Mercedes Sprinter Van MPG Helps Pay for Your New Van

I love when customers look at the total cost of ownership and consider how much savings they can realize weekly because of the Mercedes Sprinter Van MPG.

Guys driving box trucks and other not so efficient options getting less than 12 mpg or less notice the savings immediately.


Even existing long time Sprinter customers have noticed savings from upgrading their old Sprinter Vans to the newer 4 cylinder turbo diesel.

I have a customer that drives throughout New England in a giant silver 170 extended Sprinter Van selling high end golf equipment to pro shops.  He had a 2007 Dodge Sprinter before and now has a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter.

He let me know how happy he was that he went from around 20 mpg to 25 mpg or better now with his new engine.

I drive a 144 standard roof 4 cylinder Crew Van and I average around 27 mpg.

If a customer can cut his fuel cost in half weekly, the money saved can often pay for a material part of his new monthly payment.

When the new vehicle helps pay for itself, the transaction becomes very easy on my end.

We have a very large busing company in Boston that has custom Mercedes Mini-Buses that hold 15 passengers that is averaging around 19 mpg in the city running all day long.  They are also using the 4 cylinder engine.

The 6 cylinder engine gets approximately 18% less fuel economy than the 4 cylinder according to Mercedes.  If you are going to be towing often or operate in a hilly/mountainous environment we recommend the 6 cylinder which is approximately $995 more.

Best in class Sprinter Van mpg is one of the coolest features of owing a new Sprinter especially for workers that commute to a job site far away.  When you combine this savings with the highest residual values in the markeplace as well, you will see why we have many repeat customers!