Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van Instead of a Honda Pilot or other SUV

sprinter passenger vansprinter van seating configuration


More and more families are coming to realize that the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van or custom Sprinter Van makes a great alternative to a SUV for a larger family!

My family is made up of 4 daughters who are now all teenagers or young adults.  I wish I had the Sprinter instead of the Pilot or mini-vans we had while the kids were growing.

The Pilot with kids, their friends and our 2  mid sized dogs would be packed to the gills on long trips.  Ironically, the Sprinter would have cost a similar amount and gotten appreciably better fuel economy as well.  Also, the residual value and engine life would have been significantly improved.

A 12 person passenger van would have been great for all of our needs.  If I had the extra funds, I could have built a custom Sprinter with captains chairs and a more robust interior.

The dogs and our bags would be out of sight and mind.  I can’t tell you how many times the kids fought over the dogs trying to climb over the back seats.


We are seeing more and more people from around the country considering this option.  Also, with the 4×4 now available, families in colder areas can navigate better in winter conditions.

The passenger van comes with the class-beating standing height(2 options), wide side doors, new standard crosswind assist, 3 pt. seat belts and headrests for every seat, very large rear storage area, and the rear doors open 270 degrees.

The passenger van also comes with optional high & low 4×4, electric sliding step, and rear heat/AC.

So if you are tired of the gas guzzling SUV or the less than optimal space in minivans for a large family, pick up the phone or hit the live chat button…..let’s discuss how awesome the Mercedes Benz Sprinter would be for your growing family!