Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans Help Give Comfort for Drivers During Long Transports


When Mercedes-Benz released their Sprinter crew vans, the intention was to market them as commercial vehicles. Most people use them as delivery vehicles, airport shuttles, and executive transport as just a few. You’re perhaps in one of these industries now, and need a van focusing on bringing more comfort for the driver.

Mercedes Sprinter crew vans truly go all out for making sure drivers have everything they need for comfortable road trips. Perhaps you’ve invested in other vans over the last several years that skimp on making sure the driver has what they need to drive safely.

Not all competing crew vans make it pleasant for passengers either. Some have overly basic interior designs and limited space to make transport an uncomfortable experience.

Mercedes amends this by giving you customized features, though with all models coming with refined interiors and defined exteriors. The driver gets more than just a quality seat to drive in as well. The dashboard area gives numerous features you can’t always find in similar vans on the market.

The Driver’s Seat

Even though you probably expect the driver’s seat to have some level of comfort, Mercedes provides more subtle features for long road excursions. It’s a firmer seat than you find in most other commercial vans. Plus, it has more support so it doesn’t wear out after sitting for long hours, five days a week.

More impressive is the seat has a higher seating position, allowing your driver to have a better view out the front window. No more do they have to worry about sitting too low and being unable to see obstacles on the road. Side mirrors are additionally large enough to see all cars on the sides without blind spots.

A Refined Interior

The area around the dashboard will quickly impress your driver if they’re used to inferior designs without ergonomics in mind. Mercedes takes this seriously, including a multi-function steering wheel that’s easy to control. The buttons on the steering wheel are in the center so your driver doesn’t accidentally push something while driving.

A bold gearshift lever enables easy ways to shift gears without making it awkward. Surrounding this is a classy, high-gloss panel.

Dashboard storage usually gets ignored in other vans, but Mercedes provides a large storage area so drivers can store their personal items in a safe place. Now drivers don’t have to set valuable items on the passenger seat or surrounding areas where an item could easily get lost or stolen.

Abundant Space for Transporting Cargo

If your business involves transporting products, the upfitter friendly features in this van are the best available. What makes it a standout is the vertical walls on the van’s body. You get tall interior standing heights and large width space so you can easily load items in the back and just as easily unload them.

For running a business, this is ideal for the delivery driver who has to constantly remove items from the van at various locations throughout the day.

Giving Connectivity for Emergencies

Your driver no doubt has nightmares about their van breaking down in the middle of nowhere and not being able to properly communicate for help. With the Sprinter’s easy connectivity functions around the dashboard, the driver always stays connected through wireless phone or online.

This enables quicker response during a van breakdown or accident scenario. All Sprinter vans from Mercedes have a state-of-the-art navigation system so a first-time driver won’t get lost making a delivery or transporting passengers.

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3 Types of Businesses That Know the Benefits of Owning a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Today


Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans are simply some of the best and most capable delivery vehicles that are available in the U.S.A. today. This van makes those delivery jobs more enjoyable because of its great acceleration, excellent driving dynamics and windows that are large enough to actually enjoy the scenery, while also giving you a better view of traffic for that added driving protection. In the past, cargo vans have just been considered a way to get items from point A to point B. Not with these vehicles. You actually enjoy the experience of having to make deliveries and are kind of disappointed when you need to stop driving. These vans help transport goods and products safely and, work very well for those smaller loads and nearby, time-sensitive deliveries. Here’s how 3 types of businesses are enjoying the ride.

Transportation Providers

Having Mercedes Sprinter Cargo vans in a fleet offers another dynamic quality that enhances transportation services. By renting and leasing these vans to help people move across town or to help parents who need to move their kids’ items to colleges across the state, these customers feel more secure because of the Mercedes name brand and; because these vehicles have anti-lock brakes, added stability control and an easily understood instrument panel. These vans have a cargo volume of up to 319 cubic feet which not only gives these movers the space they need, but also a much smoother ride. And, they can carry upwards of 3,000 pounds which makes them very useful for those loads that are particularly heavy.


These businesses that do custom or small quantity manufacturing work sometimes need to ship their goods within a fairly close distance to where they are actually made. These full-size cargo vans help them avoid the costs of having a middle-man provide them with transportation services and, they can actually use this van to increase their bottom-line. This is because they come equipped with 4 cylinder 7 speed diesel engines that save these manufacturers approximately 18% in costs. This gets them highway mileage of almost 30 miles to the gallon, saves on fuel and, its super-size carrying capacity allows them to haul more items during one trip. Drivers also appreciate the comfort because they are so roomy inside.

Private Couriers

These companies help local stores compete with larger retailers by providing them with same-day delivery services. Many of these businesses are currently only available in limited areas, such as within certain cities or neighborhoods, and these Sprinter cargo vans help them stay competitive. They work especially well in these urban settings because they are not bulky in size like other vehicles and, they come equipped with side mirrors that have large flat areas to help deal with city traffic better. There are also smaller convex mirrors below them that help drivers see traffic on each side. The seats inside these vehicles are firmer and offer more support than most commercial vehicles and are ideal when drivers are making runs steadily throughout the day.

These are just 3 types of businesses that are enjoying the convenience, economy and reliability these Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans bring. They trust this brand because it has always set the standard for quality in this industry and has constantly won awards throughout the years. And because these vans can carry such a high volume of material, they are perfectly suited for any cargo purpose at any given time. The biggest testaments to these vans are when companies like Fed-Ex and Cox Communications put millions of miles on them annually and have them continue to run strong each year. And with peak fuel economy being a priority in any business, these 2.1-liter diesel four engines deliver quite a punch. To talk about these exciting vehicles and deals that are waiting just for you, please contact us today to learn more.


What Design Features Can You Enjoy With an MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger?

An MB Minibus Sprinter is a popular choice for those looking for a more affordable and smaller passenger van to use in a business. Whether it’s a commuter shuttle, an airport shuttle, hotel shuttle, or for para-transit transportation, a minibus from Mercedes-Benz gives style and options other dealers sometimes neglect. What makes Mercedes extra good is their ability to let you choose your own wheelbase size.

Depending on the type of transport business you have, the interior configuration is going to matter in accommodating those in wheelchairs, or how many people at a time you haul.

Even better is the devoted attention to safety technology in these vans. Everything from stabilization safety to back-up cameras are on each Sprinter minibus to assure your driving is secure. But the design of the bus is a major part of why so many love using these for transporting passengers.

Comfort of the driver is important, especially when traveling long distances. Take a look at the design of these minibuses to demonstrate how stylish the exterior and interior is.

The Familiar Exterior of Mercedes Minibuses

The Sprinter line from Mercedes-Benz has an especially appealing exterior that gives real class to your passenger van. Appearance always counts when you’re running a transport service.

Thanks to the familiar detailed Mercedes grille and their contoured headlights, you’ll have a minibus with strong physical appeal. You even have a chiseled bumper for more protection during times when you bump an object while in parking lots or other locations.

Superior craftsmanship is a major part of the Mercedes-Benz brand that’s visible from every angle when someone sees your minibus from outside.

Efficient and Ergonomic Interior

Driving your minibus for long hours should give you the best in ergonomics and efficiency so drivers don’t feel constantly uncomfortable. Older minibuses from other companies frequently didn’t pay enough attention to the comfort of the driver. Because your drivers are likely on the road for long stretches while transporting people to airports or hotels, they need a cockpit full of amenities.

The Sprinter gives a multi-function steering wheel so the driver can choose how they want to steer in the way they feel most comfortable. There isn’t anything worse than having to steer a vehicle that just doesn’t conform to one’s body shape. It can lead to physical injuries later when done repeatedly on a daily basis.

You can say the same for the gear shift lever. Mercedes makes the Sprinter gear shift easy to control so it’s not a constant burden or physical danger.

Dashboard storage is also plentiful so the driver can safely store important documentation or personal items while on the road. No more do they have to set things on a dashboard ledge or on the seat to transport their own items.

A high-gloss panel makes the entire driving section look attractive. Psychologically, this appeals to your passengers who know they’re driving in a quality vehicle.

Connecting Online

A minibus transporting people should never hit the road without connectivity. Mercedes makes sure of this with a Bluetooth telephone system, audio streaming, USB connections, and an iPod interface.

Your passengers will appreciate this so you can connect to the online world quickly if having a driving emergency. The wireless audio streaming lets a driver play music to entertain customers. Or, if your driver wants to wear an iPod while driving, it gives them opportunity to bring some personal entertainment to relieve boredom.

Navigation System

Another strong feature is Mercedes’s option to install a navigation system in each minibus with easy reading and use. It’s essential to have this for all your drivers, because you never know when they may get inadvertently lost. A new driver may forget how to reach a destination and need a navigation tool to assure they arrive on time.

Passengers appreciate navigation systems to save them time having to sit for hours waiting to go home or to catch a flight.

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Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Give You the Safety You Need When Transporting Customers


Mercedes Sprinter passenger vans have become one of the go-to vans in the Mercedes-Benz line for use in transporting large groups of people. If you have a business that transports people to airports, or a care home regularly taking tenants on field trips, you have plenty of reasons to choose the Sprinter passenger van.

One major reason is the safety level. Mercedes-Benz employs various safety features you can’t find in similar passenger vans on the market. Second, you gain variations in how you want your passenger van to look. With feature variation on wheelbase and roofing height, you can accommodate specific situations for the groups of people you haul daily.

In addition, style is a number one priority with all Mercedes vehicles. Perhaps you already know this with any Mercedes passenger car you’ve owned for private use. The Sprinter passenger vans incorporate many of the same refined interior designs to give comfort and technological convenience while you’re driving.

Take a look at the safety features these vans have to give you peace of mind when transporting dozens of people at a time.

Electronic Stability Program

Otherwise known as ESP in the Sprinter line, the electronic stability program is a load adaptive system helping to keep your van stable while on the road. As a unique and patented technology from Mercedes, it uses physics to automatically brake your van or reduce engine power in certain situations.

When driving at high speed, wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer might occur in your passenger van. This could lead to dangerous situations where you lose control of the vehicle while driving on a highway. It’s the last thing you want when you’re driving numerous people to the airport or on a field trip.

The technology automatically brakes the vehicle when it senses you could lose van stability. You can’t find this in other passenger vans, but Mercedes commits itself to reducing road accidents.

Crosswind Assist

As another feature that helps stabilize your passenger van, crosswind assist has a course-correcting braking feature helping to keep the vehicle under control in strong winds. When driving on highways at over 50 mph, you may encounter strong storms that make crosswindsoverly powerful. In other vans, this could make the driver lose control again and end up veering off the road.

With crosswind assist, you have a fairly new feature available in the Sprinter line.

Blind Spot Assist

It’s always dangerous to attempt to switch lanes in a passenger van and not be able to see if a car or truck is in the way. Blind spots are a major concern for professional van drivers, yet Mercedes gives you a blind spot assist feature using radar sensors.

When you cross into another lane you can’t see well, you’ll get visual notifications in your rear view mirrors. It also gives an audible alarm if still attempting a risky lane pass.

Preventing Collisions While Driving and Backing Up

You should never drive a passenger van while tired, though it’s a major reason collisions occur while on the road. The Sprinter passenger van has collision prevention assist by blaring an alarm when you drive too close to another vehicle ahead. Having this available prevents rear-end collisions, especially when visibility is overly bad while doing night driving.

Likewise, the van has a back-up camera so you can see who or what is behind you when maneuvering or parking in awkward areas. Driving a passenger van is always challenging. Regardless, Mercedes gives you the tools you need to do it safely without taking any risks for your passenger service business.

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The Four Best Things About the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van

The Mercedes Metris passenger van is pretty awesome. How awesome? So awesome that we came up a list of the four best things about it, and we had trouble stopping there! And not just the four best things but four things that have multiple components within each category of four that will impress both you and your passengers.

Design of the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van

The design of the Mercedes Metris has comfort as well as performance in mind.

One of the components of the Metris passenger van’s design is the rear tailgate door that is designs to make loading and unloading in tight spaces easy to do. The rear tailgate door is optional but the standard doors are double rear doors that have maximum clearance and open wide for loading and unloading luggage and any other cargo passengers need.

Another convenient option is the electric sliding doors that have wide, ample room for passengers on both sides; this makes it easier for passengers to get in and out with ease.

Want to make it easier for your drivers? The optional navigation system is a 5.8 inch full-color screen system that ensures that drivers navigate the roads safely and won’t get lost no matter where they are going.

Size and Safety

Mercedes Benz is well known for its attention to detail and well-thought out focus on safety. Here are just a few of the details on size specifications as well as safety features.

Seating is standard for up to eight people with plenty of legroom and shoulder room that adults will find comfortable and roomy.

Even though the Metris is roomy, it still has the capability to fit in tight spots, ride through low parking structures, and maneuver tight streets with no problem at all.

Safety is of the utmost importance and with Crosswind Assist as a standard on the Metris, it keeps the vehicle from drifting from the lane due to crosswinds and uses targeted braking technology on individual wheels. Another standard equipment you will find is Attention Assist which ensures that sleepy drivers are monitored and are given an early warning if detected.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program is what provides automatic braking and keeps the vehicle under control. It reduces engine power and stabilizes it if there is over-steering, under-steering, or wheel spin detected and just another example of what Mercedes Benzprovides as standard equipment to protect their customers.

Along with standard equipment, there are options such as Lane Keeping Assist which warns the driver if he has crossed the line while driving, keeping passengers and the driver safer from an accident.

Another optional piece of equipment is active parking assist which is extremely helpful in tight spaces. What this does is maneuver and sense automatically into parking spaces. The driver simply has to operate the brake pedal and accelerator and that’s it!

Transmission: Introducing the 7G-Tronic

The Mercedes Metris comes standard with the 7G-Tronic transmission which is a fast-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission. It has been refined to give maximum fuel efficiency, a longer service life, reduced noise, and an overall better performance.

As you can see, there are so many features and benefits to the Mercedes Metris passenger van that we could go on and on. Every feature and benefit has been created with the customer in mind, as well as the safety of the driver, passengers, and those on the highway. It’s well above any in its class and will impress your passengers as well as make it easier on your drivers.

If you want to learn more about what this passenger van can do for you, simply contact us so we can tell you more.

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4: A Robust and Beautiful Vehicle

If you are looking for a vehicle that offers you the capability to go off roading and on more adventures, then look no further than theMercedes Sprinter 4×4. This vehicle was created to offer you the ability to take on more treacherous terrain, while having great control and comfort along with plenty of space for your belongings.

A Number of Options

With the 4×4 option of the popular Mercedes Benz Sprinter class, you will get a vehicle capable of taking on even the roughest roads. But you will have a number of different body styles to choose from as well.

You can decide to get a regular sprinter van with a low roof, or you can decide to go with an extended body van that features a high roof. Depending on your needs, you can take this robust vehicle in any direction you choose.

Additionally, the 4×4 Sprinter boasts a 3.0-liter BlueTec V-6 engine with a five speed automatic transmission, giving you great power behind the wheel regardless of terrain. This vehicle will be able to go wherever you want it to. In short, the 4×4 Sprinter is the perfect companion for any road you choose to travel on.

What Are You Looking For?

As mentioned above, this vehicle is particularly well-matched for going off-roading. But what other purposes can you use it for?

Naturally, if you are adventurous, you should consider making a 4×4 Sprinter your next car. It will not only allow you to go where you want, but you can rest easy knowing that you have a high quality Mercedes Benz vehicle at your command that will be reliable for a long time.

If your business takes you to a variety of remote places, you should also consider adding this vehicle to your fleet. For example, if you are in the photography business and you take a variety of nature shots, chances are you will need and want to get anywhere, and have all the necessary room to haul your equipment, which will enable to get you that perfect shot.

Or perhaps your business requires you to travel and haul equipment or other materials. With this Mercedes Benz, it simply does not matter where you need to go, as even on the harshest roads the United States have to offer you’ll be able to get to your final destination safely and securely.

If you want to not only see nature but stay within it for longer periods of time, a 4×4 vehicle of this style and size lends itself perfectly for conversion into a camper. Simply build in a back bench that converts to a bed, along with a small cooking section and some cabinets, and you will be ready to go on a trip that is truly in sync with nature.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of this Sprinter van as a ‘regular’ transportation vehicle. Especially if you have a larger family that simply does not fit into a truck but live in a remote location, the 4×4 option combines power and space to make for a great family vehicle. You’ll be able to safely traverse the roads and rough terrain while taking your family wherever you need to go.

Especially if you live or enjoy the outdoors, you can do so worry free thanks to the Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter. But even if you don’t currently have issues driving in your regular front-wheel drive, don’t underestimate winter when it comes back. In the recent past, vast regions of the U.S. have seen uncharacteristically cold and snowy winters, and particularly New England had to live with harsh conditions for months. To be prepared for these extreme situations, and find a vehicle that fits your needs, contact us.

The MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle is Synonymous with Style and Luxury

When it comes to style and luxury in a coach bus, there is nothing like the MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger van. There are many possibilities with this passenger van and we will take a look at just a few but let’s check out the specs on this Minibus Sprinter first so that you can see exactly what a fine piece of machinery this vehicle from Mercedes Benz really is.

Plenty of Features and Impressive Specifications

The Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter comes with a ton of features that will impress even the hardest customers to please. These include 14 22 inch LCD television screens, a CD/DVD player, radio, SD card reader and auxiliary input, and 12v power outlets that are perfect for charging cell phone adapters, laptops, and more.

The specifications include spacious interior and extras like 15 seats that come with individual headrests, the driver and passenger seats are bucket seats, there are a total of four rows of bench seats, a cargo area that is two and a half feet long, a spacious interior van height of over six feet, and an impressive fuel economy of a 22mpg diesel engine. There is even a 5000lb max towing capacity on this luxury Minibus Sprinter.

The cargo area behind the last bench is three feet so it’s perfect for plenty of luggage or even pets or bicycles. Whatever your passengers are carrying, there is plenty of room and it won’t affect their seating area at all.

Engine Capability

The MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle has a capable 4 cylinder power train with a 2-stage turbo charged power. There is 265 lb-ft of torque, diesel fuel economy and durability in one compact package which gives you better fuel efficiency at an amazing 18%, which comes standard on all of the Sprinter models of vans.

According to Mercedes Benz:

The Sprinter 4×4 features 24 inches of wading depth for raised ground clearance, high- and high- /low range options, and a standard V6 turbo diesel engine that delivers powerful torque when you need it most — helping you and your business be ready for the road ahead.

As you can see, the Sprinter not only has a luxurious inside but the engine and the outside is ready for most anything you can imagine and whether it’s snow and ice or the heat of summer, this vehicle will keep your clients cozy and entertained no matter where they are headed.

The Many Uses for the MB Minibus Sprinter

The MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle has a myriad of uses for a variety of businesses. For instance:

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are the perfect venue for the minibus sprinter due to its versatility and luxury. There is plenty of space for luggage if needed and passengers can charge their electronics, watch television, listen to music, and simply ride in style to wherever it is that they need to go.


Airport transportation doesn’t have to be boring and cramped when it comes to transporting a lot of clients. The MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle is the perfect vehicle for allowing passengers to ride in style to the destination without feeling shut-in or cramped and without having to rent a limo.

Whether you want the Mercedes Benz Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle for a shuttle at a hotel or resort, golf course, airport, or anywhere else, Sprinter Guy Boston is the place to take care of all of your needs. If you would like to learn more about this fine vehicle or any of the others we carry, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions you have.

Considering the Benefits of Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans


Are you looking for a multipurpose vehicle that will serve you well in a variety of situations? How about a van that not only provides immediate benefits, but will serve you reliably for years to come? If so, we may just have the car for you: the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van serves these purposes, and more. Keep reading to learn more about its specs, various uses, and the benefits of the Mercedes Brand in general.

The Crew Van Specs

Powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Crew Van can hold up to 3,237 pounds or tow up to 5,000 pounds. 161 horsepower roar at 3,800 rpm, while rear-wheel drive ensures plenty of pull. On the interior, the Crew Van offers seating for up to 5 people, thanks to a row of seats behind the driver and passenger seat that can be removed for extra storage space.

Windows near the rear seats, along with a finished ceiling liner, enable your passengers to enjoy the ride rather than simply feeling like they’re part of your cargo. Standing height is 6 foot 4 inches, comfortable for both loading the back and getting in and out of the back seats.

Multiple Purposes

As the above specs suggest, the greatest strength of the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is its flexibility. Comfortable seating for five means you can use it as a family vehicle, comfortably transporting even children on the back seats. At the same time, a spacious cargo area along with built in tie down loops make both loading and securing your transported goods convenient and easy.

As a result, you can use the Crew Van either for your personal use, or for your business. Particularly if you work in an industry in which you have to transport multiple people to a specific job site or event, your employees will appreciate the comfortable seating arrangement that does not sacrifice storage space. Need more space? Just remove the seats, and transport everything you need anywhere you need to go.

In other words, the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van is a rare vehicle that works equally well for business and individual use. Regardless of your industry or personal situation, its functions help you optimize both your time and storage space. And if you are or help someone else moving, you may not even rent a UHaul! That’s how multifunctional your Crew Van can be.

The Mercedes Difference

Of course, Mercedes Sprinter Crew Vans are also a good choice because of their manufacturer. When it comes to Mercedes, German Engineering is not just a cliché. It’s a tangible advantage, and one that you will feel when you first hit the gas pedal of your new vehicle. The engine will come roaring to life, ensuring you that plenty of horsepower powers the van.

In addition, Mercedes vehicles of all sizes are also renowned for their durability. The manufacturer has been at and near the top of Consumer Reports durability rankings since 1972, a testament to the car and its maker. When you buy a Mercedes, you are not just buying a vehicle that will stop being usable in a couple of years. You are making a long-term investment capable of paying you back for more than a decade.

That durability and power, along with an impressive list of specs and the multitude of possible uses, make the Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van a great choice for your business or individual use. To learn more about the car, how to finance it, and how it can fit into your future vehicle plans, contact us. We’d love to talk more about the value of Mercedes, and the impact they can make on your business and personal life.


How an MB Sprinter Limo Can Take Your Business To The Next Level


Whether you are currently in the transportation business, doing freelance work, or as a perk of your normal business, you should consider adding an MB Sprinter Limo to your fleet. Your customers will be thoroughly impressed with the style, quality, and size, increasing their perception of your brand along with the chances they will recommend your services.

Wedding Industry

If you freelance as a driver or you simply work in the wedding industry, this vehicle is top notch. Other limos only offer tight spaces, not enough head room, and are simply small and crowded for wedding parties. But with an MB Sprinter Limo, that’s not the case. It boasts a mini bar, flat screen TVs, leather seats, and plenty of headroom. A bride and groom will easily be able to maneuver around this spacious limo while they are riding to their reception or even to the ceremony.

This amount of space is also important because when you have the bridal party cramped together in a small space, potentially drinking from the minibar, a single pothole could get the bride’s dress ruined. With more space to move around, the guests will still have to be on alert–but the chances of it happening are significantly lower.

Transportation for Various Celebrations

If you’re not in the wedding industry but simply provide transportation for various events and celebrations, this vehicle is a similarly perfect choice. Thanks to the flat screen TVs, your guests will be able to watch whatever they want, which is especially perfect if they are going to be attending a sporting event: they’ll be able to ride in comfort while watching all the pregame shows and getting ready for the big game.

Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo also offers modest storage space in the back. If guests are attending a sporting event, they will be able to store all of their belongings in the back. And how about a limo offering a flat screen in the back of the vehicle that’s viewable from the outside? This is ideal for tailgating parties, where you can still watch everything you need to while having your party outside.

The limousine works similarly well for events like bachelor and bachelorette parties. It offers guests the ability to easily move around and have fun, but it also helps to reduce the risk of anyone driving drunk. Not only are you helping your customers to have a good time, but you’re also keeping them safe. Additionally, a privacy screen separates the back from the driver, which allows you to rest assured knowing that the driver won’t be distracted by the fun that is going on in the back.

An MB Sprinter Limo isn’t just another limo. It offers space, and the creature comforts of home. Your guests will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride without worries, while the driver can rest assured knowing they are embarking on a safe journey. Emergency exits arelocated in a hatch in the roof and windows, which means that your guests have several options should there would be an accident.

A Great Idea For Your Own Parties

If you aren’t a business owner looking for a great new vehicle to use, but simply someone looking to rent one for your special occasion, this limo should be on the top of your list. Depending on the limo you get, it seats between 10 and 16 guests. This spacious limo will help you and your friends or family get to where you are going safely, and in style. With such a large array of seating arrangement and entertainment options, and even finishes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you like. If you are thinking about adding a state of the art limo to your services, please contact us.


3 Businesses the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van 2016 Would be Perfect For

When starting or running a business involving transportation, finding vehicles that can stand up to commercial use is key. Choosing which vehicle to purchase, also includes considering aesthetics and marketing appeal as well. Here are 3 businesses the Mercedes MetrisPassenger Van 2016 would be perfect for.

Metris Passenger Van 2016 Features

Before we discuss a few businesses this mid-sized van would be perfect for, here are some standard features:

  • Starting price $32,500
  • MPG 20 city/ 23 highway
  • Engine: turbo M274, 2.0 L, 4 cylinder gas
  • Seats up to 8
  • 7 speed transmission
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 202” L x 76” W x 74” H

Taxi Company

For existing taxi companies or people thinking about starting one, choosing to have a fleet of Metris Passenger Vans is a wise choice. The affordability of a new van is a great benefit, especially considering the proven reliability inherent in Mercedes vehicles. And importantly, the engine and design are reliable and engineered for commercial purposes.

Taxi vehicles are put to the test on the road, and the success of a company is dependent upon their fleet of vehicles running and staying low maintenance. A taxi can easily drive 500 miles everyday, which means choosing a reliable vehicle is key for longevity.

The Metris also has plenty of room for passengers needing rides, which means your business can accommodate more customers at once. Many times passengers come in groups going out for the night and are in need of a passenger van, as well as formal groups needing rides to special events. Also, rides from the airport are generally in need of plenty room for luggage and seats. Being larger than regular vans, yet small enough to fit in a standard garage, the Metris mid-size passenger van is the perfect size to use as a taxi vehicle.

Image and marketability are also important in the taxi business, and the Mercedes brand with the sleek and stylish look of the Metris, is sure to attract customers. The Metris could even be used as a more upscale and formal type of passenger transportation, so owners can charge more for the luxury ride. Either way, Mercedes is known for affluent quality vehicles, so the marketability is enhanced greatly.

Hotel/Business Shuttle

Hotels and organizations like churches and schools have a perfect option with the Metris passenger van. Sometimes a Sprinter sized passenger van is overkill for hotels or organizations like these, when it comes to offering customers/members rides. Yet, going too small doesn’t provide enough room.

The Metris passenger van is affordable and reliable for longevity, so an organization or business needing a mid-sized shuttle will have a solid option to depend on. The Metris will save on gas considerably, and be easier to drive through city traffic. This will create a safer and less expensive way to offer a shuttle service, to members or customers for businesses and organizations.

Security Company

The elegant Mercedes Metris Passenger Van would be the perfect vehicle for security companies offering protection to high-profile clients. The Metris can fit in with formal events in metropolitan cities, while still not creating too much attention.

The Mercedes symbol gives clients the satisfaction they’re riding in style and luxury, yet the affordable price and reliability gives the security company a profitable way to do business.


The Metris passenger van would be a perfect fit for these three types of businesses. The seats can be removed and rearranged also, making it useful for delivery and other businesses as well. Businesses of all sorts should consider the Metris, because its’ drive train and engine are specifically engineered for commercial use.

Besides business uses, the Metris passenger van is also a wonderful fit for personal use. Whether this means a family van, or simply a person needing room and space at times. The mid-sized van has plenty of room for carpooling, and the luxury ride will bring comfort for travel and commuting. And remember, the perfect size fits comfortably in a standard garage for safe keeping.

No matter what people want the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van 2016 for, the best place to purchase and learn more about this great vehicle, is from the Sprinter Guy Boston. Here you can get all your Metris questions answered, as well as getting the lowest prices and nationwide shipping. To learn more, please contact us today.