How to Start A Delivery Business With A Mercedes Metris Cargo Van

Owning a business is one of the most rewarding ways to take control of your future. A delivery business is one of the fastest ways to start on your own entrepreneurial path with limited startup costs. Are you interested in starting a delivery business but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips you can follow on your road to becoming a business owner.

Number 1: Come Up With A Creative Name and Organization Structure For Your Business

Think of creative names that will allow your business to stand out. You can also look at the names of the competitors in your area to get an idea of what you should avoid. After you have decided on a unique name, register the name with the state and federal government. You should also decide which business structure is best for your situation. If you have a business partner you can start a Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Corporation, or other business structures. However if you only plan to start it with yourself, you can start out as a Sole Proprietor.

Number 2: Invest in Reliable Transportation

When you run a delivery business, reliable transportation will be your biggest asset. You need at least one vehicle that is dependable that will allow you to travel. Later on you can invest in a fleet of vehicles. A Mercedes Metris Cargo Van is one of the most popular choices for people with delivery businesses since it is very durable and luxurious.

Number 3: Buy or Lease Equipment

What type of companies do you want to target as potential clients? If you will be moving large products you may want to invest in a forklift and other heavy machinery equipment. However, if their items are smaller you can use a dolly to transport items and get them loadedonto your delivery van. Depending on your company’s financial situation you can decide to buy or lease the equipment. You can also invest in pads, towels, and ratchet straps.

Number 4: Develop a Marketing Strategy

Next, analyze your environment. Do you have lots of competitors in your region? If so, how do you plan to differentiate yourself from them? Will you be open late? Are you willing to travel farther? Once you understand your competitive advantage and develop a marketing strategy for how to reach your customers, it is time to develop your marketing materials.

Number 5: Tell the World About Your Business

Now that you have the right equipment and marketing strategy, it’s time to tell the world about your delivery business. The sooner you start marketing your company, the sooner you will be able to gain new clients and generate revenue. You should also take the time to make sure your customer service team is well-trained and courteous to everyone who contacts your delivery business. You can advertise your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media websites. Try to make it easy for people in your local area to find your business. You can also form an alliance with other companies that are targeting similar customers and make referrals back and forth to each other.

Number 6: Create Incentives For Customer To Keep Coming Back To Your Business

Although many businesses focus on attracting new customers, the fastest and most efficient way to increase your revenue is to encourage previous customers to buy from you again. If you delivered a quality service and held up to your part of the commitment, they should have no problem using your company again. Give them a discount when they refer your company to friends and loved ones.

Number 7: Get Insurance Coverage

As a delivery business you can be liable for another company’s products or assets. Remember to obtain insurance coverage so you can protect your business from potential lawsuits or liability issues.

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How MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans Can Increase Your Flexibility


As a business owner, you know that flexibility is absolutely crucial. If you cannot adjust your schedule and timeline on a moment’s notice, you can lose valuable ground in servicing your customers and profits as a result.

You may not think of your vehicle fleet as adding to your flexibility. But especially if your business deals with transportation, just that may be the case. Keep reading to find out how MB Sprinter Refrigerated Vans can increase your business flexibility and maximize your profits.

Flexible Deliveries

Above all, and most obviously, a Sprinter Refrigerated van will help to increase the flexibility with which you can deliver produce. Especially if you live along the East Coast, and love some seafood, have you ever thought about how that food remains fresh while being transported from the port to the restaurant?

Of course, refrigerated trucking is common in more than just fresh produce deliveries. As we’ve outlined in the past, the same technology is just as beneficial when transporting medicine, animals, and any other type of cargo that needs a controlled temperature.

Of course, you decide to transport all of these items in a regular van. But that means you risk both damage to your cargo, and are more tied to a speedy, immediate delivery. With a refrigerated Sprinter van, on the other hand, you have the flexibility you need to deliver your cargo at the time that works best for both you and your clients.

Flexible Interior

When you buy a refrigerated van, you don’t just get a finished product that you have to purchase as-is. Instead, we work with you to ensure that you get the perfect vehicle for your business needs. That flexibility comes in crucial for a vehicle that will be a major purchaseespecially for small businesses.

In building and modeling your refrigerated van, we use only the best available products and technology. Our refrigeration systems are equipped with Thermo King.

In addition, we have a number of partnerships with truck up fitters around the country. Working with companies like ReeferTek, Sub-Zero, and Cool Fox, we can make sure that your needs will be met, no matter how unique and specific.

Flexible Budget

As mentioned above, a refrigerated van is a major purchase especially for small businesses. But don’t underestimate the value you gain in the process.

Sprinter is known around the world for its excellent resale value, thanks to a quality engine and chassis that will deteriorate at far slower rates than its competition in the United States and abroad. As a result, even if you decide to sell your van after deciding that you no longer need it, you can still make much of your money back and prevent your business from going in the red.

The result is a much more flexible budget. Instead of having to take the leap and spend a large chunk of your budget on a vehicle that may not get the return you need, you can make a safer investment that lowers your risk and ensures positive ROI.

Ultimately, any business success depends on flexibility. Without it, you will not be able to adjust to your clients’ needs, or adjust your own business model to maximize your success and grow your brand. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter Refrigerated Van gives you everything you need to remain flexible and maximize your transportation efforts.

Of course, the final step in ensuring success is making sure that you work with the right people to get your new vehicle. That’s where we come in. Contact us to learn more about prices, view some of our available models, and get started in adding a refrigerated vehicle to your fleet.


5 Reasons an MB Sprinter Limo is the Perfect Start to Your Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in the United States. Every year, thousands of individuals decide to start their own business, become their own boss, and take a turn toward becoming independent of others.

The direction you go, of course, can vary wildly. A limousine business, for example, has become increasingly popular. But if you decide to start your own limousine and transportation service, you need to make sure you get the right vehicle to accommodate both your needs and those of your customers. Here are 5 reasons that perfect vehicle just might be the MB Sprinter Limo.

1) Make a Positive Impression

Why do people book a limousine? A number of occasions are typical starting points, ranging from weddings to corporate retreats. But they all have one thing in common: the need and want to feel relaxed and luxurious at the same time.

What better vehicle to make that impression than a limo from one of the most renowned car makers in the world? Throughout the years, Mercedes has played a major part in shaping the positive opinion of German engineering around the globe. When they see the star, your clients will know the experience they’re in for.

2) Grow Through Word of Mouth

Making a positive impression, of course, has benefits beyond simply improving guest experience. Especially in the beginning, your business will rely on past customers spreading the word about your services. They will be much more likely to do so if they were thoroughly impressed by their experience, which a Mercedes Sprinter Limo can help ensure.

3) Ensure Enough Space for Multiple Clients

Anyone who books a limo tries to find the one that best matches their needs. A traditional limousine, for example, may have the space to seat a large number of guests – but the head space will be lacking. Especially if you are looking to allow your guests to move around easily, accessing the integrated bar or simply swapping seats, you need a more spacious option.

That’s where the Sprinter Limo delivers. Because it’s built out of a full-size van, you get enough head space, width, and length to accommodate even large, mobile parties. The result will be a more seamless and comfortable guest experience.

4) Maintain Your Own Comfort

Don’t forget about the importance of making sure that your own seat and driver’s area will be comfortable. Depending on your area of service, you may spend quite a while driving or waiting for your customers while you make a stop. You can benefit significantly from a vehicle that allows you to relax and enjoy your time (almost) as much as your clients.

5) Meet all Safety Standards

Finally, you absolutely need to find a limousine that is safe enough for your guests to use. This is not optional; in fact, your business will need to follow safety standards because you will be liable for your guests’ well being.

Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter Limo delivers in this area. In addition to meeting and surpassing all relevant safety standards, you get additional features (such as lane assist and crosswind assist) that ensure the well being of everyone in the vehicle. As a result, you can transport any customers knowing they will be just fine.

Are you looking to start your own limo business? If so, your first task should be to find a vehicle that meets your exact needs. The vehicle will be the basis of your success, so you absolutely need to make sure that you find one that enhances, not minimizes your chances of customer satisfaction. To learn more about the Sprinter Limo, and how it can help you start a transportation business, contact us.

Ride Sharing With a Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van

The ride sharing industry is booming. Companies like Uber and Lyft continue to gain market share, especially compared to traditional transportation companies.

And yet, a number of passengers are still hesitant to use services that rely on private citizens to transport them from point A to point B. Especially services like Uber Pool, in which you have to share a car with not only the driver but other, unknown passengers, prove to be a barrier for most passengers used to more private (and official) transportation methods.

That of course, puts any driver in the system into a difficult situation. How do you convince passengers that your ride will be both safe and worthy of attempting again? Perhaps the right vehicle can help. Sometimes, impression is all that matters – and that is where the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van delivers.

A Stellar Reputation

Think of the Mercedes Benz brand. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Your impressions are likely positive: quality, luxury, and German engineering are all popular descriptors that we hear. As it turns out, your passengers will think the same thing.

Mercedes has, without a doubt, a stellar reputation around the globe. Imagine a passenger hesitant to use your service, but realizing that the ride they’re about to take is in a Mercedes. Naturally, many of the doubts will go away. In fact, that’s the exact reason many German taxi services use Mercedes cars to transport their passengers.

Impressive Safety Features

One reason that makes Mercedes vehicles, and especially vans, so well regarded are their safety features. When you get into a Benz, you know that you’ll be safe on your way to your destination. Features like Crosswind and Lane Assist help the driver ensure the safety of their passengers at all times.

Your passengers may not know about these features. If that’s the case, educate them. But if they do, they’ll be even more likely to get into your car and accept the ride as the best way to get them where they need to go. Finally, you will get peace of mind knowing that your likelihood of an accident with strangers in your car will be greatly reduced.

Plenty of Comfort

It’s a credit to the Sprinter Passenger Van that we have gotten this far into the post without discussing the undeniable comfort that your passengers will experience during their ride. These vans are built for larger audience groups, meaning that climbing even into the back bench is a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, during the ride, the three benches will allow your guests the leg space and head room to get comfortable. They’ll be happy to go with your services again the next time they need a ride.

An Affordable Price

Finally, especially if you make a living by driving for services such as UberPOOL, you need to make sure that the vehicle that will become your livelihood is not too expensive for you to afford. Even a great car means little if it’s so expensive that you need a lot of time to work off your debt.

Fortunately, especially for its size, the Sprinter Van is surprisingly affordable. It starts at $33,000, the price of many (much smaller) new mini vans. But because you can transport a much larger group of people, you will be able to work off that price surprisingly quickly.

Intrigued yet? If your business involves driving for ride sharing services, the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van is definitely worth a closer look. Of course, you should also make sure you can drive it comfortably, so contact us. We’d love to give you a test drive that helps acclimate you with your new vehicle.

How a Mercedes Metris Cargo Van Can Benefit Your Moving Business

If you are in the business of helping others move, you know that your choice of vehicle(s) can be just as important as the actual work you provide. The more reliable, and spacious, your method of transportation, the better you will be able to provide your service to your customers.

You may not think of a Mercedes Metris Cargo Van when you’re in the market for a new vehicle to replace or expand your fleet. But perhaps you should; in fact, here are 4 benefits this German-engineered car van can provide to your moving business.

1) Plenty of Space

Above all, you need space. Especially if you are helping others move in Boston or another large city in the Northeast, your needs for furniture may be less than they would be in rural areas where the items to be moved come from a house rather than an apartment. But you’ll still need to fit items like beds, futons, desks, and so on.

The Mercedes Metris can provide just that. A 186 cubic foot cargo volume is made possible by a cargo length of just over 9 feet, fitting even large pieces of furniture. For larger items, you can tow trailers of up to 5,000 lb.

2) Surprising Maneuverability

On its own, 186 feet cargo volume may not sound significant, especially compared to some larger, full-size models like the Sprinter. But the Metris makes the most of its space, fitting it into a compact design that will come in handy especially in cities: its maneuverability and agility in even the tightest spots.

Moving in Boston can be a nightmare, thanks to a maze of streets that large trucks can not always fit into. That is, for course, unless you have a moving van that can allow you to get in and out without a problem. You may still want to have your full-size vehicle(s) available for suburban and rural jobs. But for the city, few vehicles can accommodate your needs better than a Metris.

3) Safety Enhancements

As is the case with all Mercedes van models, the Metris benefits from a variety of safety features. Possibilities like crosswind assist and lane assist help you steer safe of danger, and contribute to the fact that Mercedes has long been considered one of the safest car makers in the industry.

Especially for a moving company, of course, this feature is of crucial importance. You are liable for your clients’ belongings as you transport them, and an accident would not only be dangerous, but could also become costly and damage your reputation. With a Metris, you minimize the chances of that happening, while maximizing your chances of success.

4) The Perception of Quality

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact that your Metris will make on your clients. Moving companies, unfortunately, do not always have the best reputation; however, with the simple choice of a vehicle, you can make sure that your clients understand the quality of your service and refer you to others who may be in need of them.

You may wonder how that works. The answer is simple: transitive properties. Mercedes is known throughout the world for producing some of the highest-quality vehicles available, and the Metris is no exception. Many of your clients will know that, and assume that your good choices in a vehicle will translate to the moving services they will receive.

In short, the Metris is a perfect choice for moving companies, particularly those operating in urban areas. And we haven’t even mentionedthe durability of the engine, which means that a Metris will be an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. To learn more about this flexible van, and how it can benefit your moving company, contact us.

5 Places to go Camping in Nevada with Your Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

If you wanted to go on a camping trip over the summer and didn’t get around to it, don’t worry! You can still go on a trip with your family in the fall during a holiday weekend. When you drive a roomy Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, there is plenty of space to enjoy a camping trip. Below are some of the best camping spots located throughout Nevada that are perfect for the entire family:

1. Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area

At the Black Rock Desert Conservation Area, you can experience nature in a new way. The expansive park is the perfect place to enjoy the environment. The park, located 100 miles North of Reno, is open throughout the year and is considered one of the best places to camp in the area. The conservation area also hosts the Burning Man Festival every summer. The Black Rock Desert Conservation Area measures over 300,000 acres in size. There are many outdoor activities you can do with your family – like hike and bike the terrain. The park does not have an established campground, but visitors can bring along their camping gear or stay in their vehicle.

2. Ruby Mountains Scenic Area

The Ruby Mountains has some of the most beautiful and unique scenery in Nevada. The Ruby Mountains Scenic Area has five national forest campgrounds with all the essentials for campers. Camping is allowed from May to October depending on weather conditions. There are also numerous campsites in the area. The Ruby Mountains Scenic Area is the perfect place to go backpacking or hiking. It is also a popular place to go skiing during the winter because of its terrain.

3. Great Basin National Park

The Great Basin National Park has five campgrounds and over 100 campsites. The campsites prioritize admission for visitors who arrive first. The Great Basin National Park has various amenities including grills, padding for tents, and tables. Visitors also have access to electrical hookups. Most of the campgrounds are open from May to October, but the Lower Lehman Creek is open throughout the year. Campers are allowed to bring their pets, but they must keep them on a leash. You and your family can go sightseeing in the Lehman caves, hiking, and biking.

4. Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park first opened in 1935 and is considered one of the largest and oldest state parks in the state of Nevada. The park has two campgrounds and 72 campsites. Each campsite has a grill and table for campers. The park is also one of the best campgrounds in the state, and it is a good choice for large families. The beautiful scenery and different outdoor activities complement the park’s unique statue. If you and your loved ones are feeling adventurous, you can camp in your Sprinter and explore the park or hike along the park trails. Lake Mead is very close to the Valley of Fire State Park if you want to go swimming.

5. Cathedral Gorge State Park

The Cathedral Gorge State Park is a great location if you and your family want to enjoy breathtaking views of canyons and caverns. The park has 22 campsites and each one has a grill and wooden table. You won’t be able to make a reservation, so you will have to gain admission based on a first come, first served basis. The Cathedral Gorge State Park is open all year. The campground allows owners to bring their pets but they must be kept on a leash.

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Places to Go Camping in Oregon With Your Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

If you enjoy nature and want to travel with your family in your Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, there are many great places you can visit in Oregon. Here are some camping trip ideas you can use to get started.

The Dune and Cape Escapes

The Northern side of Pacific City has many fun attractions for visitors. One attraction is the Cape Lookout State Park, which is between the ocean and Netarts Bay. The camp site has several places you can park your Sprinter. It also has cabins and 170 tent sites. Some of the cabins are pet-friendly. The park spans about eight miles and there are many hiking trails to enjoy.

Silver Falls State Park

The Silver Falls State Park, located close to the town of Sublimity, is home to 10 spectacular waterfalls. The waterfalls are in different cascades ranging from the fabulous 177-foot South Falls to the beautiful 27-foot Drake Falls. The 9-mile Trail of Ten Falls is manageable for older children. The Silver Falls State Park simulates the native ecological system that is home to various animal species like birds, cougars, and black bears. The park allows visitors to bike, ride horses, and hike along the 25-mile trail. You can also get accommodations for your Sprinter. The Alsea Falls Recreation Site is also at the Coast Range southwest of Corvallis. The Alsea River flows through the site, forming a splendid 30-foot Alsea Falls. This is a good spot for you to escape the busy city life while relaxing in any of the two-dozen picnic areas or one of 16 campsites.

Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon is the perfect place to go if you want to go rafting with your family and children. Expert guides are available at Winding Waters River Expeditions to take you to Oregon’s majestic Hells Canyon by rafting in the Snake River. Your guide will teach you about the cultural and natural history of the surrounding landscape during the rafting trip. Hells Canyon is one of the deepest river gorges in North America. You can also watch the sunset and spend the night at the Canyon, all while enjoying the soothing sounds of the river nearby. Feeling adventurous? Your family can explore the Wallowa Mountains in the town of Joseph. The Ollokot Campground, located along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, is an excellent location for daytime hiking. The picturesque and wild Imnaha River is also an ideal place to fish and pick berries.

Trillium Lake

The Trillium Lake Campground is a popular camping ground for families. Trillium Lake is near a government camp at Mt. Hood. The glacier lakes are perfect for swimming, and fishing. You can also spend time with your family having a picnic on the shores of the lake. The campground has a short 1.9-mile trail that directs visitors to 60 different camping sites. The Mt. Hood Adventure Park is nearby. If you are traveling with small children they will enjoy Skibowl. The Lost Lake Campground and Resort are also at Mt. Hood. It is a popular choice for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. If you do not have any gear you can rent whatever you need at the resort.

Three Capes Scenic Loop

Do you love animals? Your family can visit the bird refuge and lighthouse at Cape Meares. You can also watch people paraglide from the area’s high cliffs. Your children will enjoy climbing the sand dunes at Cape Kiwanda. The Jesse M. Honeyman Memorial State Park near Florence is also a great place to go canoeing or swimming. The park has 185 sites to pitch your tents and two small lakes.

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Three Different Wine Regions You Can Visit in California With Your Mercedes Sprinter 4×4

Are you thinking about buying a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4? Here are some of the best places you can visit in California with your Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 if you enjoy wine.

The Northern California Wine Region

Lake County – The main attraction in Lake County is the freshwater lake called Clear Lake. The lake is among the biggest in California, and it is an attractive camping location for both locals and visitors. There are many activities that people can engage in while visiting Clear Lake. For example, they can go kayaking, bass fishing, and water ski. The county is also known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

Los Carneros County – The location is called Carneros, which is Spanish for sheep, due to the high number of sheep that roam the region. Los Carneros has many vineyards and is renowned for its superior wine.

Mendocino County – The county of Mendocino is characterized as moody, foggy and cold. The world’s oldest tree, a 370 feet (112 meters) redwood, is also located in the county. Furthermore, over 60% of the county has redwood forests.

Napa Valley – The wine from Napa Valley came to prominence in 1976 during the Judgement of Paris. Now it is one of the most famous wine areas in the United States. The area also has some of the best cuisine. Many people who visit Napa Valley love the outdoors, delicious wine, and the area’s renowned restaurants.

Sonoma County – Sonoma County has many appealing attributes. The county is unique since it grows more Pinot Noir in comparison to other counties in the state. Vineyard dinners and gourmet farms are very common.

The Central Coast Wine Region

San Francisco Bay – The bay area has many attractions and features that make it unique. People travel from all over the world to enjoy its stunning Victorian architecture, steep hills, and famous Golden Gate bridge. The county is also known for its natural beauty, food, and wine.

San Luis Obispo County – The crown of San Luis Obispo County is Hearst Castle, a grand 165-room estate built by newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst in 1919. San Luis Obispo is a popular wine region. Its wine continues to garner accolades and press, particularly its Rhône blends, heritage Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay wines.

Santa Clara County- Santa Clara is the most populous county in the Bay Area. Also known as Silicon Valley, it’s a hotbed for the world’s leading technology companies. The area has rich, fertile soil, and a Mediterranean climate.

The Southern California Wine Region

Los Angeles County – Malibu, a city in Los Angeles Country, is a popular destination for celebrities. Meanwhile, Ventura is often a good choice for people who love to surf. A large number of movie stars, artists, and movie stars reside in Los Angeles County. Moreover, many high-elevation wineries and farms are fairly common.

San Diego County – The moderate Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches make San Diego County a popular destination for tourists. The county has been growing grapes since it was founded in the 1700s. San Diego County has been growing grapes for a longer period than many other counties in California.

Temecula Valley – Since the late 1700s, Temecula Valley has relied on wine as its main agricultural activity. It took almost 200 years before the industry was fully established. The county gained AVA status in 1984. Temecula Valley is very popular for its Rhône and Italian wines. Besides the area’s warm temperature and coastal fog, the county attracts many visitors for its yearly Wine and Balloon festival.

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Why A MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passenger Vehicle Is Perfect For Your College

For colleges, taking students to a variety of locations is a normal part of any school year. Classes, professors, sports teams, and extracurricular clubs all take regular trips, and need reliable vehicles that will be able to safely transport your students from point A to point B. And when you are looking for the best possible vehicle for your campus, then you need consider a MB Minibus Sprinter 15 Passengervan.

A Valuable Seating Arrangement

Perhaps the best feature of this vehicle is the fact that it can seat 13 passengers in the back, along with the driver and another passenger up front. Quite frankly, that’s a lot of seating for any vehicle smaller than a bus.

In fact, the mere amount of seating make the Sprinter passenger van a great choice over purchasing either smaller minivans or larger buses to use for your school. In addition, this vehicle has ample space for storage in the back, so no matter where you are going or taking your students, you have some room for equipment or any other items you might need.

The seating arrangement not only allows you to transport students, but offers plenty of legroom, contoured bench seats, and even individual headrests. You will even get a TV and DVD player so you’ll have entertainment for any long trips that you need to take. We’ll goout on a limb and say that your students will love this feature.

The Reliability of a Mercedes Benz

When you are considering a vehicle to purchase for transporting college students, you need to keep safety in mind. You want to be sure that you are buying something that is going to be reliable and trustworthy, so that no matter the circumstances, your fleet will be able to withstand the demands. That means enough power to traverse long and uneven terrain, along with a vehicle that comes with the great reputation of German engineering.

In addition, don’t forget about the safety features that a Sprinter van is able to provide. From crosswind assist to lane assist, even the standard edition comes with a plethora of features that keep you and your students safe. Given that you are liable anytime a student enters the vehicle, these safety features are not only nice to have, but provide tangible value.

Simply Great To Drive

When you are looking for a vehicle, of course you want to make sure that there is enough space and that it’s reliable enough to keep you and your students safe. But drivability is just as important. Especially when you are transporting students, you want to be sure that your vehicle is able to turn on a dime, and that it is easy to drive overall.

That is especially true if your campus and safety policy allows for student drivers. These drivers typically have to pass a driving test to ensure their general ability to get behind the wheel and drive their classmates, but you still want to be sure that they do so in a vehicle that makes the process simple for them. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van is just that vehicle.

In addition, the Sprinter’s superior fuel economy means you’ll have to stop less for fuel. Its Diesel engine allows you to drive for almost 22 miles per gallon, making it more fuel efficient than even smaller vans.

In short, the Sprinter Passenger Van is the perfect vehicle for your campus. Whether you are looking to transport students or have your students drive their peers, it allows you to know that they will remain safe and everything goes smoothly. To learn more about getting the perfect minibus for college, please contact us.

5 Crucial Considerations When Buying a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van

Regardless of your industry, you probably have some transportation needs. In fulfilling these needs, you are looking for a vehicle that both fits within your budget and can help you complete your job more efficiently. How do you make sure that’s the case?

Whether you have already decided on a Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van as the perfect fit for your business, or are just looking at it as an option among others, you should keep a number of things in mind. More specifically, here are 5 considerations that will help you make the best possible decision for your business.

1) What Do You Need it For?

Most importantly, and most obviously, you should know exactly why a Crew Van actually makes sense for your business. If you simply need to transport materials and equipment, a cargo van will probably be a better option. If you need to prioritize transporting people, a passenger van should be your preferred option. But if the answer is somewhere in between the two, a Crew Van may be your best choice.

2) How Big is Your Crew?

Of course, this factor also plays into the equation on whether a Crew Van makes sense for your business. You will likely use it to transport both people and materials/products to and from individual stops, such as construction sites. Is your crew small enough to fit into the front row and bench that is situated in the back? If the answer is ‘yes,’ choosing this option helps your business operate more efficiently.

3) What Does Your Budget Look Like?

For many businesses, this question is the highest priority in buying any vehicle. While we won’t minimize the impact that cost has on yourpurchase, you should be sure to get the best vehicle you can within your budget. A new Crew Van, for example, goes for about $40,000. If that amount is within your budget, do more research. Only if you know you can’t afford it should you look for a cheaper alternative.

4) Short-Term Need, or Long-Term Investment?

The reason for the above: a Mercedes Sprinter will be a long-term investment. Mercedes famously boasts high resale value that outpaces its competitors. But if you only need your vehicle for a couple of months or years, that long-term investment may not be as important. Most businesses, though, look for a vehicle that fits both your current and future needs. For these businesses, the Crew Van is the ideal choice.

5) What About Liabilities?

Who will you transport in your Crew Van? The answer to that question could determine exactly what brand works best for you. Especially if you are looking to transport passengers for whom you’re liable, you absolutely need a vehicle that keeps any passengers safe enough for you to not have to worry about potential insurance issues. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter offers a wide range of safety features that keep both you and your passengers secure, soothing any worries about potential liability issues.

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention the most important consideration in buying a Crew Van: how well you like it, personally. Even the most functional vehicle will not work for your business if you find that you just don’t enjoy driving or loading it. The only way to find out whether that’s the case, of course, is to take a test drive.

Are you looking for a Crew Van to help your business improve efficiency and success? If so, give the Mercedes Sprinter a closer look. It justmay be the brand you need to take your business to the next level. To learn more about this vehicle, and how you can benefit from it,contact us.