Mercedes Metris: The New Benchmark in the Mid Size Van Market

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the benchmark euro style van in the commercial van marketplace…..the van that all others wish they could be!

In early October 2015, we will be coming out with the 2016 Mercedes Metris with about 50% more payload than it’s smaller competitors and 40-50% more cargo volume. The platform for the metris van will be larger than all small van competitors.
metris dashboard

Mercedes Metris Specs:

There will be two models a Metris passenger van and a Metris cargo van.

The Mercedes Benz Metris cargo van will be aggressively priced at $28,950. The Metris passenger van will start at $32,500 and seat 8 passengers.
metris passenger van

mercedes metris passenger van

The van is 21 inches than the Sprinter and will fit in any garage.

The base gasoline engine will be a time tested Mercedes 4 cylinder turbo with 208 hp and 258 lb/ft in torque with a 7 speed transmission. This configuration has proven to be very reliable and fuel efficient. It is a rear wheel vehicle.

The maintenance intervals will be every 15000 miles which leads to lower total cost of ownership.

We anticipate high 20’s in terms of mpg and can take regular gasoline.

One big advantage for the commercial market is that it was designed to be able to tow 5000 lbs.

It will come in one length(126 inch wheeel base) and one roof height.

metris cargo van interior

The 2016 Metris will come standard with industry leading safety features including—no one in the segment comes close:

Crosswind Assist– which helps keep the Van stable in high winds

Attention Assist– the Van will actually alert a sleepy driver when they are drowsy at the wheel(awesome cutting edge feature)!

Also, the Van will have other optional safety features such as:

Parking Assist
Lane Keeping Assist
Blind Spot Assist
Rear Camera
Rear Backup Alarm

I anticipate the Metris being accepted by many verticals including:

Metris Hotel Shuttles
Metris Limo/Executive Shuttle Service
Metris Passenger
Metris Locksmith
Metris Refigerated Vans
Metris Courier Vans
Metris Delivery Vans
Metris Taxis
Metris Floral Van
Metris Livery

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