Major Publication Calls Metris Passenger Van the “Most Affordable Mercedes”

The Mercedes Metris Passenger Van is new to the US American market. After the larger Sprinter has already arrived, and successfully swayed businesses to take advantage of the global reputation of the brand, Mercedes is aiming to have the same effect with a more compact version.

In Europe, the vehicle – known as the Mercedes Vito – has been a big success. Now, the Metris is set to make a similar impact in the United States. And if the reviews are to be believed, it’s only a matter of time until we see it populate the streets from Boston to Los Angeles.

In a review this summer, the Los Angeles Times took a close look at the new vehicle and its features. The results were overwhelmingly positive:

Despite their carrying capacity and cargo bays, the vans are nimble and maneuverable, and they drive smaller than they look. The front seats ride high over the short hood, where the visibility is generous. The suspension is a little stiff, without a full load, but the steering feels crisp and precise.

This maneuverability is crucial to any business used to city driving. The biggest drawback of the larger Sprinter is the fact that you can’t easily navigate through the mazes of one-way streets and parked cars. With the Metris, that’s no longer an issue. Instead, you get a comfortable driving experience that helps get you to your destination without trouble.

The Los Angeles Times, of course, also pointed out the price point of the Metris Passenger Van. Mercedes, for all of its glowing global reputation, has always had to fight the ‘expensive’ reputation. With the new vehicle, that may not be an issue. The “most affordable Mercedes yet” starts at less than $34,000, which – as the newspaper points out – compares favorably with the competition from domestic makers like Chevrolet and Ford.

And yet, it’s benefits compared to these brands are considerable. Above all, it comes with the brand’s signature safety features, which help keep your passengers safe at all times. Especially if you are looking to use the Metris commercially, you need to ensure the safety of your passengers to avoid both legal and ethical issues.

That conundrum is made just a little easier with Mercedes’ new compact passenger van. As the LA Times points out,

Even the entry level Metris offers some nice technology, including the Crosswind Assist, which will adjust the suspension to account for the vehicle leaning over in a stiff breeze, and something called Attention Assist, which notices the driver is weaving and asks if he or she needs a little break — with a steaming cup-of-coffee icon on the dash, along with the words “Drowsiness Detected.”

Comfort is another key to business success, and the Metris delivers in this area as well. Three seating rows can hold an entire sports team, while the comfortable and upholstered seats will be sure to calm any passenger worries about potential discomfort during long rides.

In short, the review concludes, the Metris is a serious contender for the best compact van available in the US. Given that this is Mercedes’ first entry into the market at this level, we can only expect to see improvements from there, making it entirely possible that a couple of years from now, the Metris will be established as the undoubted best option in its class.

That, in turn, makes purchasing a Metris Passenger van now a sound investment for your company. Talk to us to make sure it fits your business needs, and schedule a visit to understand both your customization options and go for a test drive. Reviews like that of the LA Times highlight just why a Metris could be right for your business.