb.

2) Surprising Maneuverability

On its own, 186 feet cargo volume may not sound significant, especially compared to some larger, full-size models like the Sprinter. But the Metris makes the most of its space, fitting it into a compact design that will come in handy especially in cities: its maneuverability and agility in even the tightest spots.

Moving in Boston can be a nightmare, thanks to a maze of streets that large trucks can not always fit into. That is, for course, unless you have a moving van that can allow you to get in and out without a problem. You may still want to have your full-size vehicle(s) available for suburban and rural jobs. But for the city, few vehicles can accommodate your needs better than a Metris.

3) Safety Enhancements

As is the case with all Mercedes van models, the Metris benefits from a variety of safety features. Possibilities like crosswind assist and lane assist help you steer safe of danger, and contribute to the fact that Mercedes has long been considered one of the safest car makers in the industry.

Especially for a moving company, of course, this feature is of crucial importance. You are liable for your clients’ belongings as you transport them, and an accident would not only be dangerous, but could also become costly and damage your reputation. With a Metris, you minimize the chances of that happening, while maximizing your chances of success.

4) The Perception of Quality

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact that your Metris will make on your clients. Moving companies, unfortunately, do not always have the best reputation; however, with the simple choice of a vehicle, you can make sure that your clients understand the quality of your service and refer you to others who may be in need of them.

You may wonder how that works. The answer is simple: transitive properties. Mercedes is known throughout the world for producing some of the highest-quality vehicles available, and the Metris is no exception. Many of your clients will know that, and assume that your good choices in a vehicle will translate to the moving services they will receive.

In short, the Metris is a perfect choice for moving companies, particularly those operating in urban areas. And we haven’t even mentionedthe durability of the engine, which means that a Metris will be an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. To learn more about this flexible van, and how it can benefit your moving company, contact us.