How Your Nursing Home Can Benefit From a MB 15 Passenger Minibus Sprinter


In this space, we have discussed in-depth the benefits that a Mercedes-Benz 15 Passenger Minibus Sprinter can provide to any owner. However, sometimes, these benefits can seem abstract if you are looking to buy a vehicle for a very specific purpose.

If you manage a nursing home, for example, you may be looking for ways to help transport your residents to and from important locations or day trips. In that case, is the Minibus Sprinter the right choice for you? That’s what this blog post will help you answer.

Understanding Nursing Home Transportation Needs

Depending on their size and the number of their residents, most nursing homes around the U.S. own a single or fleet of vehicles that help to transport their residents. Sometimes, you need to get a group of passengers to the hospital quickly and efficiently; but most times, you simply need a vehicle that can help your residents get out of the building for a while.

For example, you may plan regular activities and day trips that entertain your residents. From the Zoo to a local attraction, you may simply want to offer your inhabitants a chance to get away from their daily lives for a while and offer them something fun to do.

Of course, you may also offer shuttle service to more functional locations, such as the local grocery store or mall. In either case, you need a vehicle that can both transport your residents and any caretakers that need to come along conveniently and simply.

How the Mercedes Minibus Can Accommodate Your Needs

When buying a bus for your nursing home, whether you need it for shuttle activities or more urgent, emergency services, you absolutely need to find one that can be reliable for you and any passengers, both now and in the future. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a vehicle that will function for a couple of years, only to decline in performance shortly thereafter.

Fortunately, the Mercedes Benz Minibus can be just that. Its resale value is among the highest in the industry, and it’s not uncommon to see Sprinters more than 10 years old still driving around with no problem. Part of the reason for that is the quality engine and parts, made possible by a car maker that helped shape the ‘German Engineering’ mark of quality.

Space, of course, is just as important. The right minibus must not only accommodate enough passengers to make each trip worth it, but also needs easy access to all seats. Particularly for nursing homes, where the passengers are not always as mobile as they used to be, that access is crucial. Mercedes has built its 15 passenger van just for that type of access, so you will not run into any issues.

Finally, don’t underestimate the need for safe driving. As a manager of your nursing home, you know well the liability that comes with transporting anyone other than employees of your facility. A safe passage is crucial to help make sure that nothing happens and your passengers remain safe.

As you might be able to guess at this point, the Mercedes Sprinter delivers at this front as well. From a number of airbags designed for all passengers to bonus features like crosswind and lane assist, you can drive knowing that the vehicle will do everything possible to keep you and your passengers safe.

If you manage a nursing home, chances are you need some form of transportation for your passengers. But you also need a vehicle that can accommodate your unique needs, which the Sprinter can provide. To learn more about this vehicle, and to schedule a test drive to make sure it fits your needs, contact us.