Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Options: Adding Customized Accessories for Work or Personal Use

If you’ve never owned a van designed by Mercedes-Benz, you’ll find a lot of surprises about them you can’t always find with competing manufacturers. One of the true strengths of Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans is the customization available, and available in all MB vans. What makes this exciting is the ability to tailor your van to your own personal needs if buying one for this purpose.

At the same time, when you want to start a business, you can quickly transform these cargo vans into a working vehicle designed for transport duties. Whether you have to haul materials for your business, or hauling people, you have plenty of amenities to add for more efficiency.

Since you already have large cargo space in the back, you have numerous possibilities to make road trips easier for you and passengers. Similarly, when the back of the van is wide open, you can set it up to haul more items than it appears if you still have seats in place.

Take a look at what’s possible and how you can find a cargo van fitting your needs.

Turning the Van Into a Comfortable Family Car

It’s easy to remove the passenger seats in the back of the Sprinter to turn this into a vehicle designed for camping. Most Sprinter vans come with ten passenger seats capable of complete removal or just partially.

No matter your choice, you can remove just enough to add a sleeping bench if you so choose. This allows you to take your cargo van into the outdoors and other rugged territory and use it for family vacations.

With different engine power trains available as well (from 4 to 6-cylinder), you can easily do long road trips with reliable horsepower so you reach your destination fast. Thanks to comfortable seating in the front and back, your family won’t have to invest in a more expensive camping vehicle any time soon. You can give thanks to the Sprinter vans usually costing under $30,000.

Installing a Mini Refrigerator

Did you know you can also remove the seats in the back of the Sprinter to add a mini fridge? It’s easily possible and adds a whole other dimension to using this as a personal traveling van.

Regardless, adding a mini refrigerator brings a great touch if using the van to transport cargo or passengers. If you’re using the van daily to haul materials, installing a small fridge in the back gives you access to cool drinks and food to get you through tough conditions. No more do you have to worry about stopping to buy fast-food or hauling food in a bag.

When transporting passengers, letting them have access to cold drinks and good food brings a special amenity to your transport service.

Adding an Entertainment Center

It’s possible you split your time using the Sprinter cargo van as a personal vehicle and work van. As such, installing an entertainment center in the back of the van can do double duty as a personal amenity and feature for passengers you transport during the week.

One thing Mercedes takes seriously is making long road trips more comfortable. They give you freedom to add any type of entertainment feature you need from a bar, TV screens, to USB plug-ins for help with wireless devices.

No one ever gets bored riding in the Sprinter with these options. What’s important is to find a dealer to help you find the right customized van at a good price.

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