Mercedes Metris Passenger Van: Not Your Typical Van

When you are looking for a passenger van, but you want something extraordinary, look no further than the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van. Whether you are planning on using it for your family or a business, you’ll be pleased with this purchase.

The Core Features

With the ability to safely and securely fit 8 passengers, this vehicle will allow you to ride in comfort and style. In addition, the MetrisPassenger Van also has towing capabilities. In fact, it is able to tow almost 5,000 pounds, making it an asset to any business.

Additionally, because of its size you can easily use this vehicle in a city and park it comfortably in a parking garage. Alternatively, you can use it during the day, then drive it home and put it away in your own garage.

Riding in any Mercedes van is a dream, and one of the smoothest rides you’ll remember. That’s because it has also been designed with the driver in mind. Thanks to a powerful 2.0 liter Turbo-Charged Engine, you’ll have plenty of get up and go behind the wheel. You’ll also get a 7G-Tronic Plus transmission, ensuring the smooth ride. Finally, with a turning radius of 38.7 ft, this vehicle is one that you’ll want to drive regardless of terrain or city streets.

The Importance of Safety

Safety is an important factor regardless of whether you want to buy this van for your own personal use or for your business. And with the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van, you’ll get just that. No matter where you sit in this vehicle, safety features will be designed and built in to help keep you safe.

For passengers, window airbags will deploy in case of an accident. The driver and co-driver, meanwhile, wget window airbags, regular airbags, and even thorax-pelvis side-bags.

Another great feature is the crosswind assist. It was specifically created to help combat your van from being pushed into another lane. Especially when you are driving in a city, the last thing you want is a big gust of wind to push the vehicle and potentially put you or your passengers in harm’s way. Thanks to this feature, your mind can be at ease knowing that you are getting additional help.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the blind spot assist feature. Too often, drivers get cut off or cause an accident by trying to switch lanes. This happens because a vehicle is in your blind spot, which is why a features designed to notify you if there is a vehicle in this area can help you avoid accidents easily and safely.

Lastly the Metris includes collision assist, which helps to protect you if you drive up too close to a vehicle. It helps to apply additional break pressure, which helps to prevent you from rear ending the vehicle in front of you.

This van also is fuel efficient, which means less time spent as a gas station. Additionally, you can also have extended service intervals at every 15,000 miles. As a result, you’ll spend more time on the road and less time having to maintain your van.

When Mercedes Benz created this vehicle, it was designed to be a comfortable and effective van. Whether you are planning on using it for a business or as your own personal vehicle, the features it offers help make it a great choice for both the driver and the passengers. Thanks to the safety features, you will feel comfortable with whoever is behind the wheel.

If you are looking for a high quality van to add to your business, then you need to at least consider the Metris Passenger Van. To learn more, please contact us.