Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Give You the Safety You Need When Transporting Customers


Mercedes Sprinter passenger vans have become one of the go-to vans in the Mercedes-Benz line for use in transporting large groups of people. If you have a business that transports people to airports, or a care home regularly taking tenants on field trips, you have plenty of reasons to choose the Sprinter passenger van.

One major reason is the safety level. Mercedes-Benz employs various safety features you can’t find in similar passenger vans on the market. Second, you gain variations in how you want your passenger van to look. With feature variation on wheelbase and roofing height, you can accommodate specific situations for the groups of people you haul daily.

In addition, style is a number one priority with all Mercedes vehicles. Perhaps you already know this with any Mercedes passenger car you’ve owned for private use. The Sprinter passenger vans incorporate many of the same refined interior designs to give comfort and technological convenience while you’re driving.

Take a look at the safety features these vans have to give you peace of mind when transporting dozens of people at a time.

Electronic Stability Program

Otherwise known as ESP in the Sprinter line, the electronic stability program is a load adaptive system helping to keep your van stable while on the road. As a unique and patented technology from Mercedes, it uses physics to automatically brake your van or reduce engine power in certain situations.

When driving at high speed, wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer might occur in your passenger van. This could lead to dangerous situations where you lose control of the vehicle while driving on a highway. It’s the last thing you want when you’re driving numerous people to the airport or on a field trip.

The technology automatically brakes the vehicle when it senses you could lose van stability. You can’t find this in other passenger vans, but Mercedes commits itself to reducing road accidents.

Crosswind Assist

As another feature that helps stabilize your passenger van, crosswind assist has a course-correcting braking feature helping to keep the vehicle under control in strong winds. When driving on highways at over 50 mph, you may encounter strong storms that make crosswindsoverly powerful. In other vans, this could make the driver lose control again and end up veering off the road.

With crosswind assist, you have a fairly new feature available in the Sprinter line.

Blind Spot Assist

It’s always dangerous to attempt to switch lanes in a passenger van and not be able to see if a car or truck is in the way. Blind spots are a major concern for professional van drivers, yet Mercedes gives you a blind spot assist feature using radar sensors.

When you cross into another lane you can’t see well, you’ll get visual notifications in your rear view mirrors. It also gives an audible alarm if still attempting a risky lane pass.

Preventing Collisions While Driving and Backing Up

You should never drive a passenger van while tired, though it’s a major reason collisions occur while on the road. The Sprinter passenger van has collision prevention assist by blaring an alarm when you drive too close to another vehicle ahead. Having this available prevents rear-end collisions, especially when visibility is overly bad while doing night driving.

Likewise, the van has a back-up camera so you can see who or what is behind you when maneuvering or parking in awkward areas. Driving a passenger van is always challenging. Regardless, Mercedes gives you the tools you need to do it safely without taking any risks for your passenger service business.

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