How Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans Can Benefit Your Construction Business


Ever wonder how you should transport both your equipment and your crew to a construction site? Wonder no more: the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is the perfect solution for your construction and contractor business.

The Unique Needs of Construction Companies

Most businesses that are in need of reliable transportation fit into one of two categories: they need to transport people, or equipment. Construction companies and contractors alike are unique in that they need both.

We’re probably not telling you anything new with that statement. Think about your most recent construction job. Whether you went to a private or corporate construction site, you probably needed to bring both your crew of workers and your equipment along. For subsequent trips, you may have bought and transported some of the raw materials needed to get the job done.

It’s relatively easy to find a vehicle that can accommodate either your inanimate materials or your personnel. Finding one that does both, however, becomes more difficult.

Finding Room For Your Equipment and Materials

When you visit a construction site, both for initial inspection and for frequent visits during the project, what all do you need to bring? Construction equipment can range widely, from jack hammers to scaffolding and even simple tools like hammers and screwdrivers.

As a result, a vehicle that accommodates these needs has to have ample room for all of your equipment. The Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van gives you just that, thanks to a maximum payload of more than 3,200 pounds.

Especially if you choose the high roof addition for your vehicle, you can fit in plenty of equipment and materials to transport to and from your work site while also allowing for the necessary headroom to comfortably load and unload your equipment.

Fitting in the Crew as Needed

So far, so standard for sprinter-size vehicle classes. What makes the Crew Van unique, however, is how smoothly it integrates seating room beyond the driver and passenger seat.

Bench seating allows for three additional members of your crew to sit in the cargo area, adding to the front row to give you five fully functional and safe seats. The addition of windows, in the meantime, makes the ride for your crew members not just safe, but also comfortable.

Depending on the area in which your business operates, trips to and from your construction site are not always simple or pleasant. At the same time, you need your crew to be ready and motivated for long days of work once they arrive. Thanks to the seating addition of the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van, your workers get the comfortable ride they need to arrive at the site ready for the day.

Meeting in the Middle

And in the end, these two unique capabilities make the Sprinter Crew Van such a unique fit for a construction or contractor business. The cargo area seating can be easily removed if you need the additional space for materials or equipment, bringing this model closer to the Cargo alternative.

There is one catch with this vehicle, though: it’s not easily available. Many Mercedes merchants will not carry Crew Vans, because the need for this vehicle is specialized.

But if you are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate both your equipment and workers, you don’t want to look elsewhere. Your best option may be to build your own Crew Van, allowing you to customize it exactly how you need it to work for your business.

And when you’re ready for that step, we’d love to hear from you so we can begin to discuss specifics. Contact us today to get started, and get your construction business the vehicle that its fleet is missing.