Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans Where Utility Meets Beauty

World famous car maker Mercedes-Benz makes a lot more than just luxury sedans. They also make some of the most powerful and beautiful cargo vans in the world. If you need to move a big load and you have to do it fast, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo vans are the best van for the job. Let’s explore the elegant design features and the powerful utility these vans can offer!

The Engine

Mercedes uses two different diesel engines in their Sprinter vans a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder. The four-cylinder engine boasts 265 pounds per foot of torque, two-stage turbocharged power, a 7 speed transmission, and engine durability that can’t be matched. On top of all of this it is tremendously fuel-efficient, it is 18 percent more efficient than comparable models.

The six-cylinder V6 diesel engine offers drivers 325 pounds per foot of turbocharged torque. In combination with a five speed automatic transmission this engine was built to deliver serious horsepower. With this engine under the hood you get peak torque at a low rpm so you get the most pull when merging onto a freeway or pulling off the line when the light turns green, which is exactly when you want it if you have a heavy load to haul.

Safety Features

There are a number of really innovative safety features on the Mercedes Sprinter vans all designed to ensure that you and your haul can get to your final destination quickly and safely.

Standard on all Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans is the revolutionary load-adaptive electronic stability program. What this innovative feature does for the driver is take into account the vehicle’s center of gravity and its total load so that in the case of an oversteer, spinout, orundersteer it can brake any one of the wheels individually and reduce the power to the engine to provide stability to the van. Not only can this feature be life saving, but it could also help prevent damage to your cargo in the event that you lose control of the van.

Another really brilliant safety feature that comes standard on the Sprinter vans is crosswind assist. What this feature does is apply gentle, course correcting brakes in the event that there are strong gusting winds while the van is traveling at 50 miles per hour or faster. This feature ensures that the van stays upright even when the winds are heavy.

Optionally there are some nice luxury safety features for those who choose them. Highbeam assist is one of these optional safety features. What this does is automatically adjust your lights from your highbeams to your regular lights depending on the traffic ahead so you never have to worry about switching them while you are driving.

Lane keeping assist is another optional feature that utilizes a small camera in the windshield to track unintentional movements out of the proper lane. When drifting or other accidental movements occur to take the van out of lane the driver receives visual and audio signals to warn them.


Mercedes-Benz has long been known for the flawless design of their cars and with the Sprinter vans nothing about the Mercedes quality of design is changed. The exterior features detailed grille work, sharp headlights, and a chiseled frame that could only be indicative of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The interior is everything you would expect out of a Mercedes as well. There are ergonomic chairs in the cockpit, a multi-functional steering wheel, dashboard storage, and a high-gloss panel. The interior of the Sprinter vans is truly luxurious.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the perfect van for any number of applications! Contact us to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and all available options.