MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans Are a Game Changer

Keeping items cool or cold can be important for your business, particularly when you have to travel with fragile items that require refrigeration. If your business means anything to you, you probably don’t want to buy a vehicle without full confidence in its reliabilityalongside its performance. So if you haven’t already considered a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van for your business, now may be the time.

Mercedes Benz

Since 1886, after Carl Benz invented the “Motorwagen“, the German manufacturer has changed the way we drive today. Always striving to improve on design and efficiency, Mercedes Benz is a name that has become synonymous with elegance, power, and state of the art interior design. So you can rest assured knowing that any vehicle you purchase with the name Mercedes Benz attached is going to include great handling, along with the reliability that we have all grown to trust.

Refrigerated Vans

A refrigerated van, at its core, is a modified MB Sprinter van: the refrigeration part of the vehicle has been installed after the van has been assembled. Therefore, the engine and the shell of the vehicle is a Mercedes Benz product and comes with all of the benefits associated with that, but the refrigerated portion has been retrofitted after the fact. As a result, you as the buyer can have input into exactly what you need when it comes to the refrigerated section.

Additionally, you can rest assured that the materials to installed to make up the refrigerated portion of the van are at the same level of quality as the van in which they will live. Especially when you are using a refrigerated van for your business, you need to be confident that it is going to keep your items at the exact temperature that you need them to be.

Particularly if you are using a refrigerated van to haul food, you must be certain that your foods remain at just the right temperature for them not to become compromised or spoil. The last thing you want to do is sell or give food away that has warmed too much, resulting in contamination via bacteria and making it unsafe to use. When you run a business, your reputation and name mean everything for your continued success, so you want to be certain that your refrigerated van can meet the same demands.

About the Refrigeration Manufacturers

One of the refrigeration manufacturers we use is Thermo King, which offers 6 different options of refrigeration units that enable you to pick the one that best suits your needs. All options have been designed to work specifically with small trucks and vans from brands likeMercedes Benz. You can even choose units to use for both fridge and freezer compartments within the same vehicle.

Additionally, MB Sprinter Vans are fitted with either ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, or Cool Fox. These brands are very reliable, and known in the industry for their quality. So when you buy a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van you are getting high quality and reliability unparalleled for your business. Lastly, you as the business owner have the ability to customize your van, to get exactly what you want and need. Because no two businesses are alike, you shouldn’t have to live with a standard refrigerated vehicle that all of your competitors drive.

Refrigerated vans are a great tool to have for your business. And the best part is knowing that your van will not only drive well and get you to where you need to go, but also keep your goods at the perfect temperature. Your business, whether it consists of selling food, flowers, or even candy, needs to include confidence in your vehicle. To learn more about how you can customize your refrigerated van, pleasecontact us.