Is the Mercedes Metris Cargo Van Right For You? A Personality Test

Adding a new vehicle to your business fleet never fails to be an interesting experience. You may go into it with the most logical list of necessary features possible. But while these features do matter, let’s face it: it comes down to how much you actually like the car.

Researchers have found that all decision-making, even when we believe it to be rational, is ultimately emotional. For your vehicle-buying experience, that means you have to find a cargo van that both has the features you need and matches your emotional expectations. Is theMercedes Metris Cargo Van right for you? That depends on personality traits like the ones below:

1) Do You Value Quality over Price?

When car shopping, both for personal and business reasons, the matter of price vs. quality is an eternal issue. Ideally, most people try to find a balance between the two. But where exactly that balance lies is very much up to debate, and differs for every buyer.

Ultimately, it’s a question of personality. Do you think long-term, knowing that better quality will pay off in the long run despite an initially higher price tag? Or do you need to keep costs low at this point, thinking that you’ll worry about replacement costs as they come up? If you lean toward the former, the Metris may be the perfect choice for you.

2) Size Matters – But How Much?

Of course, when you are looking for a cargo van, you want and need the space necessary to store your equipment. But just how much space do you actually need? Do you prefer to go with ample space even if you don’t necessarily need it on an everyday basis, or are you willing to sacrifice potentially unnecessary space in exchange for a smaller footprint?

The former means you may want to look into larger options, such as the Sprinter Cargo Van. The latter, however, makes you a perfect fit for the Metris. Yes, it has less cargo space than full-size vans, but that also means a reduction in footprint, easier navigability especially on city roads, and a lower price tag.

3) How Much do you Care About Country of Origin?

Some countries are just known for the quality of their vehicles. We’ve all heard the term German Engineering so much, it’s become acliche. But that doesn’t make it less true. Any owner of a German-made car knows the quality of its engine, and the high resale value over subsequent years.

Do you care where your car comes from? If you do, and prefer a vehicle from a nation known for its quality, the Metris is perfect for you. Mercedes as a brand has helped to shape the German engineering legend, which means that the quality you get through a Metris van is undeniable.

4) Do You Value Safety? (It’s Not a Trick Question)

Everyone values their safety when driving a vehicle, so the above may seem like a trick question. But it really isn’t: just how much do you value it? Are you simply looking for a business vehicle that will correctly deploy its airbags during a crash, or do you need more?

Allow us to present: crosswind assist, attention assist, lane keeping assist, blind spot assist, collision prevention assist, and more. Together, these features ensure that regardless of driving conditions, you and your cargo will remain safe on the road. They all come standard in theMetris, which is why especially safety-conscious business owners will love this vehicle.

So is the Metris Cargo Van the right vehicle for you? Ultimately, only an in-person visit and test drive will give you the answer. To help you reach your decision on which vehicle you should add to your fleet, contact us.