How to Convince Your Boss to Buy a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van

We all know the problem. Your business needs a new vehicle, but your boss just can’t seem to be convinced of the right option for your needs. Of course, you know: as a driver of the new vehicle, you’ve done your research and know that the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is a great option for your business.

But how do you convince your boss? After all, a new cargo van is a major expense. How can you make sure that at the end of the day, the business gets the vehicle it needs to continue succeeding? Here are 4 steps you can take to convince your boss that the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is the right option.

1) Start General

First, it’s important to set the stage. In other words, before singing the praises of the Sprinter, make sure that your boss is actually on board with getting a full-size cargo van to begin with! He or she may be in favor of a truck, which doesn’t offer the same general benefits as a cargo van would.

This article is a great resource on the various comparable benefits of trucks and cargo vans. It concludes as it should: in the end, the best vehicle for your business is the one that best serves its individual needs. Nail down what those needs are, and then talk about why a cargo van can best fulfill them.

2) Hone in on Necessary Features

In talking about the general benefits of a cargo van, begin to get more specific. In other words, what size would you need it to be? Are safety features important, and how will your cargo need to be secured? Do you need refrigeration, or perhaps even an option for your crew to sit in the cargo area?

At this step, you can begin to subtly redirect your boss’s attention to the many beneficial advantages that the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van offers. This comprehensive review of the Sprinter (albeit an older model) can help you focus on the features most experts agree make this vehicle stand in a class of its own.

3) Build the Mercedes Knowledge

Next, it’s time to start talking about the brand. German Engineering may be a cliche at this point, but that doesn’t make its roots any less true. German vehicles are known for their quality and durability, and a large part of that reputation is due to Mercedes – one of the first cars ever built, and holding strong in the global car market ever since.

In Germany, which is known for its quality, Sprinters are a common sight on the roads. That’s because of their quality and endurance, a feature that’s not just limited to consumer vehicles. Let your boss know about the many qualities of Mercedes vehicles as a whole, and the benefits of adding one to your company fleet.

4) Suggest a Test Drive

Finally, it’s time for the ultimate step: getting your boss behind the wheel. They may never end up driving the van as part of the overall business, but simply showing your boss instead of telling them about the many benefits can go a long way toward convincing them that it’s the right vehicle to go with.

Sprinter vans are known for their smooth ride, belying the significant size of the vehicle. As your boss gets behind the wheel, he or she will instantly become more likely to agree with you that buying a Sprinter cargo van can be a positive addition to your fleet.

And when you’re ready for this final step, contact us. We’d love to work with you in making sure your boss understands what we already know: the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van is unmatched in its class.