Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans Help Give Comfort for Drivers During Long Transports


When Mercedes-Benz released their Sprinter crew vans, the intention was to market them as commercial vehicles. Most people use them as delivery vehicles, airport shuttles, and executive transport as just a few. You’re perhaps in one of these industries now, and need a van focusing on bringing more comfort for the driver.

Mercedes Sprinter crew vans truly go all out for making sure drivers have everything they need for comfortable road trips. Perhaps you’ve invested in other vans over the last several years that skimp on making sure the driver has what they need to drive safely.

Not all competing crew vans make it pleasant for passengers either. Some have overly basic interior designs and limited space to make transport an uncomfortable experience.

Mercedes amends this by giving you customized features, though with all models coming with refined interiors and defined exteriors. The driver gets more than just a quality seat to drive in as well. The dashboard area gives numerous features you can’t always find in similar vans on the market.

The Driver’s Seat

Even though you probably expect the driver’s seat to have some level of comfort, Mercedes provides more subtle features for long road excursions. It’s a firmer seat than you find in most other commercial vans. Plus, it has more support so it doesn’t wear out after sitting for long hours, five days a week.

More impressive is the seat has a higher seating position, allowing your driver to have a better view out the front window. No more do they have to worry about sitting too low and being unable to see obstacles on the road. Side mirrors are additionally large enough to see all cars on the sides without blind spots.

A Refined Interior

The area around the dashboard will quickly impress your driver if they’re used to inferior designs without ergonomics in mind. Mercedes takes this seriously, including a multi-function steering wheel that’s easy to control. The buttons on the steering wheel are in the center so your driver doesn’t accidentally push something while driving.

A bold gearshift lever enables easy ways to shift gears without making it awkward. Surrounding this is a classy, high-gloss panel.

Dashboard storage usually gets ignored in other vans, but Mercedes provides a large storage area so drivers can store their personal items in a safe place. Now drivers don’t have to set valuable items on the passenger seat or surrounding areas where an item could easily get lost or stolen.

Abundant Space for Transporting Cargo

If your business involves transporting products, the upfitter friendly features in this van are the best available. What makes it a standout is the vertical walls on the van’s body. You get tall interior standing heights and large width space so you can easily load items in the back and just as easily unload them.

For running a business, this is ideal for the delivery driver who has to constantly remove items from the van at various locations throughout the day.

Giving Connectivity for Emergencies

Your driver no doubt has nightmares about their van breaking down in the middle of nowhere and not being able to properly communicate for help. With the Sprinter’s easy connectivity functions around the dashboard, the driver always stays connected through wireless phone or online.

This enables quicker response during a van breakdown or accident scenario. All Sprinter vans from Mercedes have a state-of-the-art navigation system so a first-time driver won’t get lost making a delivery or transporting passengers.

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