Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van Accessories You Shouldn’t Be Without for Your Business

Running a business through a Mercedes Sprinter Crew van is one of the smartest investments you can make for transporting materials or even people. Many field businesses depend on these vans to transport their equipment and find it the best choice for enabling more room, more comfort, and enjoying a more affordable price.

It’s true that with these vans running under $30,000, it’s a real bargain compared to similar vans on the market. But what businesses really appreciate is Mercedes-Benz’s openness to customizing to suit a business’s needs.

One example of the above includes choosing the height of your crew van’s ceiling space to accommodate the height of your driver or equipment. Even your wheelbase length has options, along with added seating and various other amenities.

With these above, Mercedes offers numerous additional accessories to bring added conveniences for your drivers. In some cases, these added items provide aesthetic touches, though others have practical uses to enhance your business.

Let’s take a look at the accessories available and how your field drivers can use them to make their day better.

A Stowage Box

As a clever play on words, Mercedes gives you this added accessory on any crew van with a twin co-driver seat. If you have a driver working alone, the added seat next to him or her has an easy open hatch under the seat cushion.

It’s a perfect place for the driver to store their personal items without having to set them on precarious dashboard ledges or directly on the seat. Drivers may have valuable things with them like a smartphone or other items not related to their work. Now they can conveniently store these things in a hidden area so they won’t get stolen if leaving the van unattended.

The stowage box has rugged, ABS plastic so it’s guaranteed to hold up for years through extensive travel.

Becker Map Pilot

This brand name in navigation equipment is very reliable, and it’s available as an advanced navigation upgrade in the crew van. Many choose this accessory because it’s so easy to integrate into the van’s in-dash displays and steering wheel controls.

It’s essential to use a navigation system if you have new drivers who may have trouble finding streets during their first day on the job. That’s especially important for busy field workers like delivery drivers, plumbers, or those with tight deadlines to reach specific addresses.

If you have a transport business, it’s even more important so your drivers don’t waste time of the passengers. With the Map Pilot, the driver has brightly colored and vivid views of each street and name.

Rugged Floor Mats

As inconsequential as floor mats sound, these are very important if your drivers go in and out of the van frequently. The carpeting around the driver area could get worn quickly without a rugged floor mat in place for protection.

Mercedes makes floor mats with their own logo, plus with the best materials so they’re slip-free. They help repel dirt and protect the inner carpeting from rain, snow, and mud in the worst environments.

Other Optional Equipment

It doesn’t stop with the above accessories. Mercedes gives you various equipment packages that help bring added features under specific branded titles. Things like the Active Safety Plus package and Cold Weather package give you added touches to help your drivers cope better during perilous excursions.

Some features include a multi-function steering wheel for improved driver efficiency, better heating systems, and collision prevention assist as just starters.

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