The 2016 Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is Perfect Size for Businesses

American contractors and businesses needing a mid-sized cargo van, now have an excellent option available at an affordable price. This model has all the reliable and proven features you’d expect from Mercedes, yet at an affordable price you can manage. Let’s examine the 2016 Mercedes Metris Cargo Van, and see what it has to offer.

“Mid-Size is the Right Size”

This is the Mercedes slogan for their first mid-sized cargo van to hit the American market. One of the best reasons to consider getting a Metris, is the usability factor contributed by its’ perfect size. For instance, this cargo van is designed to make getting around metropolitan and suburban areas easier, for contractors and businesses.

The Metris has 40-50 percent more cargo room than a regular van, but can comfortably fit into a standard garage. This makes securing tools and protecting your valuable assets easier, either at home when parking it in the garage or at work in an on-site garage. This is one reason Mercedes thinks “mid-size is the right size” for those in need of a cargo van smaller than a Sprinter, but larger than regular vans.

Price and Features

The Mercedes Metris‘ price point is a feature in itself, as the Cargo version starts out at only $28,950 new. Not bad considering the reliability and proven characteristics of Mercedes, and especially considering the great standard features it has such as:

    • 4 cylinder M274 turbo gas engine
    • Towing capacity of 5,000 lbs
    • 208 Horsepower
    • 7 speed transmission
    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Can use regular gas

Safety Features

On top of looking good, the Metris also comes with some high-end standard safety features like attention assistant, and an alignment sensor to keep the van going straight when encountering high winds. Other features available are parking assistant, a camera located in back with monitor, and a navigation system.

Of course, these are in addition to the reputation of safety Mercedes already has, with their proven and reliable designs for driver and passenger safety. And the mid-size van will be easier to manage through metropolitan and suburban areas, making it a safer choice for contractors, without losing much cargo space compared to a Sprinter van.

Commercial Use

This is a perfectly sized and powered cargo van for contractors and businesses to consider purchasing for the long-haul. While only having a 4 cylinder turbo engine, the torque and horsepower are powerful enough to haul even up to 5,000 pounds! The drive line and engine design has been modified with an adaptive design for commercial use.

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing on the market to compare regarding competition. Mercedes wanted to meet a need in the American market, for a perfectly sized mid-sized cargo van, which gets: great gas mileage, has a high EPA rating, can haul 40-50% more than a regular van, and can still fit in a standard garage. This makes this a practical solution in a city work environment, while also having the power for large projects.


The 2016 Mercedes Metris is designed to be the right size and have the right features, for contractors and businesses in the cities and suburbs to have the perfect cargo van for their everyday needs. With an elegant design and advanced standard features included, theMetris also includes a proven and reliable engine with all the power needed.

With an affordable price, the Metris is sure to be a hit on the American market. The 15k estimated maintenance interval is another benefit, which along with a reliable engine and design is sure to provide sustainability with long-term ownership.

Sprinter Guy Boston is available to help you understand the benefits, and help you attain a Mercedes Metris for yourself. With the lowest prices around and nationwide shipping available, finding the perfect mid-sized cargo van has never been easier. To learn more about the Mercedes 2016 Metris Cargo Van, please contact us today.

MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans

How MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans Can Help Your Business

When you have a business that depends on getting items from point A to point B intact, then – depending on your product – you might need a vehicle that requires refrigeration. For example, if you work and deliver flowers, you need to be sure that your blooms remain perfect when you arrive at your destination. For this and similar cases, you should get a MB Sprinter Refrigerated Van.

A Good Refrigeration System

When looking for a refrigerated van, you should be sure to find something that you know is going to last. The last thing you want to do is buy a vehicle with a shotty system that can fail you, and in turn ruin whatever materials you are hauling. You can avoid that situation when buying a refrigerated van that is outfitted with either a ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, or Cool Fox system.

Fulfilling Custom Needs

When buying a refrigerated van, you need to make sure that your specific business needs are taken into consideration. If you are using the vehicle to transport foods, you may need to get a system that works at a very specific temperature in order to avoid spoilage. For example, transporting frozen foods will require the van to function at a cooler temperature than merely transporting chilled food.

Additionally, you should understand just how important a system is that functions consistently. Especially if plan to use the van to travel considerable distances, you deserve and need to have the confidence that it will be able to maintain the necessary temperature for as long as you need.

For instance, one study found that when transporting flowers, a van that was too warm significantly shortened the lifespan of the fresh cutflowers. When your business depends on customer satisfaction, you want to be able to know that transporting your products will not harm them, and that they will get to their final destination in the best possible condition.

To make sure that a refrigerated van will fulfill your unique needs, the best solution is to find and work with a company that is willing to adjust according to your individual situation. Working closely with the fitters allows you to have input, and know that your vehicle will be be the perfect solution for your business. Because the refrigeration system is installed into a Mercedes-Benz van, you know that you’re getting a reliable and high-quality vehicle.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

Don’t think that your distance to our dealership will prevent you from working for us – we ship nationwide. You will still be able to get the high quality and personalized refrigerated van that you need, even if you can’t actually visit us in person. At the same time, nationwide shipping will not prevent us from paying attention to your needs and get you exactly what you want.

We’d love to work with you, whether you currently use a refrigerated van or are looking to add one to your business. A new vehicle in your fleet will not only allow you to continue your work, but in many cases it can even grow your business. For example, if you are looking to branch out and increase the reach of your business, you can do so with a smart investment in an MB Sprinter refrigerated van.

Once you’ve decided you need a new van for your business, the next step is to secure financing. Working with trained professionals will help you work within your budget, and enable you to find the best financing option for your new refrigerated van.

Buying a refrigerated van is a smart investment into your business and its future. To find the perfect refrigerated van for your business, please contact us.

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans

3 Ways Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Vans Will Give You a More Sustainable Change in Your Business Plan Today

You’ve recently decided that now is the time to look into a new way of transporting your passengers more efficiently not only for the summer, but for many more years to come. One of the best ways of doing this is by investing in our Mercedes Sprinter Passenger vanswhich are sleek in design and will allow your business to continue to grow and be more sustainable in the future. As you know, change is always a vital part of success in staying competitive in the business world today; especially when there are so many other options around. Sustainable change lets you focus on opportunities that are long-term and will continuously benefit you instead of just being a quick fix. Our vans can help. Here’s how.

They Help You Diversify Your Business

  • You have other vehicles in your fleet but, these vans offer a more quiet and smoother riding experience than most.
  • With smoother travel, this makes you stand out from the crowd and is an option other businesses may not provide.
  • A more quiet riding experience makes passengers enjoy themselves more and arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.
  • And the more enjoyable the experience, the more customers will talk about it which gives you continuous, free word-of-mouth advertising.

They Give Your Business Better Selling Points

  • The first generation Sprinters have been around since 1995 in Europe and will continue to be ahead of the crowd because of their outstanding operational features.
  • They have an impressive maximum interior standing height of up to 76.4 in. or, are 6 feet 4 inches high. Your selling point with this feature is that you can give more room for passenger comfort than any other business in your area.
  • They also have a maximum payload of up to 2,907 lbs. This greater capacity will allow you to not only accommodate and have room for your passengers but, also provide less strain on these vans’ engines, transmissions and other working parts. You can use this to advertise the fact that these vehicles are more stable than others and your business’ focus is on better travel safety.
  • And because these vans seat a maximum of up to 12 people, another good selling point is their speedy service. You can let customers know that they move through congested roads quicker than other companies’ vans because of their smaller size.

They Allow You to Replace Your Older, Inefficient Models

  • You can improve and update your fleet because these vehicles are available with clean diesel options.
  • These clean diesel options provide greater benefits for you in fuel economy and don’t let you sacrifice on driving performance because you still get a smoother ride.
  • You impress your customers with cloth seats, climate control/AC features and audio functions that allow them to sit back and enjoy the ride more comfortably.
  • And because these vehicles are smaller than your older vans, they are easier to maneuver in tight spaces and can open up other areas for your business such as in airport shuttle, hotel shuttle, small group and seniors home transportation services.

These are just 3 of the ways our Mercedes Sprinter Passenger vans will give you more of a sustainable change in your company’s goals and help you become the go-to transportation service in your area today. And because these vans offer unrivaled transportation in style, safety and innovation, they are powerful tools that will let you carry this title for a long time to come. We offer these vans at the lowest prices with some of the best safety features that are available today which makes them a great investment for you, your customers and for your drivers too! We’ll also ship them to you nationwide. To learn more, please contact us today.

MB Sprinter Limo

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo

Are you looking for a riding experience that will blow you away? MB Sprinter Limo is the perfect vehicle to get you where you want to go in style. This vehicle has the ultimate entertainment options and luxury accommodations. That’s why more and more people are getting an MB Sprinter Limo for their special trips.

This vehicle has a number of unique features that are in high demand. The limo has different seating plans but can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 16 people. It has both the J and 3-seat plan depending on what you are looking for. In addition, the back has two doors that swing open that allow for ease of storage or entry. However, the side doors are the main point of entry.

There are a number of different interior finishes. The most common finish is the hand rubbed luxury wood. There are also a few different options for the leather upholstery on the seats. There are even ceiling treatment options to consider. One of the most popular is the translucent ceiling panels. There is also a privacy partition with the driver so that the entertainment can blast in the back without disturbing the driving experience.

The vehicle is an entertainment powerhouse. There are a number of audio and video upgrades to the system. In particular, many people love the 32-inch video screens that can play live games, events and television. The Sprinter is may for the modern age of cell phones and constant need for re-charging as well. It has several USB ports as well as 12 volt and 110 volt outlets.

Safety is always a concern and this vehicle has all of the important features. In fact, its size makes it much safer than traditional limos due to its weight and casing. It also has a roof escape hatch and emergency windows in case of fire or emergency exit due to a roll-over. That way you know that you have a way out at all times.

Overall, these features have convinced more and more people that the Sprinter is the way to go. For example, imagine that you are throwing a bachelor party with 10 of your closes friends. During the evening you be interested in having a few drinks so you don’t want to drive home. You can pre-arrange the Sprinter Limo to ferry you around town at your convenience. Typical limos are too tight and claustrophobic so a Sprinter is really the best option. In addition, the Sprinter Limo has a TV that can show the baseball, football, basketball or hockey game that might be playing. Of course, the vehicle will be stocked with drinks for the ride and other amenities. Lastly, there is enough room for extra companions to join the trip if you should find some new friends at a local bar. Using the Sprinter Limo, you can prepare the ultimate party.

If you are a business, you can purchase the Mercedes Sprinter Limo and offer these services to a huge and growing demand of customers. People are looking for a differentiated experience and are not seeking the same old tight limo without the extra fun features of the Sprinter. For that reason, the Sprinter business is becoming much more popular.

Sprinter Guy Boston is the leading provider of Mercedes Sprinter vehicles in the Boston area. The company provides the leading Sprinter’s with all of the accessories and features that you are looking for. Whether the purpose is tailgating, bachelor or bachelorette parties or any other special occasion, Sprinter Guy Boston has you covered. For more information, please contact us or call 781 688 1073. Our friendly staff will help get you into the Sprinter Limo of your dreams.

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans Where Utility Meets Beauty

World famous car maker Mercedes-Benz makes a lot more than just luxury sedans. They also make some of the most powerful and beautiful cargo vans in the world. If you need to move a big load and you have to do it fast, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo vans are the best van for the job. Let’s explore the elegant design features and the powerful utility these vans can offer!

The Engine

Mercedes uses two different diesel engines in their Sprinter vans a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder. The four-cylinder engine boasts 265 pounds per foot of torque, two-stage turbocharged power, a 7 speed transmission, and engine durability that can’t be matched. On top of all of this it is tremendously fuel-efficient, it is 18 percent more efficient than comparable models.

The six-cylinder V6 diesel engine offers drivers 325 pounds per foot of turbocharged torque. In combination with a five speed automatic transmission this engine was built to deliver serious horsepower. With this engine under the hood you get peak torque at a low rpm so you get the most pull when merging onto a freeway or pulling off the line when the light turns green, which is exactly when you want it if you have a heavy load to haul.

Safety Features

There are a number of really innovative safety features on the Mercedes Sprinter vans all designed to ensure that you and your haul can get to your final destination quickly and safely.

Standard on all Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans is the revolutionary load-adaptive electronic stability program. What this innovative feature does for the driver is take into account the vehicle’s center of gravity and its total load so that in the case of an oversteer, spinout, orundersteer it can brake any one of the wheels individually and reduce the power to the engine to provide stability to the van. Not only can this feature be life saving, but it could also help prevent damage to your cargo in the event that you lose control of the van.

Another really brilliant safety feature that comes standard on the Sprinter vans is crosswind assist. What this feature does is apply gentle, course correcting brakes in the event that there are strong gusting winds while the van is traveling at 50 miles per hour or faster. This feature ensures that the van stays upright even when the winds are heavy.

Optionally there are some nice luxury safety features for those who choose them. Highbeam assist is one of these optional safety features. What this does is automatically adjust your lights from your highbeams to your regular lights depending on the traffic ahead so you never have to worry about switching them while you are driving.

Lane keeping assist is another optional feature that utilizes a small camera in the windshield to track unintentional movements out of the proper lane. When drifting or other accidental movements occur to take the van out of lane the driver receives visual and audio signals to warn them.


Mercedes-Benz has long been known for the flawless design of their cars and with the Sprinter vans nothing about the Mercedes quality of design is changed. The exterior features detailed grille work, sharp headlights, and a chiseled frame that could only be indicative of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The interior is everything you would expect out of a Mercedes as well. There are ergonomic chairs in the cockpit, a multi-functional steering wheel, dashboard storage, and a high-gloss panel. The interior of the Sprinter vans is truly luxurious.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the perfect van for any number of applications! Contact us to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and all available options.


mercedes benz sprinter air compressors

The Best Compact Mobile Air Compressor Systems for your Sprinter

Guest Post by Aly McAndrews of VMAC Global Technology Inc.

WHASP-Tank (1)

There are so many wonderful things about the Mercedes Sprinter Van, and one of them is how versatile it is. Applications are many and varied, whether it’s carting around a large family, luxury transportation or for use in a commercial fleet.

Sprinters have been a go-to for commercial fleets in Europe for years. In fact, they are more common than trucks. The reasons for this are obvious. They are better on gas, they provide more protection for hauling during cold European winters, and the options for upfitting are endless and easily customizable.


Thankfully, North American upfitters and tool manufacturers are starting to take notice of the growing number of commercial Sprinter fleets across the continent, and are developing great products specifically for them. We are increasingly seeing Sprinters used in construction, utilities, plumbing and electrical.

One of these manufacturers is VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors), a company based in Canada that arguably makes the best compact mobile air compressor systems in the world.


VMAC is on the leading edge of Sprinter-specific tools. Earlier this year, they released the UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system – a rotary screw air compressor that is installed under the hood of the Sprinter and provides 30 CFM of continuous air power.

Finding a useful air solution for commercial vans has been a challenge. Most upfitters resort to a skid-mount system that allows the heavy piece of equipment to be moved in and out of the van, which causes all sorts of issues. The weight being the most obvious, it’s a cumbersome piece of equipment for one worker to maneuver and often ends in injury. Some upfitters try to install proper ventilation in the van body, however if something goes wrong with the complex system, fumes can be a major risk quickly. Even if the ventilation does work well enough to keep everyone safe, it often makes the rest of the cargo reek of fuel.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor addresses both of these issues and solves some others. Since the system is installed on the engine, there is no need to move a heavy piece of equipment in and out of the body, and ventilation takes care of itself, keeping workers much safer. It also speeds the time required to set up for a job – a button simply needs to be pushed and by the time you walk to the back of the van, it is ready to go. The system is extremely lightweight. It only adds an additional 62 lbs (with oil) to the van. This is a small fraction of the weight of competitor’s units, not including the skid. An additional 62 lbs does basically nothing to fuel consumption, leaving more space and weight for materials.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system has another advantage for the Sprinter; since it housed under the hood, it is protected from the elements – it doesn’t overheat as quickly in extreme heat and it stays warm longer in extreme cold. This improves productivity in the heat of summer and the depths of winter, ensuring the Sprinter can get to more jobs everyday.

One last major benefit of the UNDERHOOD LITE that has to be mentioned is performance and quality. It matches that of the Sprinter. VMAC is known for its high manufacturing standards just like Mercedes. The UNDERHOOD LITE will last as long as the Sprinter, and if anything goes wrong, it is backed by the best warranty in the business, a VMAC Lifetime Warranty.

For more information, visit here!

The Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle for Sale: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limo

The Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle for Sale!

Save $20,000 Now! $121,900 Including Discount!















Many of you know how long it takes to special order design and build a coach. We just happened to have a totally decked out Sprinter Custom executive coach/ tailgate rig. We personally designed and built this Sprinter while keeping a few different uses in mind.
First off, we took into consideration our market and the small demand that this segment consists of. So we looked at similar units to build or purchase when we were in South Carolina last year. I found basic units priced at the $95,000 tag. Very basic, J type seating, 1 television and not a whole lot of options, or excitement.

Again, it’s a Sprinter, so it’s Beautiful to look at, but very baseline. We then looked at the high end of the spectrum, were not comfortable spending $250,000.00 plus for a beautiful vehicle that essentially could be used in a similar environment.

We pulled it back a notch and found a step up from our build and that was still $185,000.00 MY COST. That’s when we had our approved Mercedes-Benz up fitter right here in good old MA help us with a plan.

After numerous hours of design and headache, we finally agreed on a footprint. How about an executive/tailgate sprinter to use for the family, friends or just to work in a plush design build that has a TON of value for the $$$.
Our Sprinter van has an MSRP of $141,900.00. Let me tell you how many venues you could use this baby for.
My favorite amenity in this Sprinter is the rear tailgate package. How about satellite Direct TV for starters. A rear tailgate sound system with enough power to take over about an acre of tailgate space. Eight speakers include 2 tweeters, 4 mids and two subs that will definitely spill your beverage at full tilt.

A 50” TV so that you and your crowd can pregame from 50’ away and still have a clear screen view. Also in the rear is 110v power with 3 accessory batteries to run your electronics or charge your devices for 5 to 6 hours without the engine running.

The rear section has enough room for 8 golf bags, or a tailgate supply for around twenty people +/- when you plan accordingly.
Moving to the inside, we have two more 32” televisions, also tied to Direct TV, perfect for the inside ride. Also in the passenger compartment, we installed a second sound system that has a DVD player and whatever Bluetooth connections that you may need.

The seating has two forward facing Captain’s chairs in the rear, two extra wide rear facing bench seats with a huge arm rest and the same configuration on the driver’s side wall. The passenger compartment also has a bar set up with an ice chest that has a huge volume as well as a couple of wine holders.

When privacy is called for, there is an electric divider wall between the driver and passenger compartments. We also had a stainless steel floor to ceiling pole installed just in case..!!!! I attached a few pictures for your viewing.

We will sell this to you as a Certified Pre-Owned Sprinter Van so that you can get the added benefit of the Sprinter Extended Limited Warranty above and beyond the Sprinter factory warranty.
The Pats kick off Thursday night! Why not grab this as your New England Patriots Ultimate Tailgater!!

sprinter van conversion

Sprinter Van Conversion DIY Reality

My dealership has been getting more and more folks interested in the Sprinter Van Camper Conversion which is an exciting topic for me since I share this interest!

Nothing against the custom Sprinter Campers, but I’m talking about taking a straight Sprinter Crew Van or Sprinter Cargo Van and creating your own space.

I myself am not particularly handy, but I have to admit the idea of developing a stealth DIY Sprinter does not intimidate me.

The reason I would choose a Sprinter as a stealth camper or even as a straight up camper comes down to value.  I am confident that if I invested my hard work and time into the Sprinter it would pay dividends for many years with excellent fuel economy, long engine life, and time tested Mercedes Benz safety.

I had a finish carpenter buy a 170 extended passenger van because he liked the glass all around and the fact that the ceiling was already finished.  He kept the first row of seats and traded the other seats to my upfitter for some window work and ceiling exhaust fan work.  His camper will be a dry camper and he is using it primarily to travel to and from Florida year round.

This past month, I helped a young lady who purchased a Sprinter Crew Van and converted it to her residence.  She lives in the van year round in the Northeast.  She liked the extra windows and the fact that the ceiling was already done as well.

My vision for my Sprinter Camper Conversion would be a stealth Sprinter Cargo Conversion.  From the outside, my Sprinter would look no different than the average work van.  I would choose metallic silver.  It would have no windows and a custom partition with a door between the front and back.  I would be able to park the van anywhere in the USA and it would blend into the background.

I live on an old Searay 340 Sedan Bridge anyways in the northeast so I am used to small spaces.  I am 6-3 and about 300+ lbs.  My stealth Sprinter would be a 144 wheelbase with the high roof.  The high roof option is about an additional $2500 cost on the build price but well worth it for me.  At 6-3, I have approximately another inch or so of height without a headliner in the cargo van.

I would buy a new Sprinter or a certified pre-owned Sprinter and take advantage of the excellent financing opportunities MB offers plus warranty programs.

My vision would include multiple skylights with fans and solar arrays on the roof.  The solar panels would power many of the gadgets I would have installed in my custom sprinter conversion.

The beauty of having such a small space to build-out is that you can afford to buy nice things.  If you want really expensive wood….well you are only using a little bit of it not a whole household.  I would have either custom wood floors in something like a Brazilian KOA hardwood or a synthetic Pergo like material.

My bed would take up the rear of the Sprinter and would be raised off the floor to allow space for cabinets that would roll out the back and front of the bed.

For a kitchen, I would buy a prefabricated unit that matched my color scheme and decor.

I would have a small portable toilet for emergencies only and would not have an internal shower facility.  There are these things called 24 hour gyms nowadays…wink wink…..throughout the country so I would take advantage of my membership on the road.

My Sprinter would have a desk that would have multiple uses such as kitchen table, card table and portable on the road work area.

If I were building a Sprinter in the northeast, I would most likely get the 4×4 Sprinter.  If I did not plan on taking it out in bad weather, I would stick with the traditional 4 cylinder rear wheel drive.  Since I like to ski often, the 4×4 would be a nice option.  The downside to the 4×4 is that it would cost approximately $6,900 more for the option and another $995 for the 6 cylinder.  Although if I was in northern Vermont in the middle of January, the extra money would be well worth it!

Speaking of the cold, they make an aftermarket heater that can run on one gallon of diesel for the day and heat the rear of your van.  It even can be tied into your diesel line and fits right under the seat.

The Sprinter provides an open canvas for you to create whatever your imagination can come up with…..More and more people are living in tiny spaces and simplifying their lives.  The Sprinter in my humble opinion could make a nice rolling tiny home.

Let’s share our passion and get you into a great Sprinter to build your dream.  I’ll be super competitive on price and I can ship anywhere in the USA.

Couple of cool Sprinter RV sites:


mercedes metris for sale

Mercedes Metris First Take— Coming in October


I had the pleasure of driving both the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van and Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van this past week at our corporate headquarters.

I would expect the Metris to arrive at our location by mid to late October.

The first thing that impressed me was the powerful 4 cylinder engine.  The Metris cargo van had a little more pep due to the fact that it did not have rear seats, but both vehicles performed very nicely.

The Mercedes Metris passenger van had a less stiff suspension than the passenger van as would be expected.

One huge attribute I noticed immediately was the turning radius.  Mercedes has always been known for this, but they really did a great job with this van.

The interesting thing is that Mercedes has been selling the Vito in Europe for many years.  It is named after the city where it is produced, Vitoria in Spain.  This is not a new vehicle for Benz so you should not be nervous purchasing the Metris.

The Metris utilizes the time tested 4 cyclinder used in many of our sedans and also the 7 speed transmission.

If I were to buy the passenger van I would purchase it with the eighth seat option even if I didn’t intend on using it.  This option will be a good value.  The seat is easily removable and you never know when you could use the extra room.

The Metris will be the only true mid-sized van in the US market with some capabilities like towing that rivals the larger competitors….coming in at around 4960 lbs.

The Mercedes Metris will also come standard with a number of safety features setting the gold standard as usual for the market.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Metris Van will be a huge success in America!


sprinter vincentric awards

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Best in Class Distinctions

  • Best in Class Cargo Capacity
  • Best in Class Payload Capacity
  • Best in Class Side Step-in Height
  • Best in Class Load Floor Height
  • Best in Class Rear Door opening Area
  • Best in Class Side Door opening Area
  • Best in Class Interior Standing Height
  • Best in Class Interior Accessibility
  • Best in Class Fuel Efficiency
  • Best in Class Turning Diameter
  • And last but not least Best in Class Maintenance Cost