Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Are A Great Choice For Businesses and Individuals


When you are looking for a vehicle to transport people on a regular basis, then you should consider a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van. Not only will you be able to transport your passengers safely, but they will be comfortable as well, making it a great option for any business or even family. Thanks to plenty of safety features and a strong and reliable engine, you’ll be pleased you went with the Sprinter Passenger Van.

Colleges and Universities

For example, a Sprinter Passenger Van is a great option for a college. Often times, classes go to various places for fieldwork in or out of the classroom. Clubs and organizations on campus may use the van for networking and social events, as will your student affairs office. In these cases, buying more than one and building up a fleet may actually be a perfect choice. Especially if your institution prides itself on public and student service, the safety features of the Sprinter Passenger Van make it an ideal choice for transporting college students.

Hotels and Hospitality

A Mercedes Sprinter van is also wonderful addition to your hospitality business. It would serve as a great shuttle vehicle, helping to take passengers to and from an airport. By offering shuttle service, you can help to increase the number of guests for your hotel, particularly if it means they no longer have to rent a car to get to you. Additionally, you will be able to transport your guests knowing that you have ample room for both your passengers and their luggage. And if your hotel is located in a more remote area, then you have the option of getting a 4×4 version of this vehicle in order to safely transport your passengers in and out of your location.

A Large Family

But the uses of this van are not limited to businesses. Especially if you have a large family or enjoy traveling with your family, this could be the perfect vehicle for you. Using the Sprinter as a family vehicle, you’ll have plenty of room for anyone in your family to safely enter and exit the vehicle. Additionally, if you have children, this van will offer more seating room for them to have friends and significant others traveling with you. And with the ability to tow 5,000lbs, you can even bring your favorite outdoor equipment with you.

Noteworthy Safety Features

When you buy a Mercedes Sprinter, you’re not only getting the reliability that comes with the name Mercedes Benz, but other important safety features as well. For example, a Sprinter Passenger Van boasts Crosswind Assist, which helps to stabilize your Van when driving over50mph by gentle course-correcting brake application. This will help your ride to stay smooth when strong gusting crosswinds occur around your vehicle.

Another great feature is the Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program. This program works by taking into account the vehicle load and center of gravity, and automatically braking individual wheels along with reducing engine power if there is a problem with the wheelspin, or if it detects understeer or oversteer. Additional, optional safety features you could get with your Sprinter Van include Lane Keeping Assist, Highbeam Assist, Blind Spot Assist, a Back-up Camera, and others.

Regardless of the extra features that you may be interested in, you can rest assured knowing that you are buying a safe vehicle. Whether you are using it to transport items, guests, or loved ones, you can confident with your purchase. Mercedes Benz has a reputation of making outstanding vehicles, and the Sprinter Passenger Van is no different. Take one test drive to find out that it isn’t at all like the other vans on the market. To learn more about our Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, please contact us.