Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans: The Perfect Compromise


For many businesses, the choice of which vehicle to feature in your fleet is relatively straightforward. If you transport equipment or materials, you need a cargo van. If you transport people, you need a passenger van. But what if you need both?

Too often, that question remains unanswered. More than once, we have talked to clients who have told us that they actually use both. But why purchase two vehicles when a single one can accommodate you so much better? Enter Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van.

The Convenience of Compromise

Imagine a scenario in which your business can transport everything it needs, people and cargo, in one vehicle. Wouldn’t that be convenient? Whether you work in construction or at a catering business, it quickly becomes an essential feature. That’s exactly why you should consider a crew van.

Too often, compromises are considered a negative. Why go with a watered-down version of what you prefer? But in this case, compromising actually benefits your business. Convenience and efficiency matters more than anything else in buying a vehicle to benefit your operations and daily work. Like most, you probably operate on a limited budget, so why limit yourself to one or the other functionality when you can have both?

Example Scenarios that Call for a Crew Van

The daily life of a construction business can be a grind. You start early in the morning, shipping both your crew and the equipment, tools, and materials you need to the site. In the evening, everything has to come back to the shop. What if you had a vehicle that can help you accomplish both, in one fell swoop?

Alternatively, imagine catering a corporate event. You need to transport both the food and the service personnel to a given location, and both timeliness and efficiency are key. If both can fit in one vehicle, you ensure that you can efficiently and successfully set up to satisfy your clients.

Examining Features of the Crew Van

At this point, you may be wondering: just how does the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van accommodate the above scenario? Are we just making empty promises that the vehicle actually can’t fulfill?

Of course, that’s absolutely not the case. A standard Crew Van in our lot will come with 220 cubic foot cargo volume, which you can increase by removing the bench that sits and is secured in the cargo area. Back and side windows ensure that your crew experiences a comfortable ride on their way to your destination.

In addition, we also offer Crew Vans in larger options, such as a 170″ wheel base and a higher roof, both of which extend the cargo volume to more than 360 cubit feet. As an added bonus, the entire cargo area will be finished instead of raw to conveniently store any kind of tools and equipment, and transport your passengers.

Finally, owners of this vehicle will also take advantage of the features associated with any Mercedes Sprinter van. That includes safety features above and beyond the competition, along with resale value that make it a great deal for your business not just now, but for years to come.

Preparing to Buy Your Crew Van

Given these features, a Crew Van is the perfect choice for any business that requires both cargo and passenger transportation. Especially if you need both at the same time, it’s a perfect match. But of course, you still need to make sure that the price is right, and that you feel comfortable behind the wheel of this powerful vehicle. For more help in that regard, and to schedule a personal conversation in which we can answer all of your questions, contact us.