Mercedes Metris Passenger Van Offers Customization to Help Your Transport Business

The Mercedes Metris passenger van has become a proven and affordable way to find a transport vehicle at an affordable price. One thing you can count on about Mercedes-Benz vehicles is you’ll get attention to quality and numerous comfortable amenities without paying extra. With most prices under $30,000 for the MB passenger vans, it’s the best option for your transport company if needing something affordable without skimping on features.

We have many Mercedes Metris passenger vans on hand here at Sprinter Guy Boston, though we want to tell you about how many options Mercedes gives you. Few other manufacturers give you ability to customize your van so it fits what you need for your business structure and customers.

As a transport business, you need to think not only of keeping your passengers comfortable, but also your driver. Mercedes takes this seriously by giving you ways to customize the height of your van roof and other ideas. However, they give other optional equipment to accommodate specific situations.

Let’s look at what the Metris offers and how useful they are.

Exterior Colors

As noted by Edmunds, one of the first things you can customize on your van is the exterior colors. They give you more than just a few choices, and you can pick anything from Arctic White to Jupiter Red. Having this gives you a chance to brand your transport business with a color better representing your ideals.

You can also pick a color that best stands out in the environments where you transport. If your drivers work in areas with challenging road visibility, a brighter color helps stand out to avoid accidents.

Various Customized Packages

The package options available on the Metris are quite extensive. They have packages available for driver comfort and efficiency, giving you the best features for keeping safe and getting the most for your money.

Thanks to Mercedes taking safety features extra seriously, you can get an “Active Safety Plus Package” available with easier ways to navigate any road or highway. They complement this with a Cold Weather Package to handle inclement weather if transporting people regularly in wintry climates.

For overly warm climates, they give you a High-Performance Air-Conditioning Package that better circulates air to the driver and all passengers so heat won’t become an issue.

Drivers get the added benefit of being able to enjoy a Multi-Function Steering Wheel/Display Package to make driving so much easier. Many packages have designs to keep the driver comfortable and entertained so anyone behind the wheel has job satisfaction.

Optional Equipment

Many added equipment options are available, and these give added aesthetic touches as well as truly useful features for unique situations. One is an active parking assist feature letting drivers have a camera view to see who or what is behind them while parking in tricky spots.

Yet another optional feature is electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors for added convenience. These are perfect when driving in icy conditions and the exterior mirrors suddenly ice up. The electric adjusting feature helps your drivers better see when they have sudden blind spots.

Even an electric sliding door on the passenger side is available for a more luxurious way for passengers to enter or exit. When you have to make multiple stops, it’s so much more convenient having an electric door to save time for the driver with tight deadlines.

Passengers get more benefits with an option for an additional seat in the second row, giving you the ability to transport one more person to hotels or airports.

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