MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans Can Carry More Than Just Perishables


For businesses looking to transport and sell perishable items, the MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van is a natural choice. An insulated cargo area means that your foods and other perishables arrive safely at their destination without chance of spoiling or going bad.

However, thinking of this refrigerated version of one of the best full size vans on the market as only one that can benefit businesses who manage and transport perishable is dangerous. In fact, the same technology can be just as beneficial for transporting and maintaining the quality of other items, as well.

Understanding Refrigeration as Controlled Temperature

Refrigeration, at its core, is a limiting term. When using it, you think of your refrigerator, an a temperature that usually hovers around 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, it’s far more informative to think about the term ‘refrigeration’ in the transport industry as another way of talking about temperature control. Sure, you can set the temperature to be the ideal refrigeration level for your perishable items. But at the same time, especially during hot summers, you can use the same technology for higher, controlled temperatures as well.

Transporting art, for example, clearly does not require temperatures hovering below 45 degrees. But they also can’t stand temperatures higher than 70 degrees, and most museums keep their artwork around 55-65 degrees instead. To avoid potential damage during transportation, a cargo area with controlled temperature is crucial.

4 Items That Benefit From Controlled Temperatures

Artwork is only one of the many items for which the above scenario holds true. Here are 5 others that can benefit and even depend on a specific temperature during transport even though they’re not perishables:

  1. Pharmaceuticals. Most commonly available drugs need low temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends storage and transportation temperatures between 35 and 50 degrees, depending on the individual types of drugs.
  2. Tobacco products. Storage and transportation temperature should not reach about 70 degrees, at which point the tobacco could spoil. But temperatures should also not go below 40 degrees, which means a temperature controlled transportation vehicle is crucial during both summer and winter.
  3. Personal Care Products. Avoiding spoilage is crucial, but difficult to achieve during the high degrees of summer. Considering the potential value of each individual item such as makeup and perfumes, hot summer days should be avoided at least indirectly through refrigerated trucking and van hauling.

Of course, these are just some of the many items that can benefit from refrigerated transportation mechanisms. For any of them, you need a vehicle that allows you to keep the temperature steady regardless of outside weather and elements. In other words, you need aMercedes Benz Sprinter Refrigerated Van.

Understanding Your Options and Customizing Your Sprinter

When buying from Mercedes, you get all the benefits that come with the Sprinter. As perhaps the best full-size van on the market, premier safety features alongside an engine that may as well have originated the term German engineering are just some of the many aspects Sprinter owners have appreciated over the years.

But of course, in order to control temperature, you need custom-fitted MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans that meet your business needs. Fortunately, we work with a number of outfitters that help you achieve just that. Each of our refrigerated Sprinter vans is custom-built to meet the exact specifications of the customer requesting the vehicle.

When building the van, you will get sub-zero insulation alongside a unit that pumps air into the van at just the right temperature. We partner with Thermo King, a market leading manufacturer, to get you the best quality refrigeration unit to go along with your high-quality vehicle. If you’re interested in refrigeration to optimize your transport business, contact us.