Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Bring Comfort When Transporting on Long Road Trips


As a transport business, you may not fully understand what your drivers go through in trying to stay comfortable throughout the day. If your drivers have to travel long distances, you probably don’t quite comprehend what they go through transporting customers for eight (or more) hours. Using an aging van to transport people just isn’t going to provide the comfort level your driver or passengers deserve.

Mercedes Sprinter passenger vans have become a leader in providing some of the best feature attributes of any commercial van on the market. As notes, it moves ahead of many American-made passenger vans due to innovation in driver safety and comfort level. It’s one reason Europeans gravitated to the Sprinter passenger vans for commercial and personal use.

Another thing you’ll appreciate is Mercedes-Benz’s attention to cost of ownership. They provide thorough charts showing just how much you’ll save buying one of their vans. Fuel costs, maintenance, and retained value go beyond any other competitor.

All of this doesn’t matter if you don’t have amenities to make drivers drive with ease. Let’s look at what the Sprinter does to make this possible.

Roof Height

One of the true highlights of the Mercedes Sprinter passenger vans is the customization available to accommodate various situations. Because your drivers do more than just drive during the day, they need to move around inside the van without feeling cramped.

You can get three different roof heights so an overly tall driver doesn’t have to constantly duck when walking within the interior, entering, or exiting.

With a standard roof and two variations on higher roof size, you can help your drivers not only be able to stand upright themselves, but also help tall passengers. There isn’t anything more uncomfortable than low van ceilings requiring your drivers to crouch just to navigate successfully.

Plus, with 190 cubic feet of cargo space, you have plenty of room for luggage and payload.

An Ergonomic Cab

Some road trips with passengers might take hours before your driver can stop to take a break. As such, you want the cab section to have as many ergonomic benefits as possible to avoid physical injuries.

Mercedes does an amazing job of making the cab section akin to sitting in a luxury van without having to pay for it. The seats are extremely soft so your drivers won’t feel like they’re sitting on a rock for hours. Even better is that some models offer heated front seats, which can become a major blessing to drivers when driving in cold, wintry conditions.

You also get two different seat options (comfort or suspension) to customize based on specific road conditions.

Control Panel

Many controls are available directly on the steering wheel, helping your driver use specific functions without having to reach over to the dashboard. The control panel here has a 5.8-inch color screen so it’s easy to read at any angle. Your drivers won’t have to squint just to see any settings.

Drivers may feel so comfortable, they’ll feel like they’re sitting at home rather than doing a transport job. What makes this better for them is the ability to connect technology easily to keep themselves entertained on long road trips.

Bluetooth and USB Inputs

During long excursions, drivers may want to play music on their iPods to keep themselves mentally occupied while driving. Bluetooth and USB ports are available in the driving section so they can easily connect mobile devices for various purposes.

With wireless Internet technology available, it can aid in seeking help if mechanical breakdown occurs, or other emergencies happen.

Contact us at Sprinter Guy Boston so see our inventory of Mercedes’s Sprinter passenger vans. See for yourself how much comfort your drivers can have to make your transport service more successful.